Help! A Reader’s Healing Journey Post-Miscarriage

One of our readers is looking to hear from the NMDL community on a health and skincare issue related to her recent miscarriage. Our hearts go out to Jennifer, and we are especially touched that she feels this community is supportive and loving enough to put herself out there in this vulnerable way. These are issues that don’t get talked about a lot, and we are always striving to create a safe space for such discussion. Here’s what Jennifer has... Read More

Help! A Pregnant Reader Has Acne For the First Time!

Raise your hand if you have no experience with acne. That’s what I thought, which is why I gave a little cry of shock when we got an email from a reader who has no experience with breakouts but is now battling acne thanks to her pregnancy hormones. A few weeks ago we asked you to weigh in on how to fight dry skin during pregnancy. We know you must have some insight here, too. Here is sweet Sarah’s note: I’ve loved reading your blog... Read More

Annmarie Gianni Smacks Down My Hormonal Breakouts

Much of the time, my skin feels strong and resilient, in spite of my being a sensitive sort.  I credit good nutrition and exercise, along with a few amazing topical products.  I still get those hormonal breakouts though.  For a week or so each month, no matter what I do (or don’t do), I’ll get several pimples, one or two of which have lasting effects.  I really like a drop of lavender mixed with Fuller’s Earth clay as an overnight spot... Read More