Lead, Not The Only Metal Lurking In Lipstick

Back in 2007 the now well-known “Poison Kiss” report by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that some of the most popular lipsticks on the market contain varying amounts of lead. Lead, of course, is a heavy metal that wreaks all sorts of horrible havoc when it’s in the body; it’s been associated with everything from infertility to learning disabilities, muscular problems, and death. As such it’s been legally banned... Read More

Banana Peels Can Purify Your Water!

A little off topic but in a word, bananas: Researchers have found that minced banana peels can quickly remove heavy metals from water! In a new study published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, which I read while eating brown rice toast with sliced banana (no fooling!), researchers showed that the peels are a remarkably effective low-tech, low-cost solution to purifying rivers and streams that have been contaminated with metals.... Read More