Good Morning! Do You Drink Coffee? How Much?

The media loves to talk about vices turned virtues, and an article like this one in the Daily Beast that asks  Can Coffee Save Your Life?” is no different. But, as an admitted lover of the brew, I am always excited to see new studies on its supposed health benefits. According to this piece, it has over a dozen “miraculous” benefits. Read the full thing, or see my abridged list below.

There seem to be some meaningful stats, but could coffee drinkers be benefiting from other lifestyle choices? Probably. And while six cups may reduce chance of diabetes, what in the heck is it doing to anxiety levels?

Do you believe the hype? Are you a coffee lover or hater?

Some stats from the piece:

1. Drinking more than three cups a day has shown to reduce a certain kind of skin cancer in 20% of women.

2. Drinking one to five cups lowers risk of stroke by 25%.

3. Drinking four cups a day reduces risk of depression in women by 20%

4. Drinking more than six cups (six cups!) a day means you’re 35% less likely to get type 2 diabetes than those who drink a measly two cups. (Yeah, cause who has time to eat when they’re drinking that much coffee.)

5. Drinking more than four cups a day reduces risk of developing liver cirrhosis by 80%.

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Do You Drink Caffeine?

This morning marks the beginning of my caffeine detox. Now, I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with caffeine. In fact studies have shown that it may actually come with certain health perks like increased metabolism and reduced risk of diabetes, among others.

So why am I cutting caffeine out this week? Well, sometimes writers get lucky, and next week I am going to visit and write about a super luxurious but rather strict retreat program at the Ranch at Live Oaks in Malibu (or as Siobhan and I like to call it: Malibooya).

What’s on the menu? No much: no sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine, no meat. What will be is yoga, hiking, swimming and clean (but probably small) vegetarian meals. I’m thoroughly excited, if a little scared.

This past Friday I got what I’d describe as a motivational phone call from one of the Ranch’s employees. The gentleman on the other end told me kindly (but firmly) that if I didn’t detox before coming on the retreat it would be veryveryvery hard. So here goes nothing.

While sugar, alcohol and meat are relatively easy to give up, coffee notsomuch. I haven’t gone without my multiple morning espressos for years, and I am definitely one of those cartoonish types who does not like speaking to anyone before I’ve had it.

What about you? Do you drink caffeine? Have you ever gone off it? Most importantly, do I have anything to look forward to people?!

P.S. I’m sipping yerba mate right now. I know it has some naturally occurring caffeine in it, but much less than coffee. Baby steps, I still have six days.

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