How to Recover from Getting Glutened

Over the course of the last seven years, I’ve been in a battle with my body. What started as debilitating stomachaches morphed into migraines, weird rashes, multiple types of belly pain, bloating, cramping, nausea and general uncomfortableness. Waking up every day, I didn’t know which symptoms I’d have, how they’d impact my work day or my social commitments or how to cope. Doctor after doctor gave me inconclusive diagnoses... Read More

What’s In My Makeup Bag: Hope’s Makeup Monday

  Just one thought of H. Gillerman Organics aromatherapy blends sends us half way to bliss. The potent and powerful essential oil blends are the culmination of Hope Gillerman’s 25 years of experience helping people resolve stress related mind & body issues. H. Gillerman Organics essential oil blends are the perfect way to incorporate aromatherapy into your life. Trust us, you’ll never look back. She’s even added some essential... Read More

Weekend Wellness: Flowers On the Go

It’s Friday and I’m thinking about my weekend. I’ll be traveling, which means figuring out how to recharge without the luxury of time to myself. No lounging about with my newspapers and a rich face mask. No long walks in the arboretum or people gazing from the patio of my favorite Capitol Hill cafe. This weekend will be a fast-paced punch in the face, leaving stars in my eyes come Monday morning, but I say bring it! I’ve got this. Even in... Read More

A Night for Green Beauty…Be There!

We love New York Fashion Week, but we don’t love thinking about all the dirty cosmetics the models and stylists are exposed to on the job everyday. Death by hairspray? Maybe not, because green beauty is coming to Fashion Week! Don’t miss A Night For Green Beauty, a natural beauty pop-up hosted by La Bella Figura on September 4 from 5-9 p.m at the James Corbett Studio. As New York Fashion Week’s first ever, all-organic beauty venue, some of... Read More

Four Ways I Kept It Natural In China

Hello friends! This post is coming to you direct from… China! That’s right, I’m currently in Hong Kong, which is the last stop on a weeklong whirlwind tour of the country that included Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Dongguan. While I could talk a blue streak about the time I’ve had here, I’ll keep this post locked on everyone’s favorite topic: natural beauty. First, some context. I’ve been away from home... Read More

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