Nearly Half of New Year’s Resolutions Stick—Are You Making Any?

We made it you guys! Another year, another election, a non-mageddon, and a whole lot of clean beauty. :) Don’t know about you, but we’re feeling pretty excited about what 2013 holds—and not because we’re wearing rose-colored glasses. This life stuff continues to be hard, but we’re of the mind that the more you work through your crap, with each passing year, the more rewarding the challenges become. Anyways, on my very long... Read More

Before You Eat… Do You Give Thanks?

Do you pray or in some way acknowledge/give thanks before you eat?  A long time ago I read an article about a man travelling with companions, and when they got hungry there was just this little hole in the wall restaurant.  The only food available was not particularly healthy, not something they would normally eat.  But they prayed over the food, and felt nourished when they ate it.* Appreciation and ritual are really important to me, and I feel... Read More

Do You Have a Bedtime Ritual?

When Alexandra and I get together, the conversation naturally (and frequently) goes like this… Food, psychology, health, exercise, beauty, ayurveda, sex, stress, and sleep. (Oh, and astrology.) Those are like the basic-cable channels we flip between: once we get to sleep, we go back to food. Cycle, repeat, cycle, repeat. I’m of the mind that feeling your best really requires a combination of all of these things, but if I had to pick a... Read More

Meatless Monday Inspiration: A Vegan Take on a Spanish Favorite

Today’s inspiration comes Beka Meyer, of Caldwell, Idaho. Not only does this vegetarian paella sound delicious but it came with a testimonial from someone slowly shifting their diet to be more vegan—and loving it! (That’s a picture of Valencia by the way, this dish’s city of origin—do any of you have similar success stories?) Here’s Beka’s email: I’ve been eating vegan-ish since I read The China Study (-ish... Read More

Food as Medicine, Food as Beauty Elixir. Do You Buy It?

I’m at a conference hosted by Dr. Andrew Weil, a kind of hero of ours who, at 70, embodies the idea that if you eat an antiinflammatory diet, get a lot of sleep, exercise, meditate and eat mushrooms, you’ll be just fine. (Not that kind of mushrooms, you guys! Though, hey.) This is the Nutrition and Health Conference in San Francisco, where doctors, nurses, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals (with a few journalist interlopers)... Read More

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