Peaches’ Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Our international community is repping hard this week and we love it! This routine comes from a real peach in Denmark. Enjoy the great mix of DIY and off the shelf products. Name: Peaches @peachesandclean on Instagram Age: 25 Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark Weather: Scandinavian Fall, wet & windy Skin: Combo, acne prone, black-head prone, sensitive (What a great mix) My skin has being acting up in the fast couple of months, but I think I’ve finally... Read More

Jinna’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Say hello to Jinna! Her routine includes some incredible goodies, but she relies first and foremost on a clean diet for glowing skin. Enjoy! Name: Jinna Age: 31 City: Los Angeles, CA Current Weather: Sunny and dry, with a slight fall chill in the air Skin: Combination, though my skin has stayed clear and glowing since I cut out dairy and meat from my diet (with the exception of 2-3 “treat’ meals per week). Starting to notice crows feet... Read More

Carla’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Meet Carla! She has a lovely routine, but got there the hard way. Can anyone relate to her experience with facials? We love her tips, especially her lazy girl version of oil cleansing—sounds so relaxing! Name: Carla Age: 30 Hometown: San Jose, California Weather: Crisp, dry and sunny Skin: Pale with yellow undertones Hair: Thick, long and brown Starlet: Lupe Vélez – the Mexican spitfire I became obsessed with skincare when I had a bout of... Read More

Cécille’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Say hello to Cécille! We love the thoughtfulness behind her routine, as well as her strategy for shaving her legs. So smart! Name: Cécille Age: 33 Location: Seattle, Wa Current Weather: Mid-70’s, 49% humidity and not a cloud in this beautiful sunny sky. Hair: Raven/black, slightly wavy, thick and lots of it.  It’s layered with the longest layer about six inches past my shoulders with some copper and bronze highlights – some natural, some... Read More

Jamie’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Meet Jamie! She’s a vegetarian of 20 years who loves hot yoga, hot showers, and hot tea. We’re feeling it, especially with the chilly mornings afoot. And hey, you’ve gotta love her icon of choice. After all, we are the dreamers of dreams. Name: Jamie Age: 34 City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Current weather: Cool morning, mostly cloudy as is mostly the case in Pittsburgh…there’s a hint of Fall in the air. Hair: Fine, wavy,... Read More

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