DIY Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner

We know we should do it. We know that doing it prevents breakouts. We know that not doing it can diminish the effects of our favorite skincare and makeup. But we know that doing it takes time—and can feel like a chore. What are we talking about? Why, cleaning our makeup brushes, of course!  I’m pretty good at routines and being disciplined. Both running your own small business AND desiring healthy, glowing skin require consistency, routines... Read More

Would You Try a Skin Cleanse? We Did.

In my work with NMDL, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a number of brand founders who are completely passionate about not only their product line, but also about promoting healthy living through ingredient education. I mean, that’s why we all decide to switch our beauty arsenals over to nontoxic products, right? Because someone enlightened us to the dangerous and sometimes scary ingredients that we didn’t know are in traditional cosmetics? Adina... Read More

DIY Hair and Scalp Treatment

Part of my ongoing battle with celiac disease includes a series of skin sensitivities and conditions. While I thankfully have yet to experience continual skin side effects like eczema or psoriasis, I’ve had a few acute skin freak-outs that rank in the top five worst experiences of my life. One occurred last spring when, out of basically nowhere, clusters of pus-filled cysts appeared on the whole of my scalp. They hurt like cystic pimples... Read More

Can’t Get Enough of Coconut Oil

For the winter, I’ve made the switch from my holy grail cleanser to oil cleansing.  By far, my favorite oil for that purpose is coconut.  I know some of you don’t use coconut oil on your face due to breakouts, but my face loves the stuff.  There’s an immediate “Ahhhhhhhh” when I put it on.  And it does a smashing job of cleansing. This year, I decided to add some healing EOs to my coconut oil cleanse experience.   I discovered a new... Read More

Holiday Gift Guide

It’s December, people. And though some of us maybe finished our holiday shopping over the long, sale-filled holiday weekend, others of us may not be that on top of things. Enter this gift guide. I love gift-giving. I have an entire secret Pinterest board dedicated to gifts for others so when my husband or sister or best friend mentions something they’ve been coveting, I have a safe place to stash the idea for later. This year, I’m... Read More

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