365 Days’ Worth of Makeup In One Sitting—Is This “Natural Beauty” Video Making a Statement?

There’s a hot debate going on over at Jezebel about whether or not Dutch artists Lernert and Sander who shot this video—of a model being made up 365 times in one sitting, in other words with a year’s worth of makeup—were trying to make some larger point. Some commenters feel that it’s judgey, while others think that it’s just a curiosity piece done for the heck of it. I’m not going to pretend to know the artists’... Read More

Do You Recognize this Person?

Here’s a million- (or several-) dollar question for you: Why do cosmetics companies hire famous people to be in their ads if they’re going to make them look totally unrecognizable? On first glance I had no idea who was in this Rimmel ad. Can you tell? A very long time ago I worked for a modeling agency. I was all of 19 when I started, and while it was a wonderful experience on many levels (travel, creative people, clothes, clothes, clothes),... Read More

An Afterhours Brazilian Blowout Scene…In Brazil?

According to lore, formaldehyde’s hair-straightening powers were discovered by a mortician in Brazil. Whether or not this is true, this Associated Press article is looking to that country to get to the root (their pun, not ours) of the now-infamous Brazilian blowout. In case you’re new to the topic: Brazilian blowouts can and often do contain formaldehyde, even when the packaging or salon says it doesn’t, which is why Canada and... Read More

New Study May Explain Low Libido

The ladies at Jezebel are discussing a new study today that may finally prove that women who are not interested in sex actually have a measurable problem. According to the study by Wayne State University in Detroit “hypoactive sexual desire disorder” (HSDD) takes place in the brain. Here’s what the BBC is reporting on the findings: [The study’s] author, Dr Michael Diamond, said it suggested that HSDD was a genuine physical... Read More

Summer Hair Challenge: Product Suggestions

Our inbox is already flooding with pictures of fuss-free summer hair in all its glory—and we’re expecting many more thanks to this post on Jezebel (you know, only one of our favorite websites ever—thanks, Sadie!). However, if you’re stumped—as some ladies appear to be—on what natural products to use for the challenge, here are a few that we like: There are many more in the book but John Masters and Intelligent Nutrients are fancy... Read More