Our international community is repping hard this week and we love it! This routine comes from a real peach in Denmark. Enjoy the great mix of DIY and off the shelf products.

Name: Peaches @peachesandclean on Instagram

Age: 25

Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

Weather: Scandinavian Fall, wet & windy

Skin: Combo, acne prone, black-head prone, sensitive (What a great mix)

My skin has being acting up in the fast couple of months, but I think I’ve finally got things under control with some wonderful dietary supplements.

Hair: Shoulder length, afro-textured, curly, thick & dry

Star: Solange Knowles, beautiful, vibrant. I love her colorful style.

I’m a product junkie and have been using high-end skin products since I was 15, and I love trying new things. I transitioned to natural hair three years ago, which is also when I started paying more attention to the ingredients in my skincare products. My hair  & face regimens are fully clean, but I’m still transitioning in the body and make-up departments. I’m finding toothpaste and eyeshadow to be quite the challenge. I’m addicted to facemasks (especially homemade) and favour ingredients like Rhassoul Clay, Manuka honey, Turmeric, Fuller’s earth, aloe vera juice, Neem powder.

First thing…

I empty my 32 ounce glass bottle of lemon-cucumber water. I put organic lemon and cucumber slices in the bottle before going to bed and enjoy this tasty beverage in the morning. If my boyfriend has already left for work I’ll slap some Manuka honey on my face. (The honey on my face really grosses him out, so I try to be considerate.) Otherwise I make some sort of huge breakfast which always makes me late. I am often late and I blame breakfast, but it’s worth the 5-15 min delay I think. Right now I’m loving banana & egg waffles, sprinkled with honey, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds & almonds. I practice hot yoga 5 times a week. If I’m doing a morning yoga class I’ll grab a green smoothie with almond milk, kale, spinach, pineapple and mango. I finish off breakfast with a handful of supplements. My focus at the moment is keeping my acne under control and for that I’m using Evening Primrose Oil, Neem &Himalaya Herbals LiverCare.

In the shower…

In the shower I grab whatever is there. My manuka hating boyfriend is really good at grabbing the cleanest options out there. He showers 2.3 times a day so he’s in charge of our soap consumption. We use Neutral or Urtekram (two Danish almost fully clean brands) and if I’m lucky Bronners Castile Soap in Almond or Rose.  I scrub once a week in a honey, coconut oil, brown sugar & lavender oil concoction. If I’ve skipped the manuka I use Trilogy Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream. I want to marry this cleanser, but I think the boyfriend would disapprove.  I only wash my hair once a week, as this is usually an all day event.  I pre-poo with a mixture of coconut, avocado & olive oil together with drops of rosemary and peppermint essential oil. I then detangle my hair, which sometimes takes up to an hour!!! I wash my hair with Urtekram’s Henna Shampoo. My deep conditioner usually also has some sort of clay on the ingredient list. My favorites is Anita Grant’s Rhassoul Deep Condish Cubes.  I apply Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in to damp hair, and then braid my hair in two, four or six braids until it’s dry. The day after I usually take my braids down and apply my moisturizer and then style my hair. I rotate between the Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy  Cream or their Burdock Butter Root Crème. My hair is usually in some sort of updo during the week to avoid the excessive tangling that comes with afro-textured hair.  I let the fro come out and play during weekends and then repeat my lengthy wash regimen.

Once or twice a week I’ll  mix up one of my favorite masks or use Acure Cell Stimulating Mask and the Brightening Scrub. Best face scrub in the world and I’ve tried quite a few!

Mask 1 consists of Rhassoul Clay, Turmeric, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg & raw honey. Mask 2 consists of Fuller’s Earth Clay, Neem Powder, Amla Powder and Rose water OR aloe vera juice.

Outside the shower…

I spritz my face with rosewater and apply my Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum followed by a moisturizer. Acure Oil Control or Ren Sensitive Skin.  I rub some home mixed oil concoction on my body. Right now I’m using wheatgerm, rosehip, camellia with a nice warm vanilla scent. For the pits I use Oyins Funkbutter in whatever scent I have lying around.

Finishing touches…

I’m not big on make-up, but I do have a lot of dark acne scars I like to cover up. I recently started using Alima Pure’s Satin Matte Foundation and the Balancing Primer Powder which I love. I use a dirty eyeshadow from MAC to define my brows, I’ve been using it for 8 years, and it just works so well. (maybe I’ll try one of Alima’s next.)  If I’m feeling fancy which is once in a blue moon, I’ll add the Physicians Formula Natural Lash Boosting Mascara. For my lips I love love love Andalou Natural’s Argan & Mint Lip Remedy. They only thing in the world I might love more than this lip balm is this amazing blog and community. (Oh and of course the boyfriend.)

Thank you guys for creating one heck of an online resource. I love stopping by to see what’s new.

Meet Carla! She has a lovely routine, but got there the hard way. Can anyone relate to her experience with facials? We love her tips, especially her lazy girl version of oil cleansing—sounds so relaxing!

Name: Carla

Age: 30

Hometown: San Jose, California

Weather: Crisp, dry and sunny

Skin: Pale with yellow undertones

Hair: Thick, long and brown

Starlet: Lupe Vélez – the Mexican spitfire

I became obsessed with skincare when I had a bout of hormonal acne after getting on and off the pill in college. I tried everything from micro-dermabrasion to eating salmon everyday all in hopes of having clear skin. The more I visited my esthetician for glycolic acid peels and deep pore facials the worse my skin looked. I always felt horrible after a facial and resigned myself to hide for a week in its aftermath. There had to be a better, cheaper and more natural way.

The silver lining of unemployment is how inventive one can get on a budget. I ditched all the products with harsh, stripping ingredients, sugar and dairy and embraced simple skincare products and vegetables. My skin has never looked better. It’s been six years now but I no longer get facials or peels, use face wash or hide because of a break out. So for any girl out there suffering with hormonal acne, I hope my daily routine helps.

On a winter morning, I splash my face with lemon water. I found that using filtered water on my face has made it smoother and less dry. Then I spray it with some Evan Healy rose water tonic and apply DeVita Solar Protective in SPF 30 with Hyaluronic Acid on my face and neck. This brand is light, doesn’t leave a white mask and keeps skin plump and moist. If the weather is very dry, I use a moisturizer as well. I still haven’t found an ultimate winner but my fall back is MyChelle’s Unscented Pumpkin Renew Cream. It leaves skin moisturized all day and absorbs well for make up. Finally I apply MyChelle Magnolia Fresh Eyes. It’s more for those with puffy eyes than those who need something to combat wrinkles. After I have a warm cup of lemon water with a bit of cayenne. I make some blend of green juice like celery, cucumber, beet, lemon, fennel and cilantro. I also take Udo’s Choice probiotic and Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Blend capsule. In combination, both have done wonders for my skin tone and healing of old scars.

I don’t use make up everyday but when I do I use Well People Foundation Concealer around the eyes and nose, very natural coverage that blends easily. Then I apply Mineral Fusion Loose powder. It does have Phenoxyethanol but it has such a beautiful creamy coverage, so I use it anyway. I use Alima loose matte blush in Mimosa year round, a lovely pink that brings a natural flush to your cheeks. Alima makes the nicest make up brushes too. My favorite black eye pencil is Mineral Fusion in Coal. It goes on smoothly and is super dark. Most days I just curl my lashes and leave it at that but when I want to be fancy I use the Kjaer Weis mascara. I also use Kjaer Weis Cloud Nine as an eyeshadow base and am very happy with the subtle sparkle. Finally for lips, my new favorite color is Well People Universalist multi-use colorstick in No.6. It’s a golden red and looks perfect topped with Well People Paganist 2 Gold Twinkle. My lip balm is Acure Dark Chocolate and Mint argan oil lip balm, it does its job, is affordable and clean.

I never got into bathing in the morning so when my day is over I dry brush. Then I take a mineral bath with Dead Sea salt for magnesium and Aztec Secret Healing bentonite clay. These ingredients balance the tap water so it is not so harsh on the skin. I use a very diluted mixture of Dr. Bronners soap and wash with an Ayate fiber body cloth. I have skin that likes to be exfoliated often because I have keratosis pilaris on the back my arms and legs. I wash my hair 1 to 2 times a week with Acure Argan oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve tried other expensive brands and this one is still the best for my thick and wavy hair that tangles easily. If I have had a pretty chill day, I don’t shower or bathe save the necessary places, a whore bath they call it. It has helped my skin retain moisture.

I do a lazy girl version of oil cleansing. I pour some olive or coconut oil in my hands and massage my face while filtered water is boiling in the kettle. Sometimes I add lemon juice or baking soda to the oil for gentle exfoliation. Then I pour the water onto a face towel and steam twice then wipe off the excess. I leave a little to moisturize and I am done. If I don’t use make up I sometimes don’t wash my face at all. Since I fuss with my skin less it’s clearer and calmer than it has ever been. About three times a week I massage a jojoba oil frankincense blend or Evan Healy Pomegranate Repair Serum with Sea Buckthorn oil. Always making sure to massage up and out and a circular motion around my mouth. When I camp or go on a trip I only take coconut oil for my beauty needs. A miracle.

Thank you Carla and everyone else who submitted routines over the last week! We can’t wait to share them all!

Say hello to Cécille! We love the thoughtfulness behind her routine, as well as her strategy for shaving her legs. So smart!

Name: Cécille

Age: 33

Location: Seattle, Wa

Current Weather: Mid-70’s, 49% humidity and not a cloud in this beautiful sunny sky.

Hair: Raven/black, slightly wavy, thick and lots of it.  It’s layered with the longest layer about six inches past my shoulders with some copper and bronze highlights – some natural, some not-so-natural.  My hair is strong and healthy due to my schedule of no-poo every few days, brushing on rare occasions and staying away from the hairdryer whenever possible.

Skin: Light olive complexion that is oily during the summer months, combination during the winter months and suffers from the occasional eczema patch.  My skin is sensitive and I have several topical allergies which is why I cleaned up my routine in the first place.  I am prone to breakouts right around my period (who isn’t, honestly) and I have a few dark spots from breakouts past.  Overall, I have good skin that I credit to awesome genetics (Thanks, Mom & Dad), good diet choices and SPF.

Starlet from the past: Nancy Kwan.  Prior to the 1960’s, Hollywood casted white actors in Asian roles.  Kwan broke that barrier by becoming the first actor of Asian descent to play Asian roles on screen.  She is half Chinese and half English/Scottish.  Not only did she become a Hollywood sex symbol because of her exotic good looks, but she also earned an Academy Award nomination for her first silver screen appearance in The World of Suzie Wong (1960).  With that she forever changed the western views and stereotypes of American and European Asians.  As an Asian American woman (also of mixed heritage), I idolize Nancy Kwan and am grateful for what she has done for our community.

First thing…

I am a morning person and an early riser…I mean 4 am-early.  I make a conscious effort to smile when I first wake up in the morning as a way to celebrate having another 24 hours of life to live.  I have been doing this for about four years now and I honestly just like to do it.  (I highly recommend starting your day off with gratitude.  It makes the simplest of things absolutely delightful.)

Depending on the day, I either go for a run, meditate, do some yoga, or read before I start my regular morning beauty regime.  If I am going out, either for a run or for yoga class, I will just rinse my face off with warm water, pat it dry, spray on some Kahina Toning Mist and top it off with Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream to moisturize, tint, and protect (SPF!).  I give my pits a little spray of Weleda Deodorant Spray and head out the door.  Otherwise, I prefer to just shower in the mornings.

In the shower…

I do not like to combine washing my hair and shaving my legs in the same shower because of how time consuming the process becomes.  Instead, I either wash my hair, shave my legs, or do neither.  Not only does this save time and money (using products less frequently means using less products overall), it saves on water and the energy it takes to heat up the water (great for the environment).

If I am washing my hair, it is usually the first thing I will do in the shower.  I will get my hair completely soaked through and run conditioner through only the ends.  With the conditioner still on my ends, I go right ahead and shampoo just my roots and then rinse it all out.  I find that with this method works well with my hair’s random washing schedule.  My hair has a lot of body, bounce and shine.  Right now, I am using BWC’s Aromatherapy Shampoo and Conditioner in Rosemary Mint Tea Tree.  I love that it leaves a clean smell and rinses out easily.  If I remember, I will turn the water off or switch over to the low-flow setting on my showerhead after I get my hair wet and then back on again when I rinse.

In every shower, I will cleanse my skin (neck to toes) with Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap (I love this stuff!).  The fragrance du jour is a mix of Peppermint and Lavender.  I usually do a 50/50 Bronner’s to water dilution into an old scotch bottle that I have repurposed into a soap dispenser.  I like the way this looks and it allows for me to buy the gallon-sized Bronner’s and save on the bulk price (as well as cut back on the plastic packaging).

I used to use Bronner’s on my face, but have since stopped because of how drying I found it to be (even after diluting).  Now, I cleanse my face with 100% Pure’s Organic Eucalyptus Seafoam Facial Cleanser.  It’s made with French Green Sea Clay, so it provides gentle exfoliation and removes impurities without leaving my face feeling stripped or dehydrated.

If I shave, it is the last thing I do in the shower and I do it with the water off (more for the fishies).  I will sit down at the bottom of my tub with my razor and a sugar scrub.  For this, I like a particularly oily sugar scrub, like 100% Pure, but I am currently using J.R. Watkins and it works fine.  I will scrub both my legs thoroughly and wipe off the excess sugar, leaving the oil behind.  From here, I take my razor and shave my legs.  Once I am all done, I will turn on the faucet and rinse off myself and the razor. (Warning: this process makes the tub and your hands very slippery. Proceed with caution. A quick clean of the tub with Bronner’s usually helps.)  I try to go as long as possible without shaving—once every two weeks or so.  When it comes to cleansing my skin on a regular basis, I do not use body puffs or cleaning cloths.  I find that the extra exfoliation promotes hair growth.  Since I am trying to go as long as possible between shaves, I just avoid exfoliating.

Out of the shower…

Once I’ve toweled off, I apply oil from neck to toes.  I am currently in mad love with Caudalie’s Divine Oil (although, Kahina’s Argan Oil still holds a dear place in my medicine cabinet).  It is just the right amount of moisture for my skin, has a beautifully light fragrance, does not leave my skin feeling tacky, plus it’s a spray!  In the winter, I will layer on body butters or creams when I get extremely dry (100% Pure Nourishing Body Cream).  If I shaved, I will skip applying anything to my legs.  The oil left over from the shave is more than enough moisture for my skin.

Face-wise, I spend quite a bit more time here.  I like to give my face a few sprays of Kahina Toning Mist and let it sit while I brush my teeth (Brush with Bamboo toothbrush and Jason Powersmile Whitening Toothpaste).  After that, I dab some Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue around my peepers and treat the rest of my face to their Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (my effort to combating those dark spots).  While I wait for that to soak into my skin, I will apply a few pumps of Giovanni’s Frizz Be Gone to my still damp locks and let it air dry as well as spray my pits with Weleda Deodorant Spray.  Then I will apply Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid to my face.  It’s a light moisturizer (great on my oily skin) with SPF 15 and provides the perfect base for applying my makeup.  I also love that it does not have an overwhelming smell.

Finishing touches…

After I get dressed, I apply some Jane Iredale’s Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation (SPF 20!) to even out my skin tone and highlight my cheeks with Alima Pure’s Satin Matte Blush Powder.  If I am feeling up to it, I will fill in my brows with Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse.  I give my lips a swipe with some Burt’s Bees’ Beeswax Lip Balm or Pacifica’s Color Quench Lip Tint (whichever I can find first) and finish off with a quick spray to my nape with TokyoMilk’s Tainted Love from their Dark Femme Fatale Collection (not entirely eco-friendly, but I love the play of vanilla and sandalwood fragrances).  All-in-all, my routine takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes (depending on the day).

As complex as it all sounds, that is my morning routine.  Although I will probably discover other products in the future or little ways of tweaking my routine (Life is, after all, ever changing), I like being somewhere in between low and high-maintenance and the constant strive for balance.  It’s good practice.

BTW-If any NMDL users out there have any advice on taking care of my dark spots, please let me know.  I am open to suggestions.

Well, Cécille, we hear that people have beat dark spots with Yuli’s Cell Perfecto PM, and at least one of us at NMDL is currently trying it out, but we’ll have to wait for the results! What’s your go-to skin brightener?

Meet Jamie! She’s a vegetarian of 20 years who loves hot yoga, hot showers, and hot tea. We’re feeling it, especially with the chilly mornings afoot. And hey, you’ve gotta love her icon of choice. After all, we are the dreamers of dreams.

Name: Jamie

Age: 34

City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Current weather: Cool morning, mostly cloudy as is mostly the case in Pittsburgh…there’s a hint of Fall in the air.

Hair: Fine, wavy, long…dirty blonde w/ lighter ends.

Skin: Medium w/ olive undertones and normal to dry type…sprinkle of freckles across the nose.

Favorite star from the past: Mia Farrow circa Rosemary’s Baby OR Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka  - is that allowed!?

I wake up at 7 AM, and it’s never easy for me to get up.  I’m a night owl through and through.  I roll out of bed and turn my phone off.  It’s strategically placed where I have to get out of bed to turn it off or else I’ll snooze forever.  I head downstairs to take a TBSP of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar mixed with aloe vera juice and a bit of water.  The ACV helps to restore the PH in your body, aids in digestion, can clear your skin, and does so much more.  I’m a real fan of Bragg’s, and my husband has gone off of heartburn medication by drinking the vinegar when he has symptoms.  I fill a liter sized water bottle with filtered water that I finish before I leave for work, then I head to the shower and turn the water on.  While I wait for the shower to heat up, I take some time to do a few forward folds and body stretches.  I apply some Jason’s Peppermint No Fluoride Whitening toothpaste on my toothbrush and jump into the overly warm shower.  I know luke water is best, but I like a hot shower even in the summer.

After brushing my teeth, I suds my hair with Nubian Heritage EVOO & Moringa Shampoo.  I’ve tried many natural shampoos, but I like this one best so far, and the lovely scent lingers.  Plus I think that my hair has gotten shinier from it. Next, I lather with Dr. Bronner’s, my absolute favorite and only choice of soap for years, and right now I’m using the lavender.  I also use Sal Suds to clean my house and do laundry, but that’s a whole ‘nother story!  I vary my Bronner’s scents occasionally, but my tried and true favorite is Eucalyptus.  I rinse the shampoo out of my hair and apply the Nubian Heritage EVOO Conditioner on the ends, then clip my hair into a knot to let it soak in.  I quickly shave, and I also run the Clarisonic over my face to get the blood flowing – no soap in the morning unless I feel that I really need it.  At nighttime, I use a bar of African Black Soap, also Nubian Heritage, on my face with the Clarisonic.  I may or may not use a Neti Pot in the shower with Himalayan Institute salt and distilled water – depends on how my sinuses feel on a particular day.  I put a bit of Aura Cacia organic jojoba on my hands and rub it lightly all over my face, neck, chest, hands, and ends of my hair as I rinse the conditioner out for a bit more moisture.

I jump out the shower and towel dry my hair.  Still wet, I apply Shea Moisture Frankincense & Myrrh body lotion or my new favorite moisturizer – straight up coconut oil all over then throw on my robe.  The coconut oil makes my skin super soft, but sometimes I need to get dressed in a hurry, and the lotion will absorb more quickly.  I apply Eminence Bright Skin SPF 30 on my face with a bit of Badger Beauty Balm under my eyes. I spray my arm pits with an alcohol and water solution. This kills any bacteria and really helps with under arm odor during the heat.  I apply Tea Tree & Spearmint Pit Putty under my arms and give credit to Stephanie at Pit Putty for finally showing me a natural deodorant routine that really works.  It even combats odor through my evening hot yoga classes.

My hair is wavy and fine, and I usually just let it air dry year round, and the jojoba from the shower helps to tame the ends.  My make-up routine is not as clean as I want it to be, and it includes too much Bare Minerals product (I’m a sucker for a kit with a full mascara).  I also like to be able to sample product in person. Anyway, I start with Juice SPF 30 tinted moisturizer to my fingertips with a spray of Rose Water to dilute it.  I rub both together in my hands then apply to my face and neck.  The Juice tinted moisturizer gives a dewy glow and very light coverage.  I may be looking for more coverage for fall and welcome suggestions.  Next, I’ll apply the tiniest bit of Amazing Concealer under my eyes – it’s one of my dirty products, but I’ve had the tube forever, and it works wonders on my visible capillaries.  I darken my brows with an Anastasia brow pencil – again, not the cleanest, and I’ll clean that up once it’s gone. I apply a Bare Minerals eyeshadow in Cocoa or Flaunt either to my whole lid or crease in my lid with a touch of Zuzu tobacco eyeliner or the eyeshadow smudged around my eyes.  I throw on a few swipes of Bare Minerals blush to the apples of my cheeks – peek-a-boo is a nice pinky peach pre-fall color.  Occasionally, I’ll use a bit of Wicked bronzer from Sumbody, but I mostly use this for going out in the hollows of my cheeks.  I use Bare Minerals Volumizing mascara (it’s a 2 on EWG)  to my lashes then go get dressed and take my hair out of the towel and finger style it.  Like many of you, I’ve tried organic and more natural mascaras but nothing has stuck.

I head back to my bathroom to curl my lashes, add at dot of RMS uncover under my brows or in the corners of my eyes if I still look tired,  and have a final spritz of Rose Water on my face to set my make-up.  I take the RMS with me, and I throw on Burt’s Bees cherry lip shimmer.  I like the fact that this lip shimmer it makes me look like I just had a popsicle.  I am constantly on the search for a lip product that produces the same color without the carmine.  I keep Badger Sunscreen SPF 30 in my kitchen and apply that to my hands before I head out the door when I think of it.  Oh, I also keep Rose Water w/ a few drops of peppermint essential oil in my desk drawer and use this spray several times daily at the office.  It’s hydrating & super refreshing.  Once I get to work, I can’t live without my cup of Mayan Cocoa Spice Yogi tea, and I heat the water in an electric kettle to avoid the microwave.  Cheers!

Thanks for sharing a lovely fall routine with us, Jamie!

Meet Jessica! Her mention of the Konjac Sponge is kismet. (See yesterday’s post.) Plus, fall is around the corner and we feel like talking about makeup. This routine has it all.

Name: Jessica

Age: 27

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada but on vacation in PEI

Current weather: sunny but cool… perfect summer weather

Hair: slightly wavy, fine and super thick

Skin: very pale, oily skin with some blemishes but mostly clear

Favourite star or icon from the past: Elizabeth Taylor

In the shower…

I’ve been slowly cleaning up my beauty regimen for the past 2 years and have only started using organic hair products for about 9 months. I have only used Dr. Jones organic shampoo and conditioner and am quite satisfied (I try not to wash my hair more than twice a week). I use an epilator instead of shaving, for water conservation, and regularly get my eyebrows threaded. I just finished a less than entirely clean body wash that I could not resist, as I picked it up at Kualoa Ranch on my travels to Oahu in May. I am only now looking into some really clean but delicious smelling body washes that won’t break the bank. Any suggestions?

Outside the shower…

I cleanse my face every morning with my awesome Konjac charcoal bamboo sponge and with Graydon The Cleanser at night; using May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt every other day before my shower.

I really hate tying up my hair since it gives me severe headaches (curse of super thick hair), but I also hate drying my hair with a blow drier since it damages it. I have started using John Masters citrus detangler to protect my hair from heat damage and when air drying, I love to add some argan oil to my ends. I do not use any other hair product since I really like keeping things simple and minimal. As for my face routine, all I can say is that my Konjac Sponge is the best thing in the world. I have managed to balance my oily skin by cleansing with my Konjac, along with using orange blossom hydrosol as a toner (wanting to now try Stark’s White Willow toner). After toning in the morning, I use Graydon’s The Serum after applying Nurish Organics’ See Spot Run, but if I feel that I need more moisture I use Nurish Organics’ Rejuven-eight Day Cream.

At night, I opt to use argan oil over See Spot Run and One Love Organics’ Skin Savior waterless beauty balm around my eyes for extra moisturization. To cap off my night routine, as lip protection I use Dr. Bronner’s naked lip balm as it stays on all night. Sometimes I also like to treat myself
with manuka honey masks when I feel my skin needs a little change in the routine.

Finishing touches…

I LOVE makeup and adore trying different things. However, I am very picky about the ingredients I use on my skin as I am allergic to peppermint oil. I normally do not wear much makeup (lip balm and concealer), except for when I go out for something significant or special. When I do doll up,   I use Gabriel’s black mascara, Lilly Lolo’s brown eye pencil, Vapour Organics illuminist concealer, Vapour Organics Mesmerize eye colours, Ferro cosmetics mineral foundation and 3X blush (which can be also used to give color to lips) and Dr. Bronner’s naked lip balm. For a dramatic color on my lips I have Korres’ lip butter in a reddish pink, but am looking to finish it up as quickly as possible since I do not find it to be as clean as I would like it to be. I also have Inica’s lip crayon in Blossom, but I do not like the texture on my lips. I would love to get my hands on some Kjaer Weis products, especially the lip tints as I’ve heard really great reviews. I also highlight some key areas of my face with Vapour Organics Halo in Brilliance. I top everything off with Erbaviva’s Jasmine grapefruit deodorant and Tallulah Jane’s Helona mist. I am still looking for the perfect deodorant, but am having some difficulty as I cannot use baking soda and as for perfume, I would love to find something that is more tropical for the summer, yet still affordable!

I am a huge skin care and makeup junky; loving trying out all the new products I can! Living in Canada, however, limits the brands I get to try as I refuse to pay over-the-top prices for shipping for any products. I really really want to try some stuff by Savvy Boheme, Jiva Apoha, La Bella Figura, and Kjaer Weis… I believe that changing up your beauty routine is always a good thing as skin becomes immune to products and stops being so effective over time. I hope you’ve enjoyed my morning/beauty routine!