Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Two Ways

DIY Salt and Oil Scrub with Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil You’ve seen it pop up in some of your favorite serums and treatments — and with good reason. Sea buckthorn oil is loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids. I burned through a small bottle of sea buckthorn oil this past winter, adding a few drops to other serums and oil blends. It’s a lovely orange and viscous oil with a musky smell, and it brightened my skin tone considerably. There... Read More

DIY Beauty: Thyme To Tame The Breakouts

image via Crunchy Betty If you ask me, the beauty of the natural skincare movement is that you don’t have to drop tons of dough to find an effective routine. Not everyone is inclined toward DIY, and I get that, but I wanted to share a DIY product that’s so simple, so cheap, and so effective it kinda blew my mind—it’s a toner made from thyme steeped in witch hazel. So here’s my story. A few months ago I rekindled my love affair with yoga—the... Read More

DIY Beauty: Ann’s Blemish Banish Oil

Remember when we told you that thyme is a more effective acne treatment than benzoyl peroxide? So why is it that we hardly ever see thyme used as an ingredient? Granted, it is present in one of our favorites, Osmia Organics Spot Treatment (love this gem!), but what if you need something more? Something that you could smear liberally across your shoulders if your yoga sweats were so intense it caused the dreaded bacne (ew, that word!). One of our... Read More

The Beauty of Bath Salts

Is there anyone who doesn’t like a chance to soak in the tub? Maybe it doesn’t happen too often, but that just means it should be more special.  Even my son loves a soak after hockey – the warmth and the salts are great for healing muscles and general relaxing.  But is there scientific evidence supporting the use of bath salts? Bath salts are said to be good for all kinds of things, from treating psoriasis to muscle soreness to arthritis. ... Read More

Rachel’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Rachel and her eclectic routine that mixes DIY with off-the-shelf, and a lot of clean with a little dirty. She also blogs about clean beauty! Woot. (PS you guys, it’s supposed to be stars from the distant past, but these Canadian twins are pretty adorable so we’re letting it slide… :) Name: Rachel Age: 31 Hometown: St. Paul, MN Weather: Winter. It’s mostly been below zero, but we’ve had a few warmer days. Mother... Read More

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