Product Review: ARCONA Gentle Solution (Plus a Few Other Great ARCONA Products)

Remember when Siobhan lamented that we hadn’t covered the ARCONA line yet? And how, as clean-beauty bloggers, we need to jump on that train? Well, here it is: the first in a series of reviews about the products I’m now going to refer to as amaze-balls. I was introduced to the line by a fellow beauty blogger when I was looking for an anti-aging serum for my highly reactive, acne-prone skin. I’d tried other night serums that promised... Read More

Honey For Your Face—Does it Matter Which Kind? (Of course It Does!)

Honey (and honey face wash in particular) has been addressed numerous times on NMDL, and deservedly so. It’s awesome. But lately I’ve been pondering… Does it matter what kind you use to cleanse your face? I’d say yes, generally, it does matter. The basic rule is to use raw, unfiltered honey, so it retains all the good stuff the bees put in there. Processed honey really isn’t any better than any other processed product, in my opinion... Read More

Annette’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Thank you thank you! After last week’s post, we got a bunch of submissions from a variety of wonderful women. Don’t forget to send yours if you haven’t yet! Today meet Annette: She hates to shower, which kind of makes us love her. Enjoy her awesome routine! Name:  Annette Age:  49 Hometown:  Manteca, CA Current weather:  Sunny, cold (for CA) Hair: Chin length, colored, fine and wavy Skin:  Fair, freckled, “mature” Favorite... Read More

Selling My Kidney For A Facial Scrub: The Tammy Fender Effect

Meet our sweet friend, and loyal NMDL reader, Arianne Shaffer. When she offered to write a blog post about her bank-breaking obsession with Tammy Fender products, we knew it would be as great and hilarious as she is. Can you relate? :) It was the summer of 2011 and I was nursing a touch of the heartbreak. I’d also turned 30 earlier that year. Lines were all of a sudden taking up permanent residency on my face and the odd grey hair was starting... Read More

Alissa’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine … Exposed!

Good morning, everyone! Today, we have Alissa…from Australia! Not only is she automatically cool because she is an Aussie, but she is the type of girl with the attitude that positive thinking can help achieve positively lovely skin. How cool is that? She doesn’t forgo products, but I’m guessing she enhances their powers by smiling! Read on, you’ll see! Name: Alissa Age: 23 Current weather: Typical Sydney Autumn…freezing... Read More

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