What’s a Drug and What’s a Cosmetic?

A couple of weeks ago we asked you what your fountain of youth was. I made the maybe-annoying (but totally sincere!) point that for me it’s all about smiling, exercise, diet, sleep, sex and…argan oil. In other words, I don’t put much stock in products that claim to be anti-agers, because I understand the science of how our skin changes as we get older, and because I know women of all ages with lines and freckles and whatnot who absolutely... Read More

Should Walmart Target Kids With Cosmetics?

The short answer, of course, is hells no! But what if they’re clean? Come February, Walmart will be launching a new line of cosmetics for the 8-to-12-year-old set called GeoGirl. Because what little girls need is to be encouraged to put crap on their still-perfect skin and to learn right from go that being beautiful requires enhancement from products. But then, here’s the thing: When I was a kid, I loved nothing more than putting on a... Read More

A New List: The Dirty Dozen

If you grew up in Canada like we did, you probably grew up loving David Suzuki. The environmentalist and educator has been ahead of so many issues for so long, so we were quite delighted to see that the foundation that bears his name has taken on cosmetics. Yesterday they announced the findings of their months-long research into cosmetics, and they’ve unveiled their own Dirty Dozen, which has a lot in common with the ingredients we warn about... Read More

What We Think of Paula Begoun

We keep getting asked this question so let’s make it official: We think Paula Begoun, the bestselling author of Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me who also has her own line of cosmetics, is an amazing researcher; we think she has done incredible things to empower women in their beauty choices; no, we have never tried her line; yes, we take issue with some of the ingredients in her line; and perhaps most important, we differ... Read More

Why is Nobody Listening to Dr. Oz?

Last week my boyfriend’s mom tipped me off: Doctor Oz was finally rerunning his “Dangerous Beauty” segment. I’d heard about this episode back in February, and had frantically searched for it online to no avail—it didn’t seem to be making waves. The Oz had posted some pretty damning stuff on his website back then—calling out the FDA’s lack of regulation and the industry’s tricky labeling practices—but the focus seemed very product-specific.... Read More