A Survival Guide For Social Eating When You Have Dietary Restrictions

As we plan to sit around the dinner table this week with friends, family, and lots of food, I thought it was time to address this tricky topic. A while back one of the lovely NMDL readers suggested I do a post on the social aspects of eating when one eats in a manner not typical.  For me, some of this revolves around dealing with other people and their issues, and some of it is pure logistics! Since I eat in a way that is quite different from most... Read More

Nestlé Gets In On the ‘Medical Food’ Market

Oh boy, looks like our food is going to the lab and getting a new name: medical food. What’s that, you say? Oh, just a sketchy-sounding new industry that doesn’t have to be accountable to anyone. In fact, it’s reminding us a lot of another made-up category we love to hate: cosmeceuticals! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nestlé just bought a U.K.-based pharmaceutical company in a move to create foods that address diseases.... Read More

New Food Labeling: Good Idea or Just More Games?

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this new front-of-package and quick-to-read food label. For starters it’s a voluntary move by the food industry (which instantly smells fishy), and for seconds (ok, no more puns) they’re claiming altruistic motivations. As reported in the Los Angeles Times: New labels, called Nutrition Keys by the food industry that created them, were announced Monday by the Food Marketing Institute and the... Read More