Soft Skin Starts With a Good Scrub

Whether it’s dry brushing, throwing on some Clean Dirt, or mixing up my own salt scrub, I crave that brisk stimulating feeling you get during a good scrub and the silky smooth skin that emerges after clearing away rough patches of dead skin cells. I’m one to exfoliate in some fashion every single day. My skin can handle it, and it just feels so good. Recently, I’ve made a few new friends in the name of good exfoliation, and I’ve just... Read More

Patchy, Dry Skin? Try A Little Exfoliation.

Do you exfoliate regularly? People often tell me their skin is dry, and no doubt it can be hard to keep certain complexions hydrated, but my first follow-up question is always, “are you exfoliating?” Here’s the thing—dry skin is often accompanied by visibly clogged pores and a buildup of dead skin cells that aren’t being properly sloughed off. This can prevent your moisturizer and other treatments from absorbing properly. If you... Read More

Help! When Should You Exfoliate Your Face?

Do you exfoliate your face? Do you use a physical exfoliator that scrubs your skin clean with ingredients that grab ahold of and sweep away goop? Or do you use a chemical exfoliator that contains something like fruit enzymes or naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids, which dissolve and eat away the dead skin cells? Most of you who practice exfoliation will likely have strong opinions about what type is best for skin (some of you may shun it entirely),... Read More

Two Great Things That Go Great Together (The Konjac Body Sponge and Dead Sea Salt)

Normally, I exfoliate my body by dry brushing, but sometimes the water is already running and I’m about to jump into the shower when I realize I forgot to do it.  I recently bought a Konjac body sponge to keep near the tub for just such occasions.  Their face sponges have received lots of NMDL love, and I tried using one of those tiny little guys on my body, but I ended up laughing at myself.  It’s ridiculously small for whole body... Read More

Happy Double Friday Deal from NuboNau! (Featuring PAI!)

Dearest Friday, we are so happy that you’re finally here. In celebration of your arrival, our good pals at NuboNau are offering a special double dealski. As you guys know, we deeply heart PAI and they recently sent over their new gentle exfoliator for us to check out. Alexandra has yet to try it—because she’s having a weekly affair with her Mia brush right now—but Siobhan has officially added it to her favorite cleanser list. (Alexandra... Read More

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