We are inching closer and closer to spring. Hopefully this cozy routine from Jess plus this rad photo of our favorite flower girl will tide you over until then.

Name: Jess

Age: 28

City: Brooklyn, NY

Current weather: freeeeeezing, Polar Vortex, digging-your-car-out-of-the-snow weather

Skin: Fair and Sensitive with hormonal breakouts every now and again and a red/pink undertone. Overall, pretty normal.

Hair: Fine and Oily with some wave, but mostly it’s straight. Born a blonde, which lasted until I was a teenager, but now a light brown with grown out highlights.

Favorite star from the past: not so far back, but 90’s Drew Barrymore is pretty awesome

Morning is my favorite time of day. I wake up and make Pu-erh tea or Jasmine Pearl green Tea. I like to read in the morning so I’ll take an hour to read, and re-steep my loose leaf tea at least 4 times before I get going. I’m not sure if tea is part of my beauty routine, per se, but I know it makes me feel awesome so I thought I would include it.

I normally shower at night, so in the morning I wash my face with a cream cleanser (which used to be the Aubrey Vegecol sensitive skin cleanser but they reformulated) or the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt just to get everything off from the night before. My best friend recently brought back some Organic Rosewater from Europe that I’ve been swiping my face with as a toner, but I also love the Heritage brand that I get at Whole Foods, and I follow up with the Eminence Rosehip Whip Moisturizer.

For some reason, I’m still using a dirty* sunscreen, SkinCeuticals Physical Defense, in SPF 50. As soon as I’m done with the bottle, I’ll try one of the many people have mentioned on here (I’m thinking Vive Sana or Suntegrity). It does make a great base and it’s not a chemical sunscreen, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some pretty unclean ingredients in it. After that, I use the Benefit erase-paste under-eye concealer for the dark circles I’ve inherited from my handsome dad.  I’ve been using Jane Iredale’s Pure Pressed Base for at least 7 years and it keeps my skin very happy. I think the coverage is just what I need, and I love the natural finish.

For Blush I use Ilia in I Put a Spell On You, and for Mascara it’s been Hourglass Film Noir for the last few purchases. Dr. Haushka makes a fantastic powder bronzer that I use all year long. For lipstick, I almost exclusively wear Ilia—I’ve re-purchased Arabian Knights around 5 times (a record for me), but also use Blossom Lady, Lust for Life, Pink Kashmir, and Crimson and Clover. My look is very natural and not very fussy…I grew up in California wearing bright lips and lots of eyeliner but now I apply almost everything with my fingers and it takes around 5-10 minutes. Lipstick makes me feel the most together, and it’s the easiest for me to grab and go…so I tend to collect more of it than anything else. For deodorant, I really can’t use anything with baking soda…too harsh. I found a brand called Alvera Aloe and Almond deodorant at a health food store about four years ago, and have never had anything work better.

I like to take showers at night, and I generally wash my hair around 2-3 times a week. (I swear by Burt’s Bees Baby Powder as a dry shampoo for the in-between days). I had an Eminence Facial recently, and I purchased the Red Currant exfoliating wash, which really seems to be working for my skin. For shampoo and conditioner I use the Alaffia Coconut and Shea, I think it smells amazing and it keeps my hair pretty happy. For body wash, it depends if I am trying to repel mosquitoes or not…I’ve had great luck with Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap in the summer, normally I’m a mosquito magnet but if I’ve used this they tend to leave me alone. If I don’t want to smell like a campfire though, I like Weleda’s Wild Rose creamy body wash or the Mustela 2-in-1 Baby Shampoo and Wash.

Outside of the shower at night I spray the Eminence Stone Crop Mist (which is supposed to even out skin tone), and Eminence Willow Bark Serum (to help prevent breakouts). My skin doesn’t really need a heavy moisturizer so I’ll use the One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal, which smells like Neroli and is perfect for night time. I also have a bottle of Argan Oil I ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs that I use for everything from under-eye moisturizer to make-up remover. It’s lasted forever.

I always air dry my hair, unless it’s winter in which case I use the hair dryer until it’s 80% dry because I need all the warmth I can get. My hair is pretty easy, so I just use a comb and let it do its thing—I never use a brush. My day second day hair is always better than my first day hair. It needs some time to settle in.

So that’s my routine, my goal is to feel naturally pretty by taking care of myself and my skin—I also try to do something active at least four days a week (yoga, running, pilates). Still, if I feel too attached to my make-up I’ll try to challenge myself to go without some of my staples from time to time as a reminder that we don’t have to look too “put together” all the time.

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Here it is—the first Makeup Monday of the new year! You may know the beauty behind this makeup bag as The Green Product Junkie. If you don’t, be sure to check out her blog. You’ll love it!

Name: Katie O’Sullivan

Age: 43

Where I live: East Village, New York City

My relationship with makeup: Blissful.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t absolutely love it.  But I fell much, much harder for it after I got into the non-toxic makeup realm; that’s when we started to get really serious.  I’m not thee greatest at applying makeup, but I definitely love putting it on, choosing my colors for the day and yapping about it with other women.  I’m so fortunate to be in this green beauty community because I love talking about clean brands.  Meeting like-minded women is a total thrill for me.

Here’s what’s in my makeup bag:*

*Note:  This changes, but usually just the lip colors.

Foundation: I use W3LL People’s Narcissist Foundation.  I absolutely love it.  It gives magnificent light to medium coverage and doesn’t even look like I’m even wearing foundation.   It also has a fresh herbal scent and never looks dry or cakey.  I apply it with my retractable EcoTool’s Foundation Brush.

Concealer: I’ve found my Holy Grail concealer…yeah, I know, lucky girl over here.   I use Studio 78’s “Off We Go” Concealer and I find it to be the perfect consistency.  It’s a dry cream to the touch, but there’s nothing dry about it when you apply it under the eyes or on blemishes.  It blends perfectly with my skin.   I think the formulation is genius.   I also use RMS “Un” Cover-up, which I love to the death.   TO THE DEATH, I SAY!

Brows: I fill in my brows with Couleur Caramel’s Eyebrow Pencil.  I then use ZuZu Luxe’s Clear Mascara to tame them (insert sound of whip cracking here).

Eyeliner: I use Dr. Hauschka’s Plum/White Duo Eyeliner because I feel like the purple is a great neutral.  It’s subtle and gives a pretty, smoky look when smudged.  Sadly, I heard they’ve discontinued this liner (groans).  If I’m going for black, I’m wearing Juice Beauty’s Defining Eyeliner. There’s a smudge-applicator on the other end that I find myself using all of the time.

Eyeshadow: Well, first of all, I like to start with a pretty, neutral base color on my lids, so I use Kjaer Weis in Cloud Nine or Dr. Hauschka in Sunglow.  I have pretty much all of RMS Beauty’s shadows and lately I’ve been into Solar, but I think I use Lunar the most.  My latest obsession has been Tea Time by Studio 78 Paris.  It’s this gorgeous eggplant/brown color that is great for Winter.

Mascara: I use Couleur Caramel’s Mascara on the top lashes and ZuZu Luxe on the bottom.  Why do I do this?  Well, my lower lashes seem to skim under my eyes and the Couleur Caramel could get a lil messy.  The ZuZu dries perfectly but is also less volumizing which I like on the lower lashes.  I’m not a big Tammy Faye fan, here.

Tongue Cleaner, floss, toothpicks: Yeah, I like to freshen up after eating.  I use Preserve Products’ tongue cleaner and toothpicks.  The tongue cleaner is made from recycled yogurt cups…how can you refuse?  I also carry around Radius’ 100% vegan Floss Sachets because they are so handy.  I’m kind of obsessed with the teeth/mouth thing, clearly.

Luminizer: For everyday, I’ll wear RMS Living Luminizer. (Bonus info: at night, if I feel like I want a little more KAPOW, I’ll use Luminous Primer by Studio 78 Paris).

Lip/Cheek: This changes all of the time, but I’ll tell you what my favorite cheek colors are currently:  Crush by Vapour Organic Beauty and Demure by RMS Beauty. For lips?  I’m wearing Ilia Beauty’s Arabian Nights and Blossom Lady and RMS Beauty in Bloom with Living Nature’s Lip Pencil in Laughter.

Scent: Lurk Perfumes RSW005 is a delicious rose that I’m obsessed with currently…so obsessed, that I put a touch on my nose so I can better smell it…bizarro or what?  I’ve been carrying around my little Tsi-La Fiori D’Arancio perfume since I received it.  The minis come in a rollerball bottle and are a perfect size for your bag.

Here’s your Makeup Monday fix, all the way from Oslo!

Name: Stine Storli
Age: 26
Where I live: Oslo, Norway
My relationship with makeup: Started at an early age. I’m a real makeup junkie and love to try out everything new. Therefore my routine changes pretty quickly, but now I’m trying to stick to what works for me. I have always struggled with acne but after a few rounds on accutane ( I know its horrible but I was young and didn’t know better) and changing to all natural skincare and makeup products my skin has transformed and is in much better condition.

Here’s what’s in my makeup bag…

Foundation: Jane Iredale full coverage bb cream. I think this works fine but I’m not 100% happy with it so I’m planning on buying the Jane Iredale liquid foundation to try out. If I’m going out I sometimes cheat by wearing the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation but this rarely happens.

Powder: I love the Fedora minerals pressed powder and I use this as a foundation every day. I’m not a morning person so I need my make up routine in the mornings to be super quick and this powder even outs my skin so beautifully and it goes on easily. This make up brand is developed by the mineral guru herself Jane Iredale and if I’m not mistaken its currently only sold in Norway.

Concealer: I use the Bare Minerals  Correcting Concealer in SPF 20 it’s really creamy and I can use it both on spots and also under my eyes.

Eyeshadow: I have fallen in love with the  Dr. Hauschka eyeshadow palette. It has four colors that are perfect for everyday or when going out. I use the black color as an eyeliner.

Mascara: I’m a mascara cheater because I haven’t found a good long lasting natural mascara that stays on all day and doesn’t smudge off. I got a lot of tips out of the article No More Dirty Looks had on mascaras so I’m planing on starting the hunt for my perfect natural mascara but until then I’m using my Lancome Definicils mascara in black.

Cheeks: The blus from Nilens Jord a Danish brand is a really good blush. It gives a nice glow to my checks and a perfect peach color.

Lip: I really like the lip gloss from Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing in color Free Will. I think it is the perfect beige color. I also use the Juicy Beauty Lip Moisture in SPF 8 in the colors Joyful and Playful.

Etc: In my make up bag I also have Suki Concentrated Balancing Toner to refresh my skin after a long day in the dry office air or when I’m out and about and want to rehydrate my skin a bit. Badager Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen in SPF 16 is the sunscreen I swear by in the cooler months. Since the sun is barely out here in Norway during winter I don’t need a higher SPF. I also love the Fedora Foundation Primer that I tend to use if my skin is a bit on the dryer side. And at last but not least I use the LaVanillas Vanilla Blackberry rollerball perfume, perfect to keep in my handbag.

Thanks for sharing Stine! Send us your Makeup Monday post and don’t forget the photo!

Meet Tara! Love tea? She’s got you covered. Need some makeup application tips? Ditto.

Name: Tara

Age: 24

City: Colorado Springs

Current Weather: Sunny but in the mid 30s

Skin: Dry and acne prone- that lovely combination

Hair: Long, wavy brown and thankfully relatively stress free

Favorite Star: I couldn’t think of one from the past so can I say Shiva Rose? I absolutely love her site The Local Rose and think she’s such a lovely women and great role model.

I adore my skincare products. Nothing brightens up my day like receiving new beauty loot from one of my favorite brands. I am also always trying to find that next cure which I am sure is going to give me supple, flawless, glowing skin. While I haven’t found that product I have found a decadent routine that seems to suit my skin care needs.

First I begin with a cup of tea. I am a tea connoisseur and frequently switch my teas on taste and what I feel my body and skin “need”. Some days I need a clean energy kick I reach for Runa Tea, other days something more delicate like Rishi Wild Rose Tea, some days I love the fragrant punch and beauty of 2 Leaves and a Bud Green Tea Jasmine, and if I want a skin detox either Susan Kauffman Detox Tea (which I got on vacation in Munich and am kicking myself that I didn’t buy anymore because it is THAT GOOD). Anyway enough of the teas, moving on with my day I next try to fit in a ½ hr workout then get ready for a shower.

I dry brush for a couple of minutes before hopping in the shower. These days I cleanse with May Lindstrom’s heavenly Honey Mud (I got to try a sample with the NMDL promo and just received my full size version-yay!) I try and really pamper my skin with the cleanser using the technique Isabelle Bellis demonstrated on Into the Gloss. I alternate this with May’s Clean Dirt. For my body I keep it simple, I just use Hugo lavender body soap and shave when needed. I wash my hair a couple of times a week and when I do I rely on Rahua’s Shampoo and Conditioner. Once I’m out of the shower I spritz my face with Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin D Mist and then apply my oils. This is the part of my skincare that I experiment with the most. I have used May Lindstrom’s Youth Dew (gorgeous) and more recently Aster and Bay’s Purify (a little drying on my skin heading into winter, although really nice for summer), African Botanicals Marula Oil (nice richer oil although I think it breaks me out a bit so I only use it on areas I don’t get breakouts). Just today I order La Bella Figura’s Holiday Essentials Mini Set and can’t wait to try the Daily Elements Defense Oil and the Barbary Fig Renewal. After applying my face oils I rub some coconut oil and put deodorant on (another product which I switch- either from Meow Meow Tweet, Soapwalla or Lavanilla). For my hair I put on some Yarok’s Feed Your Roots and style. Once I’m done with styling I use John Masters Sea Mist. A couple of times a week I also May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver, amazing product, amazing women, really I am so in awe and in love with her line.

I next brush my teeth with Weleda’s salt toothpaste and head to the kitchen for breakfast. I am a green smoothie convert and love getting ideas off Pinterest. Two of my favorite recipes come from Foodtrainers, their “Thin Mint Smoothie” and Carrot Turmeric. Both so good and healthy! Days that I don’t make a smoothie I’ll have green juice and then a snack later on in the morning. This is the time I also take supplements. I use Synergy’s Womens Multivitamin, Garden of Life Raw Resveratrol, Garden of Life CoQ10, Gaia Turmeric and Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver oil. I also take two dropperfulls of tinctures my naturopath makes me- one if for stress/hormones and the other is for my skin.

Once I am done with breakfast I head back to the bathroom for my makeup. I use RMS Uncoverup under my eyes, Bareminerals mineral powder on spots and lightly all over, Jane Iredale’s Moonglow on my cheeks, temples, and chin making a “3” shape. Then I dab some RMS Luminizer on the upper cheeks, temples, eyebrow, inner eye, and cupid’s brow. I then use RMS in solar on my lids, Dr Hauschka Volumizer Mascara and finally some Baby Bear All The Better to Kiss You With Lip Balm.

Thanks for sharing Tara! Recognize similarities in your own routine? Share with us in the comments!

Need a break from preparing for the holidays? Relax with this lovely routine from Ariel. It’s delicious.
Name: Ariel
Age: 27
City: Portland, Maine
Current weather: Frosty with snow flurries
Skin: Sensitive, combination skin. Fair and freckled.
Hair: Light brunette, chin-length bob
Favorite star: Georgia O’Keeffe. I admire her creativity and connection to the natural world.
In the shower…
Here in Maine where we have such frigid winters, I especially like to start my day with a hot shower. Although I adore my John Masters hair products, on most days I use Shikai Volumizing Shampoo and Everyday Conditioner because it’s easier on my wallet. For soap, my favorite is Leap Organics Lavender — smells like a lavender field! I cleanse my face with Origins Checks and Balances, which is frothy and gentle. For years I have been using Kiss My Face unscented shave cream. It doesn’t bother my sensitive skin and creates a smooth glide for my razor.
Outside the shower…
Lately I’ve been moisturizing with Farmaesthetics Midnight Honey Body Oil when I get out of the shower. It has a subtle scent and leaves my dry winter legs feeling soft.  On my face, I use Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner and Pai Geranium & Thistle Cream, which both smell like a greenhouse and get me in a good mood.

I then put on my cozy plaid robe and have some oatmeal and green tea while snuggling with my cat before doing my hair and makeup. It’s my time to relax before my hectic workday begins.

To do my hair, I spray it with Yarok Feed Your Ends, which reminds me of mint and lemon drops. Then I work through a small drop of Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair from roots to ends. This smooths my hair and makes it more manageable before blowdrying and brushing.
Each season I find products I’m gaga over and then get into a routine where I wear almost the same thing every day for a few months. This fall and winter, I start with Dr. Hauschka Translucent Makeup. This evens out my complexion, but isn’t heavy at all, and I love the herbal scent of it. Most days I top this off with a dusting of Laura Mercier’s loose powder, and pat on some RMS Uncoverup under my eyes. My blush is Mineral Fusion in the color Pale, which is a flattering way to give natural-looking color to a pasty face! On my lashes I wear Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Mascara. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll put on a wash of Bare Minerals eyeshadow in Vanilla Sugar on my lids and line my eyes with Alima Pure’s Denali, which is the perfect color for hazel eyes. On my lips I wear Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Knights, a lovely berry red for the holiday season.
Thanks for sharing Ariel! Love the sound of the Midnight Honey Body Oil and cuddling with cats, too.