Product Review: NEW Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum With Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Prickly pear seed oil—it’s the newest hot ingredient, popping up in everything from your skincare to your acai bowl (yep, you can drink prickly pear juice). And while a few of our favorite brands have already been using it for years (other common names for this oil include Barbary fig seed oil, Indian fig seed oil and prickly cactus seed oil), I have to say that it’s such a powerhouse ingredient that I’m excited and fascinated... Read More

Do You Use An Eye Cream?

Do you use an eye cream or serum? For a long time I’ve just used whatever goes on my face for my under eye area, too. Usually, this is an oil of some type. I’m such an ardent fan of oils that I have trouble committing to one, and I definitely have trouble not purchasing new oils that catch my eye. Oils to me are like shoes to other women. There is always a reason to have another pair (or bottle). I use them on my face and body and hardly... Read More

Product Review: Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics

Confession: I’ve been a Beauty Bets lover since I graduated from Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash to cleaner beauty products. A native Minnesotan (like me! Holla!) with a flair for style and a plethora of short, quippy beauty product reviews? I once spent a good two hours just reading all the site’s previous beauty-product reviews. While I was at work. So, when Elizabeth Dehn, Beauty Bets’ creator, launched her original skincare line,... Read More

Happy Friday Deal From Kahina Giving Beauty!

Aww, yeah! Our old favorites are back in time for the holidays, and not a minute too late. I, for one, have simultaneously run out of my brightening serum, toning mist (more here), and cleanser, all of which I swear by for everyday use. And, really, I’m not sure there’s anything I want more for Christmas than the things I depend on daily to keep me feeling (and, OK, looking) my best.* Some reasons we love the products, if you’re... Read More

Seven Beauty Mistakes Courtesy of the Personal Care Industry

In its eternal quest to sell us more stuff we don’t need, the beauty business is pretty much predicated on lies. There are lies around claims, around effectiveness, around ingredients. There are lies around lies. Here’s a list of some of the worst offenders, made worse by the fact that we often take them for granted as truths. But surely we’re forgetting a few. Can you think of others? You should shower daily. And that of course... Read More

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