Lauren’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

We haven’t posted one of these in a while! Today’s morning star is Lauren—and as a fellow dirty curly living in dry LA, I can relate to this simple (but lovely) routine. Do you wash your hair? And if not, what are some of your best tips for those looking to give the no-poo practice a try? I’ve personally taken to doing a very “light wash” with Acure once every three months or so—using a tiny bit of shampoo at the... Read More

Natural Allergy Remedies Anyone?

Holy allergy season Batman. I’ve never had allergies until this year, but before you think I’m on some random non-beauty tangent… I beg differ! Incessant sneezing, red eyes, and a runny nose are all very real beauty problems. Not to mention that allergies feel like crap! Word is they’re getting worse with climate change—something about a longer growing season, more pollination and something something. To boot, according... Read More

How Do You Care for Curly Hair?

After our Today Show appearance a few weeks ago, I got a couple of emails from viewers asking me about how I care for my curls. For many of us, curly hair feels like a strange disease for which there is no cure. We treat it, wrestle with it, and try to tame it to no avail. At least that’s how I felt for a long time. For those of you who are new to the site you may want to go back and read why I stopped washing my hair. That hasn’t changed.... Read More

Five Reasons Why Daily Showers May Be Bad for You

How often do you shower? When we asked you all the question the other day we were surprised to find your answers were all over the map. We were inspired, of course, by that recent New York Times story about attractive people who don’t like to bathe (or, in some instances, wear deodorant). And as you all know, any time we can encourage people do buy and use fewer personal care products, we do. So as the seasons change, and people start reaching... Read More

How Often Do You Shower?

Mark another point for Team Dirty, folks: Our new favorite writer at the New York Times, Catherine Saint Louis, is singing the praises of “laissez-faire” hygiene today. As some of you may recall, soon after we launched this blog, Siobhan went public with the following statement: “Alexandra and I both hate soap.” It seems we’re not alone. The article tracks fellow members of our dirty tribe who are abandoning their antiperspirants... Read More