Meatless Monday Inspiration: Buddha Bowls

Our friends at Well+Good have reminded us of one of our favorite ways to eat vegetarian food: In a giant bowl, all mixed together, but where the standout ingredients are, well, the standout ingredients. We like our vegetables the way God made them, and there’s no easier way to load up on them in when you’re in a rush than with a Buddha bowl. Simply: Prepare your veggies in advance, and then keep them stored in good glass in the fridge (I am partial to Duralex and Frigoverre, which you can get online at Green Depot, or in person if you live here in New York). My yoga school, Jivamukti, has these in the cafe, and I treat myself to one after class once a week (black beans, kale, avocado, tahini—YUM!). Appropriately, Well+Good got tips from master yogi Elena Browner (swoon!) by getting her to open up her fridge for them.

You should read the entire thing on their site...

This is a giant fridge.

It has to be. It feeds a lot of people. Me and my son, his caregiver, my son’s father, my assistant, my boyfriend Bentley—we’re a big family. But it’s really full right now. This is maximum capacity.

So is the amount of greens pretty typical? And where do you get them?
Yes, everyone here loves kale. Pretty much everything’s from Whole Foods in Tribeca. It’s the easiest for me. I know I can get everything there in one stop, though the Union Square Green Market is the best. I love to shop there when I can. …

Do you have time to cook much? What’s your average meal?

A Buddha Bowl. It’s a meal that I probably eat a couple times a day. It always has kale or a heap of greens and whatever veggies I have, plus tofu or tempeh, quinoa or grains, maybe some avocado. The ever evolving recipe is on my website. I make a dressing for it out of lemon, cold-pressed olive oil, and organic white miso and keep it in my fridge. I really look forward to eating it.

YUM! Find out more of her nutritional tricks here.

Do you ever eat your veggies like this?

Image of an actual branded “Buddla Bowl” via