Product Review: Stark Skincare’s New Body Oil

About a year ago, Alexandra raved about Stark Skincare, and when a deal came up last summer, I could not resist. My son and I have been using Stark consistently ever since, and loving it! We are especially fond of the CYPRESS purity + defense oil, and he uses the toner regularly too. I’m particularly impressed with the flexibility of the line—if both I and my adolescent son can use the products, that’s pretty impressive. Plus, it’s gender... Read More

Fragrance: One Reader’s Story

Last week we posted about synthetic fragrance in the workplace, and a great (but also bummer!) conversation ensued in the comments. Over email though, one reader sent us a longer account of her personal experience working in a fragrance-filled environment, and we wanted to share it with you. When I read this email I cried. It’s no small thing to be told that you’ve affected someone’s life in a good way, and we always get a little... Read More

Do You Work Around Synthetic Fragrance?

It’s totally happened. I’ve become that slightly-loony-bin person: the anti-fragrance zealot. I’m not talking about the wonderful scents we were gabbing about yesterday. And like S, I too occasionally miss a phthalate, especially when I’m longing for lasting power or smell the rare incredible synthetic perfume. But last week I went to the mall, not my usual stomping ground. It seems like every day I become a little more sensitive:... Read More

The “Safe Cosmetics Alliance” Is Not What It Sounds Like

Cough. Cough. Coughcoughocough. Look at what now exists? The Safe Cosmetics Alliance. It sounds a lot like the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, right? Except it’s not. It’s an industry-funded campaign that appears to me to be designed to confuse you. “The cosmetics industry is committed to maintaining its high safety standards (1) by advocating that laws keep pace with science and technology (2). We support new regulations to help strengthen... Read More

What Synthetic Smells Do You Still Love? (And Which Ones Make You Want to Die?)

Two weeks ago, upon landing at LAX with a couple of friends, I got a text message from Alexandra warning me about something of critical importance to people like us. The hotel we’d be staying at, the text message read, was scent branded. Her sister had already checked in and the word was out: It totally reeked in the lobby, but not to worry—the rooms weren’t scented. How bad could it be? I thought. Turns out, really, really bad. The... Read More

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