Are You There, Gut? It’s Me, Depression

What does the gut have to do with depression, and how can you convince your gut to lead you in a positive direction? If those are questions on your mind today, you came to the right place. We’ve dealt with all sorts of issues related to wellness and beauty on NMDL, and what’s more beautiful than a healthy body, mind and spirit? And we know, they all go together. To be clear, I’m not claiming to be an expert on depression – I’m speaking... Read More

Got PMS? Why You May Want to Look at Diet and Lifestyle (via Well+Good)

Yes! I do have PMS. Right now actually (I think). So I was pleased to come across this interview from Well+Good today. Even though we know that diet and lifestyle affect our hormones, being reminded by a health practitioner is, well, reassuring. And it also gives back a bit of a sense of control, which is nice too. What affects your PMS? Here’s the interview: Many women assume that the awful PMS they endure—complete with cramping, headaches,... Read More

Do You Eat Fish?

The other night at yoga, my teacher did something unusual. Normally, at the beginning of class, she tells us to offer up our practice to someone other than ourselves. I love this part of class, because I think if there is even a one-in-a-million chance that a simple dedication can alleviate suffering in another person, then it’s worth doing it (duh). Thinking about someone you care about is also a great motivator when you’re on your third... Read More

Eat Your Veggies to Look Beautiful

Thanks to Trudi for posting a link to this BBC article in the comments just now. It turns out many of us we’re right about this. According to research done by Dr. Ian Stephen at the University of Nottingham, eating more veggies means you will look better. And yes, these no-real-science studies are kind of silly but hey, this one is the truth. Cause veggies make you glow! From the article: Dr Stephen explained: “Eating five more portions... Read More

New Study Says A.M. Exercise More Effective

I kid you not, I was just about to sign up for another month of early morning virtual yoga classes (back to that in a moment) when I noticed a New York Times article about a new excercise study in another window called The Benefits of Exercising Before Breakfast. As a rule, we love these kinds of studies, but I’m finding this one particularly compelling. According to the article here’s how it went: “Researchers in Belgium recruited... Read More

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