What’s in My Makeup Bag: Suzanne of The Chalkboard Mag’s Makeup Monday

It’s that time again, lovelies: Makeup Monday! Today, we’re so excited to take a peek inside the makeup bag of Suzanne Hall, the editorial director for The Chalkboard Mag. TCM is not only one of the lovely brands bringing you A Night For Green Beauty on August 7, but it’s also one of our favorite wellness sites. Read on for a glimpse into the life of a true green beauty. Name: Suzanne Hall Where I currently live: Los Angeles Relationship... Read More

Christine’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Here’s a routine for all our sensitive-skinned readers. Christine has found a natural routine that relies on a good diet, gentle products, and of course some amazing natural makeup. Enjoy! Name:  Christine Age:  45 (seriously, where does the time go?) Hometown:  Minneapolis, MN Weather:  Cool, beautiful autumn weather. Skin:  Fair and super sensitive. Hair: Natural dark blonde, chin length, blunt cut and very, very, (very) fine. Star:... Read More

Bridal Beauty: What Makeup I’m Wearing to Get Married

Image courtesy of OneWed.com I’m not one of those girls who’s dreamed of getting married since she was old enough to understand the words “bride” and “groom.” I never fantasized wedding dresses or centerpieces. I didn’t wish for a Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet (sorry, fiancé, if you’re reading this). But what I did dream about was a legit excuse to buy as many beauty products as I wanted.... Read More

Greta’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Greta. She has a great 99% clean routine, and a holy-grail cleanser we have yet to try! (Suti, anyone?) But getting rid of dandruff is tricky without Head&Shoulders—any clean alternatives? Hallo ladies! Name: Greta Age: 28 Hometown: mid-state, Michigan Current Weather: It’s summatime weather, which means humidity and chances of both sun and rain. Hair: Shoulder length and light brown with natural red highlights. It’s fine... Read More

Heather’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Heather, a working mom with two daughters (and sensitive skin), she still manages to make some DIY products. We love it! We’ve included her inception story below—thanks for sharing it, Heather! I have been enjoying your series on morning routines and I wanted to throw mine into the mix.  My skin and haircare rituals have changed in the past couple of years, mainly because of your book!  I can’t even remember how I came across... Read More

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