From the Archives: Six Dangerous Products Men Use Daily—And What To Use Instead

Some of you may recall this popular GOOD post from my darling cowriter Siobhan. But because we have so many new readers (welcome!), and some of you are indeed men (yay! welcome!), and also because a few of you specifically requested a repost, voila: the original post for the boys (and the women who love them). Have you (or your boyfriends, besties, husbands) tried these recommends? Coming soon: A real-live guy will review his favorite boysturizers. Gentlemen,... Read More

How to Care for Winter Skin

Here’s the latest from GOOD: Cosmetics companies just love to sell you on the idea that each new season calls for an arsenal of new products. And why wouldn’t they? It means you’ll ditch your half-finished current bottle of snake oil in favor of one that comes with the same crap on the inside and different claims on the out. Cha-ching. Of course, it’s true that cold weather and even clock changes can have serious side effects for skin.... Read More

Five Reasons Why Daily Showers May Be Bad for You

How often do you shower? When we asked you all the question the other day we were surprised to find your answers were all over the map. We were inspired, of course, by that recent New York Times story about attractive people who don’t like to bathe (or, in some instances, wear deodorant). And as you all know, any time we can encourage people do buy and use fewer personal care products, we do. So as the seasons change, and people start reaching... Read More

What’s Your Dosha?

As promised, this week we’re getting a little deeper into Ayurveda. I wrote about it for our GOOD series—but be sure to take the quiz and tells us what your dosha is! From the post: Despite being the world’s oldest holistic healing system—predating even Chinese medicine—Ayurveda is only now gaining traction on this side of the globe. Hailing from India, where some 70 percent of the population ascribes to its philosophy, the tradition... Read More

How Much Do You Sleep?

I imagine it’s the season change, but  I am feeling a little extra sleepy these days. Sleep is a subject that I find endlessly fascinating. From why we need it to how much we each get to why some of us require less than others—it is both completely mysterious and completely common. It’s something we all do, yet know so little about. So here’s your pop quiz! (Please answer in the comments section and I will tally results.) 1.... Read More

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