Would You Wash Your Body With Shampoo?

I’m working on reformulating my DIY deo*, which works fabulously but sometimes leaves me a little rashy. So I’ve been thinking a lot about all the things that could potentially inflame my skin. Because maybe it’s not all about the deodorant itself. In the shower, post-epilation**, it occurred to me (and I don’t know why it didn’t years ago) that maybe if I didn’t use soap, I’d have less irritation. So I used the last bit of my Kahina... Read More

Marnie’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Marnie. She has a great, and simple, morning routine but is on the hunt for some hair products that are available in Canada. Let the suggestions roll! Name: Marnie Age: 39 (closer to 40) Hometown: Burlington, ON Canada (near Toronto) Current weather: When this was first sent: Cold and unpredictable. Now: Warm and humid. (Ah, Canada.) Hair: SUPER curly, light brown/reddish (with more grey now than I care to admit),  just above shoulder length,... Read More

Heather’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Heather, a working mom with two daughters (and sensitive skin), she still manages to make some DIY products. We love it! We’ve included her inception story below—thanks for sharing it, Heather! I have been enjoying your series on morning routines and I wanted to throw mine into the mix.  My skin and haircare rituals have changed in the past couple of years, mainly because of your book!  I can’t even remember how I came across... Read More

Crina’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Crina, from across the pond! She’s got a simple and (mostly) clean routine, a super clean diet, and some lovely tips. (Also, Diane Keaton, be cooler in this pic. Impossible!) Name: Crina Age: 27 (minus a couple of months, yikes!) Current weather: Was quite summery up to around 23-25°C these past couple of weeks but currently going down a notch and a bit rainy. My skin spends a lot of time in Germany and England, and therefore on planes... Read More

Greta’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine… Exposed!

Everybody, meet Greta, who may have created the word “glowifying” and definitely personifies it! Must be all the exfoliating and John Masters-ing she does. Read and enjoy (keep you eyes peeled for her tip for stopping scars before they start)! Name: Greta Age: 26 Current weather: Coastal Northern California, so cool, foggy and breezy. Essentially jacket weather 24/7. Hair: Dark blackish-brown, natural color (not dyed), thick, wavy, and... Read More

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