Help! Hard Water Turned A Reader’s Curls To Frizz!

Do you pay attention to the type of water that streams from your shower? If it’s very soft or very hard water, it’s difficult to ignore the way it affects your skin and hair. One reader discovered just how much of a difference hard water can make, and she reached out for help. Here’s what Kim has to say: “I am hoping that the No More Dirty Looks community can help me solve a hair problem. Until October, I lived in Virginia... Read More

Help! A Reader Needs Clean Products Recs For African-American Hair

Young Lisette needs our help! While we talk a lot about natural curls on this site, for obvious reasons we haven’t gotten into the specifics around African-American hair. So it’s time for our readers to step in here and talk about what you’ve tried. That said, Lisette, here are three brands we think are worth testing out. All three smell good, and are super hydrating for thick/coarse/curly hair. 1. Andalou: We haven’t tried... Read More

In Search Of the Perfect Curl: JessiCurl Product Review Part 2

As promised here’s part dos of the review. The leave-ins are the real stars of this line for me. They also behave dramatically depending on whether you’re a curl scruncher, comber, or just let them be. How do you do your curls? Confident Coils Styling Solution (16.95 / 8oz): The claim? Defined but not enhanced, beautiful and touchable curls. Totally true! It’s really surprising to me when a product actually does what it claims.... Read More

In Search Of the Perfect Curl: JessiCurl Product Review Part 1

Sometimes having curly hair can feel like having a pet (that you never asked your parents for). It needs constant love and attention, petting, fluffing and calming, and you can’t just leave it out in the rain and expect it to behave. Then one day you discover that, in fact, it’s not as needy as you thought. It actually wants to be independent, and if you just let it do it’s thing and don’t coddle it like a crazy person, it... Read More

Lauren’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

We haven’t posted one of these in a while! Today’s morning star is Lauren—and as a fellow dirty curly living in dry LA, I can relate to this simple (but lovely) routine. Do you wash your hair? And if not, what are some of your best tips for those looking to give the no-poo practice a try? I’ve personally taken to doing a very “light wash” with Acure once every three months or so—using a tiny bit of shampoo at the... Read More

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