Meet Ruby! Her skincare and hair routine is clean, but her makeup routine is… not so clean. We love her honesty, and we can all identify with her transition to clean products. That said, Ruby has some recommendations for clean products we’ve never even heard of! Go Girl!

Name: Ruby

Age: 21 as of October

Current weather: The cooler evenings of fall are approaching, along with what will soon be weeks of rainy winter in British Columbia!

Hair: Thick, wavy, oily

Skin: Fair, oily and blemish-prone; my pale complexion lends itself to some sensitivity and mild redness as well.

Favorite star from the past: Not necessarily a personal favorite, however, my mom says I can resemble a young Julie Christie and she’s a babe, so you won’t hear me arguing.

In the shower…

I wash my hair as infrequently as possible in a desperate attempt to get my scalp to regulate the amount of oil it produces—yet tragically, after over a year of doing so, I still cannot manage to do it less than twice a week. (And I’m still in the sad hair boat of having it fall almost completely limp the day after) I’m currently using up the last bit of my Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic duo, the minty scent is quite unisex, and the conditioner is absolutely divine—so luxurious in texture and moisturizing ability. After reading the most recent review on here for Rahua’s Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner, I ordered some samples from Spirit Beauty Lounge, and suspect it will be finding its way into my shower in the near future.

Every Saturday night, I apply coconut oil from mid-shaft down, twist in a braid, and sleep on a towel. After a double hair cleanse and a massage of conditioner into my ends the following morning, I grab a bar of natural soap and do a quick swipe over my pits and bits. I’ve been debating between opting for the body wash route or trying yet another brand of soap; does anyone else get that squeaky clean feeling? I’ve tried half a dozen different clean bars (Moksa, various Etsy retailers) and can’t seem to escape it. Not to mention scent selection! Maybe I want to lather myself up in jasmine instead of vetiver and patchouli… I’m far too lazy to apply body lotion outside of the shower, so if my skin feels like it’s getting on the drier side—I’ll just slather it in coconut oil before my final rinse. I also like to mix it with some form of grit (coarse salt, sugar, SNAP anyone?) whenever I want to scrub, it kills two birds with one stone and eliminates that itchy post-exfoliation sensation that I get.

Out of the shower…

I have forced myself to only splash my face with water in the morning; my skin doesn’t appear to be any worse off and it saves my cleanser! I do several mists of Evan Healy’s Lemon Thyme Hydrosol (I have decided to try Immortelle, however, after reading Kim’s experience) and follow with Jurlique’s Calendula Cream (I’ve re-purchased this over five times which is INCREDIBLE when you consider I am a complete and utter product junkie and am always hunting for that next best product). I’m fairly lucky when it comes to my hair in that it can air-dry, without product, into soft waves. (Which is darn lucky because if it didn’t, I would endure endless bad hair days since I’m inept in that department—there are three styles in my world: down, ponytail, and sock bun.) If any frizz does arise, I can usually quell it with the help of a boar bristle brush. (I just broke down and purchased a $100+ Mason Pearson brush and lemme tell you, ignore the seemingly endless blog posts that tell you it’s worth it, because it’s not.) My Nourish deodorant has run out and I’m waiting on my Living Libations order to come through and simultaneously hoping that I like it but also hoping that I won’t … over $55 after shipping for 5 ml of the stuff! The former was good but not great, I loved the femininity of the Almond + Vanilla scent but found it would take religious re-application. I tried Miessence prior to that and after developing a red rash on my underarms, realized that I have a sensitivity to baking soda!

My current night routine is in a bit of an upset at the moment; I ran out of Blissoma’s Mild Rice Cleanser, which was treating my skin pretty nicely, especially the congestion my forehead would experience. Despite this, it’s only natural that I would try a *different* cleanser because as all fellow product junkies know, what if something worked even better? I temporarily returned to the last remaining dribbles of Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Cleanser (I didn’t love this as much as I hoped, too foamy, but your face indeed feels like marble afterwards) and now begins my foray into samples. My first was the Sevani Ageless Radiance Refining AHA Cleanser, which smells deliciously of citrus but was also possible for what may have been my worst breakout in months. I still can’t pin down if it was this product that caused such an upset as there’s nothing I can outright blame in the ingredient list, however, I’m also not itching to give it a second try anytime soon.

I’ve switched to a sample pot of Kahina’s Facial Cleanser and can’t find a single thing that I dislike! It possesses a lovely lotiony texture, removes makeup with ease, and doesn’t appear to be aggravating my acne-prone skin. I’m waiting for a sample of Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser and then I’ll make the final cleanser call. (I’ve heard amazing things about Aurelia’s muslin clothes, so even if the product itself doesn’t work for me, I’ll probably end up grabbing a package of those—they have a set for Monday through Sunday, how cute is that?!) I bought Dr. Alkaitis’ Organic Soothing Gel a while back but it seems to have abruptly stopped doing anything for my face so now I apply ISUN’s Clarifying Serum most nights (if you haven’t tried this product and have a similar skintype to mine, DO SO, it helps to regulate sebum production and gently eases breakouts). I was hesitant about buying it at first considering there are virtually no online reviews but after loving the ingredient list and now on my second bottle, this seems to be an item that will be on my permanent regime. Every few nights I’ll use Arcona’s The Solution, which helps with any hyper pigmentation from leftover acne scars and helps give my pores that “refined” look. Whew, still with me?

Finishing touches…

Here is where it gets dirty; being fair-skinned with cool undertones means that I *never* have an even complexion without the aid of base makeup. There will always be a bit of redness everywhere—around the nose, lower cheeks, chin—you get it. This is the primary reason why I wear foundation. Every. Day. It’s horrible, I know and it’s not even *that* bad but I don’t feel confident without it. If I could only own one cosmetic item, it would be Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation. It disguises redness exceptionally well, doesn’t slide off my face by the end of the day, and is easy to sheer out to lighter coverage when I use my beloved BeautyBlender sponge. I want to give RMS Uncover Up a solid try but the beeswax in it makes me nervous to use it on my whole face. I think that a non-clean foundation will be the hardest product for me to let go of in my beauty routine—even though I prefer the satin/dewy finish that comes with a lot of the natural ones, I want the staying power that comes with chemicals. *sigh*

I use a combination of Giorgio Armani’s High Precision Retouch with Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage for under eye darkness and then on any blemishes I mix the latter with some of the amazing MUFE Full Cover Concealer. I use Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Base to top it off with some MUFE HD Powder in my oilier areas. I’m still navigating the territory of blush—with natural rosy cheeks, I’m nervous about applying anything that could exacerbate this. I just tried a sample of “Spark” from Vapour and I’m waiting on a tester of “Modest” and “Smile” from RMS. Any other peachy-shade-of blush recommendations? For eye makeup, I pop some of RMS’ Living Luminizer along my brow bone and inner eye corner. I have decided that in the realm of eyeshadows, I could solely use UD’s Naked Palette and be happy (I just discovered that Silk Naturals has a dupe for the entire Naked 2 Palette, so be proud because I will be switching to that eventually!). I’m a big fan of the cat eye which I achieve with Bobbi Brown’s Gel Eyeliner and then finish it with a coat of Josie Maran’s mascara after a thorough curl with my shu uemura. And that’s pretty much it! I don’t tend to wear anything on my lips but lip balm unless I’m doing something dramatic in which case I love Aveda’s Rare Orchid or the dreaded Russian Red from MAC

Everything is a process—I could be doing better but I could also be doing a lot worse. I’m confident that in the coming years, my entire beauty routine will be squeaky clean!

It’s true, Ruby. Everything is a process. Keep it up! We bet our readers will have some fun clean makeup recommendations for you, too.


A Night for Green Beauty…Be There!

We love New York Fashion Week, but we don’t love thinking about all the dirty cosmetics the models and stylists are exposed to on the job everyday. Death by hairspray? Maybe not, because green beauty is coming to Fashion Week! Don’t miss A Night For Green Beauty, a natural beauty pop-up hosted by La Bella Figura on September 4 from 5-9 p.m at the James Corbett Studio. As New York Fashion Week’s first ever, all-organic beauty venue, some of your favorite clean brands will be showcasing their products: La Bella Figura, Kahina Giving Beauty, May Lindstrom Skin, Kjaer Weis, Ilia Beauty, Revolution Organics, CV Skinlabs, Vered Botanicals, One Love Organics, Tela Organics, Lurk Perfumes, Annee DeMamiel, Hope Gillerman, Joanna Vargas Skincare, SW Basics of Brooklyn, Olie Biologique, Lina Hanson and Dr. Alkaitis.

You can expect fresh pressed juices from Pressed Juicery, a Braid Bar, and tips and touchups from celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno. We checked in with Victoria Fantauzzi, cofounder of La Bella Figura, to get the scoop on the event and ask some fun questions while we had her ear. Here’s what she had to say (our questions in pink):

Tell us about A Night for Green Beauty.

We created A Night For Green Beauty to highlight what we do that is beautiful and committed to our industry of non toxic products. This will be the first green beauty event to kick off New York Fashion Week featuring some of the very best brands in the beauty industry. It’s not just for natural lovers, but for all beauty lovers, the bonus being all of the brands create gorgeous non-toxic products. The brand owners will be in attendance and will be available to answer questions and tell their unique stories and some are launching brand new products at the event. We have a group of experts who will be able to guide the curious with tips and advice. Our organic makeup bar, hairstyling station and juice bar with fresh juices from Pressed Juicery are all going to be interactive and fun. Some of the proceeds from the evening are being donated to a NYC non-profit called Hair2Help, which offers free beauty and wellness services to cancer patients and their caregivers. This will definitely be the perfect stop before fashion madness ensues.

Clean products are gaining traction with a wider audience as awareness spreads about toxic ingredients and the poor regulation of cosmetics. What’s next for natural skincare?

I think natural skincare and beauty will become more mainstream and easier to attain for customers. There are great stores now taking notice of brands because their customer is asking for these products to be available at Sephora or Space NK or even more traditional department stores. I also think that you’ll find more interesting scientific advancement in certain products because the science is coming in and we can add more effective ingredients into formulations. For example our new Jardin de Fleurs Skin Revitalizer is full of electrolytes and enzymes from raw coconut water, but also contains super low weight hyaluronic acid, cactus flower and edelweiss extracts to fully boost skin’s moisturizing layer and collagen promotion. Natural beauty is turning the heads of those that initially thought this was only for hippie types and had no longevity. It’s pretty exciting!

What’s your favorite essential oil and why?

This is like asking, “who is your favorite child?” I guess if I had to pick just one I would say grapefruit. It’s healing, powerful, anti bacterial and it smells incredible! I think grapefruit is Karen’s favorite as well.

Do you have a favorite beauty or self-care ritual?

I rarely have time to myself these days so I try to make Sundays my time to indulge in face masks, long baths and deep conditioning my hair. I think reading and preparing a beautiful dinner are all a part of a need to care for myself and encourage my mind to stay centered and body to feel its best. I like catching up with my friends on Sundays because they make me laugh and laughing is the real key to wellness. You just have to laugh sometimes and not take things so seriously.

What advice do you have for women who want to start their own business in the green beauty industry?

Be prepared to work long, insane hours and learn to multi task. Accept the mistakes you make and instead of beating yourself up over them interpret them as valuable lessons that enrich your entrepreneur education. Forget what everyone else is doing and do your own thing. Develop thick skin because you’ll need it. Learn to take vacations in October because the rest of the year is too busy and demanding for normal getaways.

Thanks Victoria and La Bella Figura! So, who’s going to A Night For Green Beauty?

Great routine, Lauren. And fun writing! Enjoy, everyone. (You know what’s hard? Choosing just one image of Jane Birkin. But the summer mood won here.)

Name: Lauren

Age: 24

Current weather: Sunny and getting pretty warm, sometimes in the 80’s

Hair: Shoulder-length, medium-fine, which nature made essentially devoid of color (mousey brown?) but currently is a patchwork of some red “glaze” from 6 months ago, that I am now trying to disguise with blonde highlights. Ombre is in, right?

Skin: Skin is definitely on the dry side. By the end of the day I can’t wait to get home to dunk my face in toner and oil. Pale with freckles. Starting to get some fine lines on my forehead, and crinkles around my eyes. I used to have some acne along my hairline, but since I cleaned up my diet (mainly cutting out junk food and sugar), this is much improved. The thing that still annoys me is the somewhat larger pores I have around my nose. I continue to search for toners/anything that will make those smaller!

Favorite star or icon from the past: Jane Birkin

In the shower…

WELL. If I am being good, I will dry brush first. Then I will take the smallest amount of coconut oil imaginable (like ¼-1/2 teaspoon) on a spoon, add some oregano oil, and “oil pull” by swishing that around in my mouth for the duration of the shower. I have a dream that I will do this every shower, and that it will result in white teeth and a perpetually clean mouth, but apparently I have a very strong gag reflex that is triggered by oil, which makes this something of a challenge. So, once in the actual shower, hair wet, I shampoo with Griffin volumizing shampoo (which is fantastic and I love it) and condition with Acure moroccan argan oil and stem cell conditioner. If I shower at the gym I use the Intelligent Nutrients PureLuxe shampoo and conditioner, which leave my hair smelling divine, but not quite as soft as the Acure. While the conditioner is working its magic, I suds up with Dr. Bronner’s bar soap in peppermint– I just love how tingly and fresh it feels. If I’m at the gym, I use Keys Windsurfer Biodegradable Sports Citrus soap, which smells like lime and is also  very refreshing. I cleanse my face with the My Skin and Bones cleanser, which has a very sexy, almost masculine scent (but holds back from being too manly with a hit of ylang ylang) and little jojoba beads in it. If I shave, I use Dr. Bronner’s shave gel in Lavender. Oh, and after spitting out the coconut oil, I use a tongue scraper and then brush with Jason peppermint flavored toothpaste.

Outside the shower…

The first thing I do outside of the shower is apply the Acure Ultra Hydrating body lotion all over. I try to do this mostly on wet skin, because I read that it is even more moisturizing to do so. If I dry brushed before the shower, then I massage in Spiezia Organic Body Firming Oil into my legs– death to you, cellulite! This is one of the products I will definitely re-order when I run out. Once I’ve towel dried my hair a little bit, I run about two pumps of the Griffin leave in conditioner through my hair, focusing on the ends. Then I massage the My Skin and Bones moisturizer on my chest and neck for some extra anti-aging and good-smelling action there. Lately, I’ve also been dabbing my wrists with ylang ylang essential oil and then rubbing them behind my ears. Even if I add perfume later, this makes the shower part of my morning feel very luxurious. Then I spritz my face with the Berkana Way Venuceane Urban Skin Protection Facial Toner, and follow with the Keys ProBiome Anti-Aging Serum. I’ve tried many serums, and will continue to try out others, but I always go back to the Keys one in between experiments. It’s still the gold standard for me because it feels hydrating and my skin looks great when I use it consistently. Sometimes I will add an extra serum, the Sun Sense booster from Grateful Body, which is supposed to help the skin protect itself from the sun without any actual sunscreen– pretty cool.

Through trial and error, I have found several natural deodorants which are really effective and good-smelling. I mostly alternate between the Silver Body Deodorant by Berkana Way, and the Erbaviva Jasmine-Grapefruit one.

Finishing touches…

I aspire to someday have a really chic look for my hair, but for now, I almost always just let it air dry and put it in a bun. Once in a blue moon, I will massage some Yarok mousse into my roots, a very small amount of Yarok oil on the ends, and blow dry with a big barrel brush, and it looks crazy good. But I’m too lazy to do it all the time, so I tell myself that it’s for the best that I don’t heat-treat my hair normally.

My dad had skin cancer before I was born, so it was ingrained in me to always wear sunscreen (although recently, I’ve been laying off on my arms so that I can get more vitamin D). The two best natural ones that I have found (so far) are the Devita Solar Body Block, and BurnOut Eco Sensitive Clean and Clear Sunscreen. I love that they really go on like a lotion, don’t leave me chalky colored, and don’t feel like they are leaving a residue. I try to re-apply frequently on my hands, since they are in the sun pretty frequently, and hands can really show your age as you get older.

Now that it’s summer, I like to smell like Hawaii, so I frequently roll on Kai perfume, but I doubt that it’s clean. I have purchased samples of almost every perfume on Spirit Beauty Lounge in my quest for a clean signature scent. The one I’m circling in on buying is One Seed in Courage, which smells like apple cider from heaven.

I usually do a very basic makeup routine. For foundation, I use the Marie Veronique Moisturizing Face Screen SPF 20, in the lightest tint. It’s really great– but you have to use oil under it or it will sort of crumble off (based on my personal experience). My favorite makeup item of all time is probably the Vapour Aura Multi Use Stain in Lure, because it’s so versatile and flattering. I swipe some across my cheeks, blend just a tad, and do the same with my lips. If I have any blemishes, I use RMS un-cover 11 . It’s a bit too thick for my taste as an over-all foundation (I don’t want to rub too much) but just right for cover up. Finally, if I decide to get fancy, I’ll curl my eyelashes and apply some Zuzu mascara.

The things I really want to try are cleansing with manuka honey, body scrubs with coffee, and seaweed baths. In terms of makeup, I want the Vapour stains in every color, Kjaer Weis mascaras, the new Ilia lip crayons, and RMS Un-Powder. I am also excited to try Dr. Alkaitis’ Herbal Toner and Nourishing Treatment Oil– I am always drawn to the products that seem like they will be “hardcore” and effective.

Finally, I hope everyone enjoyed reading my routine, because I love reading everyone else’s. Thanks!

Meet Kayla—she’s always been a product enthusiast, only now she’s gone clean. Lucky for us, because she has a TON of great recs here including some makeup application tips. Enjoy!

Name: Kayla

Age: 25

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Current Weather: Sunny and cool.

Hair: Long, wavy, thick — I was a chronic hair-dyer but its mostly my natural color now.

Skin: I started getting acne in my early 20s, which was extremely frustrating after being blemish-free in my teen years, when I was expecting it! Guess I’m a late bloomer… Now I’m mostly clear with the occasional blemish or two, thanks to my mostly-clean beauty routine and avoidance of sugar.

Favorite star: Gwen Stefani

In the Shower…

In regards to my face, I’ve tried a few different products — including Proactiv which was DISASTROUS as one use made my face puff up like a blow fish. That was that! Now I use Dr. Alkaitis’ line of products – the cleanser, toner, soothing gel, nourishing treatment oil, and universal mask. The products are fantastic and my skin is much happier, but since the line is quite pricey I sometimes sub in plain ol’ Trader Joe’s tea tree cleanser, which seems to be working for me. On my body, I simply use Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap (especially the mint or rose scents, yum!) and a nice scrub brush to exfoliate. I love how soft my skin feels from the brush and how sudsy Dr. B’s gets.  For my hair, I try not to wash it too often, but I exercise and get sweaty almost every day, so every-other-day washing is the least I can do. It’s softest with the Acure argan shampoo and conditioner, but the waves form the best with Rahua’s volumizing shampoo and conditioner, so I go back and forth with those. I shave with Trader Joe’s shaving cream (again, it offsets the price of my Dr. Alkaitis loves, plus I it makes the razor glide smooth, but itsn’t too thick like some other shaving creams). Finally, I use a pumice stone to attack my feet. I’m a long-distance runner, so that skin can get extremely rough if not tended to!

Outside the Shower…

I moisturize my body with plain coconut oil, which has been affordable, great on my skin, and I LOVE the tropical scent (as does my boyfriend). Like I said, I Dr. Alkaitis’ toner, gel, and a TINY drop of the nourishing oil on my face. I use the Dr. Alkaitis eye cream as well (even though I’m only 25, I think about wrinkles a lot and am taking precautions). After the shower and throughout the day, I use Weleda’s pomegranite hand moisturizer – also delicious smelling. And finally, a spritz of Honoré de Pres perfume — either Love Coconut or Vamp à NY, if I’m feelin’ sexy.

Finishing Touches…

I LOVE makeup. Putting it on is one of my favorite parts of the day, and I never run out of products I want to try. I’ve always been a product whore, but now I try my best to be a natural product whore ;). I usually wear makeup every day, so I try to keep the products as clean as possible. One of my favorite beauty looks is strong eyebrows — unfortunately, I was gifted with naturally sparse eyebrows. So I fill them in with a medium-brown powder eyeshadow from Alima Pure. For some reason, my eyelids can get VERY oily. I never put oil around my eyes, and the rest of my face will be fine throughout the day, but my eyelids….ugh. I’ve tried applying powder before eyeshadow, I’ve tried a natural oil-fighting white tea gel, I’ve tried just about every primer out there… the ONLY thing that’s worked for me at all is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. So I use that, and then either the Blonde shade of eyeshadow from Alima Pure, which is my “no-makeup” looking eyeshadow, or Onyx from Kjaer Weiss, which applied gently is a nice light grey, applied more heavily creates a sulty, smokey eye. I have an array of other shadows as well from Alima, Kjaer, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Urban Decay…but those are the ones I use most frequently. I like Elizabeth Arden’s powder eyeliner, which I apply with small slanted brush. It goes on extremely black, and the powder stays on my eyes. With the brush, I can make the perfect kitten eye (like a cat eye, but less dramatic). I still use a dirty mascara… Cover Girl Lash Blast. I’ve tried many a natural mascara, but my eyelashes are about as sparse as my eyebrows, and I love a thick row of femme fatale lashes. For my face, I adore RMS un-cover up. It melts into the skin, and covers up red areas around my nose, small blemishes around my chin, and dark shades under my eyes wonderfully. However, if I get a REALLY scary blemish, which unfortunately does happen now and again….like when I visit my family for the holidays, of course…I use a tiny dab of Makeup Forever’s full cover concealer. After spot-correcting with concealer, I lightly buff on Alima Pure’s loose powder foundation. It evens out skin really well, but doesn’t have that I’m-wearing-foundation look and lets my freckles show. On my cheeks, I use either a tiny bit of Revolution Organic’s bright pink freedom glow beauty balm or RMS lip-to-cheek in smile. Then, on top of that, I might do a light dusting of Alima’s shimmering pink blush — but that’s only if I’m having a big night out, or if I know I’m going to have pictures taken of me, since powder blush is better for pictures than cream. Finally, I usually just use some natural balm on my lips, but every once in a while I’ll be feeling a Old Hollywood-style red lip. For that, I love Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s lip tar in NSFW. It’s a great, neutral red that really stands out and stays put — but you have to use a TINY dab with a lip brush, otherwise it will bleed. Trust me, a little goes a long way. And I might do one more final touch – RMS living luminizer on the top of my cheeks, under the brow bone, and on my ‘cupid’s bow.’

For my hair, I again use Dr. Alkaitis’ nourishing oil – one little pump is enough to smooth and soften my abundant, long hair. Then, after years of fighting them with a straightening iron, I’ve fallen in love with my natural waves, so I lightly spritz on Josie Maran’s Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist for the perfect beach-y texture. I dry my roots with the diffuser on the blow dryer to keep my waves in tact while giving my hair a little lift. The rest of my hair air dries. I think letting my hair air dry, along with the bit of natural oil I use, has been the biggest difference in transforming my formerly dyed, dry, overprocessed hair into the soft, healthy hair I have now. My hair dresser is very impressed! (Seriously, between the bleaching and the straight iron, sections of my hair were downright CRISPY a few years ago). I pretty much try to touch my hair as little as possible: no dying, minimal products, minimal drying, and then I don’t brush it or really try to touch it at all during the day — which helps keep the waves nice.

…I think that’s it!

Meet Eleanor the esthetician. After struggling with her skin for years she came to learn that some of the most effective brands were natural. She now puts Kahina to good use, along with other favorites like Dr Alkaitis, Dr Hauschka, Arcona and more. She’s also seriously piqued our interest in In Fiore (we’ve heard their scents are beautiful too)—who here has tried it?

Name: Eleanor

Hometown: Oakland CA

Age: 25

Profession: Esthetician (at International Orange)

Weather: cold but sunny

Hair: long thick and wavy

Skin: I have battled with skin issues through out my life. Acne being the main domain of my problems—but as we know that causes many more issues like pigment, blotches, uneven texture and scarring. In tying to find the balance I experimented with many products and treatments. I never went as far as accutane but paid visits to the dermatologist and used products with benzoyl peroxide and went on antibiotics. Sorely disappointed I saw an Esthetician who helped get a proper routine and acne facials to help correct my skin. This intrigued me into the skin care world. I am a working Esthetician now and have finally found things that have worked for my skin. Pleasantly surprised I found most if these products I’ve used over the past 10 years have been natural/organic options.

Favorite star: Kate Moss

In the shower…

I flip flop between showering in the morning or evening. Most mornings I climb in the shower half awake, trying not to be indulgent as I have limited time before work or before my boyfriend kicks me out. I usually brush my teeth in the shower with my favorite hard-to-find toothpaste from France called Botot. It’s a fennel-flavored toothpaste. I like this because it’s different than your average toothpaste and makes brushing your teeth feel special. In the mornings I won’t wash my hair everyday I just rinse my wavy tresses and use a good amount of Kahina argan oil throughout my hair to seal and calm the frizz. When I do wash and condition I mix in up between Rare Elements (very natural) and Davines love line (not so natural) these keep my long hair in line. I always leave in my conditioner while shaving or washing my body and then comb through with a wide-tooth comb. This really ensures that the product reaches every strand and conditions deeply. While my conditioner is setting in I usually suds up with a sea sponge and body wash from Everyday Shea that has coconut oil and ahea butters as well coffee extracts for a little stimulation to hopefully prevent any unwanted dimpling down the line. If I shave I use pure coconut oil or Aveno shave cream. I know it’s not the best for you but I have very sensitive legs and this one creates a nice barrier. Always unscented! In the mornings I don’t like to use a harsh face wash. If my skin’s OK and I’ve cleansed your face at night already I don’t like to use anything too striping for day. I use In Fiores Treate cleanser that has pure Aloe Vera and Bulgarian rose waters. Smells divine! If I’m showering at night I like to throw in the works with a full dry brushing session and my favorite body scrub by Suki and even a nighttime facial mask. I like Kahina’s antioxidant mask because it’s purifying but also doubles over as a exfoliator with its micro silica particles. After that I use a gel face wash like Dr Alkaitis purifying cleanser to take off the day.

Outside the shower…

I usually finish off with an all over body balm like In Fiores Dayala filled with the aroma of jasmine and lemongrass. For the face it’s an application of Kahina’s argan oil mixed with their brightening serum. I also use a cooling depuffing eye gel from arcona that has anti-aging ingredients. In the mornings I am religious about using in Fiores vitale toner. Its not just a toner it’s really more like a serum that delivers nutrients and water to the skin. I always also always use a sunscreen mixed with Dr Hauschkas translucent bronze concentrate to blend my own tinted sunscreen. I have three different lip balms I cannot live without… Fresh lip care stick in honey, rms lip balm in vanilla and the Dr Hauschka lip care stick and a new favorite is the In Fiore velouté that comes in a beautiful brass compact with a mirror—you can’t go wrong!

Finishing touches…

I actually don’t wear makeup often. After battling with acne for so many years I pretty much wrote it off. I believe in a great pair of earrings, well groomed eyebrows, and I cannot live without an eye lash tint! If I have somewhere to go I usually give in to a little lip to cheek by rms because its so simple and fast and a little water to canvas highlighter by Vincent longo and my fresh lip balm with the tint honey. I also love Arcona’s mineral brushes for a quick all over fix. I regularly take vitamin c, probiotics and a herbal immune supplement to keep me healthy and happy. :)