Spring Inspirations: Red Shoes, Skinny Jeans, Red Lips

This past January, I bought my first pair of red shoes*.  I quickly realized that I needed more.  Fortunately, I love to shop for a bargain.  With spring fully in gear, I have hunted and gathered my way to a few pairs.  For casual days, I love them with faded ankle-length skinny jeans.  And red lips. The Red Shoes: I am insanely in love with my pointy-toe red flats and ankle boots (not pictured) from Frye.  The only eco-fashion thing I can... Read More

What’s In My Makeup Bag: Lola’s Makeup Monday

Oh to be Lola’s friend so we could play makeup together! Rest assured, we would never fault you for your RMS habit, darling. Name: Lola Age: 36 Where I live: Brooklyn My relationship with makeup: evolved with time. My parents didn’t let me wear makeup, so I would wait until my mother left for work and sneak a swipe of her khaki-gold eye pencil before leaving for school (I’m still a little obsessed with that color). I started... Read More

What’s In My Makeup Bag: Rebecca’s Makeup Monday

Name: Rebecca Age: 45 Where I live: Oakland, CA (across the Bay from San Francisco) My relationship with makeup: Reformed.  I’ve been in a love/hate relationship with makeup since puberty.  I grew up wishing I could wear makeup like my older sisters did, but I wasn’t allowed until I was sixteen.  For a while, I would sneak my sisters’ old and discarded eye makeup and blushes (gross, and so not the right shades for me) and apply them on the... Read More

Ariel’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Need a break from preparing for the holidays? Relax with this lovely routine from Ariel. It’s delicious. Name: Ariel Age: 27 City: Portland, Maine Current weather: Frosty with snow flurries Skin: Sensitive, combination skin. Fair and freckled. Hair: Light brunette, chin-length bob Favorite star: Georgia O’Keeffe. I admire her creativity and connection to the natural world. In the shower… Here in Maine where we have such... Read More

How Ilia Made Me Want To Wear Mascara Again

I’ve always had trouble with mascara, though I don’t feel my needs are overly demanding.  I have dark lashes, but I enjoy some additional volume.  Plus, color that stands out all the way to the tips would be nice.  I don’t want to look “made up,” but rather put together and polished.  Maybe mascara is just a difficult cosmetic, or maybe it’s my inept application technique.  In spite of having a mother and two older sisters who... Read More

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