Happy Friday Deal From Clementine Fields!

It’s spring time y’all, which means re-upping on seasonal favorites and trying new lipstick colors. Pretty much anything that helps shed that winter skin you’ve been living in would be welcome, right? Clementine Fields is here to help with an awesome Friday Deal!

Clementine Fields is giving 15% off all orders over $50 now through Sunday at midnight ET. Just enter the promo code NMDL to receive your special offer!

Clementine Fields carries some of the most premium names in green beauty. In fact, their collection is crazy good. Plus, they’re based in Toronto! Canadian readers rejoice—this one’s for you! Don’t worry, they ship to the United States and elsewhere, too.

So what do you want to try? What lines are you excited about from their collection?


Happy Friday Deal From La Bella Figura!

Today La Bella Figura, one of our favorite lines, launches not one but two new products. We’re celebrating with a Friday Deal! It’s been hard to keep this little secret to ourselves, as we know many of you also swoon for the luscious scents and impeccable ingredients that make La Bella Figura so special. So here it is:

La Bella Figura is giving you 10% off all orders over $75. Just enter the code NMDLLBF at check out. Everyone that uses the code will automatically be entered to win a $100 gift card from LBF! The winner will be announced on Monday, and the deal ends Sunday at 11:59pm CST.

Before you rush off to the La Bella Figura site, stick around to hear about the new kids on the block: the Gentle Enzyme Cleanser And Makeup Remover and Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment. We’d love to say we’re early adopters, but really we were just lucky enough to try these new LBF beauties in advance of today’s launch. Aria has captured our hearts, and the Gentle Enzyme Cleanser is a lovely, unique addition to the world of natural cleansers.

Suitable for aging or damaged skin types, Aria was created to regenerate lackluster skin while you sleep, plump up thinning skin, and boost nutrition. The unique healing compounds found in saffron, helichrysum and arnica flower oils aid this renewal process. Here’s what Rebecca has to say:

“Aria is a sublimely scented treatment oil, packed with regenerating and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  It is rich with actives that promote graceful aging, and as a sensitive sort I was a bit concerned it might be too much for me.  I tested it on my wrist, then decided to go for it.  When I saw my skin the next morning, I kind of couldn’t believe it.  The anti-inflammatory effects are obvious.  I am hooked after using it a couple of weeks, and I look forward to seeing the long term effects.  Aria’s ingredients include some of my old favorites (oils of rose, helichrysum, Barbary fig, carrot seed, camellia) and some new-to-me, exotic ingredients (saffron, rooibos, acai and papaya oils).  I apply it at night before my DIY oil, and it layers beautifully, sinking right in with a light massage.  Three drops does it for my face, neck and chest.”

The Gentle Enzyme Cleanser is a gel-based formula that cleanses while maintaining pH balance. It’s full of moisture retentive ingredients like aloe vera, cupuacu and marfura butters. Pineapple and papaya enzymes provide gentle exfoliation. It has a light herbaceous scent and works well, in our experience, as a morning cleanser to kick-start the day. It’s impressive that this gel formula is able to deliver so much moisture. Skin feels fresh, protected, and baby soft after use. If you use the double cleanse method at the end of the day, it makes a great second step after an oil cleanser.

Let us know what you plan to get with this Friday Deal! Are you going to try one of the new products? Something different?


Happy Friday Deal From One Love Organics!

If you’ve never tried One Love Organics, your skin is in for a treat! It’s hard to resist a line with so much to offer — from pure, organic ingredients to the charming packaging, we were smitten from the beginning. However, as with everything, it’s the performance of OLO products that really hooked us. Nicolle has shared her love for Brand New Day and the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics goodies, and Susannah adores the Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil. Plus, we’ve heard from countless readers about how they incorporate OLO into their routines. So whether you’re new to this line or returning for more, we’ve got you covered with this amazing deal.

So here’s the deal: One Love Organics is giving you 20% off their entire site! Just use the code NMDL14 and shop away. This offer excludes the sample packs, but get this — all purchases over $40 will receive a deluxe 15 ml sample of the not-yet-released Gardenia Daily Body Serum! The deal ends Sunday at midnight PST, and OLO only ships in the USA.

We got a little sneak peek of the new Gardenia Body Serum. Trust us, do not miss out on this chance to snag your own! Here’s what Nicolle thinks:

“True to all the One Love Organics products I’ve tried, this serum has an intoxicating floral scent that’s helped pull me out of the depressing and icy grasp of the Minnesota winter. Plus, it’s truly a serum, which I’d forgotten I love—it’s not as thin as a body oil, so you use less and get as much of a moisture boost. It also absorbs quickly, which is a necessity when I have to scramble from the shower to putting on my long underwear in 10 seconds flat.”

Tell us what you love from One Love Organics and what you intend to stock up on with this sweet deal!


Happy Friday Deal From Stark Skincare!

Guess who is celebrating a birthday? Stark Skincare! This indie natural skincare line from Canada has a lot to celebrate, so let’s party. It brings a little tear of happiness to our eyes to think about how much Stark has grown since Alexandra first featured them here. They’ve introduced more delights to the line, including a body oil Rebecca loves and the new Neroli Midnight Oil, oh yeah. So here’s your invitation to the birthday party:

Stark is giving you 15% off! Just enter the code starkbirthday at checkout. The offer expires on Monday at 11:59 pm EST! Shipping is free in Canada and the US for orders over $100 (after the discount).

So we have our Stark favs, but a little birdie told us there’s more to look forward to in Stark’s future, and we’re not a bit surprised. The artiste behind Stark, Jessica Lafleur, has been hanging out in some pretty exotic places this winter. You know, just sniffing her way around outdoor markets and getting lost in it all. But really, we’re the ones who will benefit from all of her galavanting. A perfume oil is on the way! Huzzah! Until then, we’ll just keep inhaling very, very deeply when applying our favorite Stark products. Happy birthday Stark!

Do you have a favorite Stark Skincare product? Tell readers what you’ve tried and why you like it.


Happy Friday Deal From Tata Harper!

Happy Black Friday! We are so excited to bring you a special Friday Deal from the one and only Tata Harper! This special line is the total package in terms of natural skincare—pure and powerful natural ingredients, luxurious and effective formulations, and gorgeous packaging. What clean beauty lover doesn’t dream of visiting Tata’s organic farm in Vermont where she grows many of the ingredients for her small batch skincare line? Well let us bring the farm to you, wink wink.

Tata Harper is giving NMDL readers exclusive early access to their Friends & Family Sale! The offer is 15% off any order, plus a free “Be Adored Lip Treatment” with orders over $500. Just use the promotion code ADORED at checkout.

The promotion is available until 11:59 pm PST December 4, 2013. The normal, site-wide promotion begins on 12/2, but shop early with your exclusive NMDL access to nab limited edition treats and online exclusives like the Wild Plum Resurfacing Mask. Through the holiday season all orders over $40 receive free shipping. In addition to the NMDL promotion, Tata Harper is featuring a Black Friday promotion that includes:

  • Free Deluxe Repairative Moisturizer with any purchase over $100, code BFM
  • Free Deluxe Rejuvenating Serum with any purchase over $250, code BFS
  • Free Deluxe Boosted Contouring Serum with any purchase over $500, code BFB

Only 1 promotion code can be used on any order. The Black Friday promotion expires tonight at 11:59 pm PST.

So what do we recommend? Susannah can’t decide what she loves more—the Resurfacing Mask or the Limited Edition Wild Plum Resurfacing Mask. Siobhan (and most of us at NMDL) are obsessed with the Irritability Treatment, an aromatherapy roll-on that we wear like a perfume. And when Susannah splurged on the Be Adored lip treatment, included in her Makeup Monday post, she discovered the perfect rosy-tinted lip balm that she cannot live without. Don’t forget about the Regenerating Cleanser, another favorite of Siobhan’s. There are so many things to love! Try a sampling of the line with some of their gift and travel beauty sets.

What Tata Harper products do you love? What’s going in your shopping cart?