You’re on the green smoothie train, right?

A few years ago I began carrying a mason jar full of blended spinach and fruit to work. I got some funny looks in the elevator. Then at some point green drinks gained traction. I was sitting around the conference table waiting for a meeting to start when I noticed someone across from me with their own green smoothie. As soon as I began talking about it, several others chimed in with their own take on the green smoothie—and this was a diverse group of people. Not all of us were hitting the Pilates bar on our lunch break—myself included—but green smoothies make you feel like you did.

Suddenly my Pinterest feed became a nonstop parade of grass-hued libations, styled with bright paper straws atop some fabulous Ikat tablecloth. The Glowing Green Smoothie and Crazy Sexy Green Juice ambassadors had assured us that no, you can’t taste the spinach or kale. I began to notice—usually over cocktails, no less—my girlfriends ardently swapping green smoothie ideas. I don’t know what’s gotten into you America, but I like it.

Unlike juicing, green smoothies are something we can all do and something we can put our personal signature on quite easily. Part of the appeal is that there are infinite variations of this healing force. Plus, green smoothies are practical for day-to-day because they only take a few minutes to make. You probably already have a blender. And no, you don’t need that $600 Vitamix, I promise—at least not for my green smoothie. Unlike fresh pressed juice, the green smoothie will hang out in your fridge for a day or two. It only requires a brisk shake to come back to life without a trace of degradation.

I like mine on the citrusy side and very liquid. Thick smoothies make me feel overfull and heavy. I want to bounce. This makes me bounce. And it is an absolute skin tonic. Just remember—no matter what organic oils and serums you treat your face to—what you eat makes the most difference in how your skin behaves and looks. Without further ado, here is my green smoothie recipe.

Blend the following:
2 cups cold water
2 generous handfuls of spinach, maybe 3
juice of one lemon
half cup of frozen mango
spoonful of manuka honey
(sometimes I add extras, like chia seed or turmeric)

I really love this drink. I look forward to it every day. Look, I don’t always make healthy choices. In fact, I often make unhealthy choices. I have a weakness for sugar, and sometimes even the occasional cigarette (I know, please don’t judge!). Green smoothies help bring me into balance. They remind me that even when I fail at some things, I’m doing a lot of positive things for myself, like committing to toxin-free beauty routine. And did I mention what that much spinach does for your complexion?!

So, what’s in your green smoothie?

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