Good Morning! Do You Drink Coffee? How Much?

The media loves to talk about vices turned virtues, and an article like this one in the Daily Beast that asks  “Can Coffee Save Your Life?” is no different. But, as an admitted lover of the brew, I am always excited to see new studies on its supposed health benefits. According to this piece, it has over a dozen “miraculous” benefits. Read the full thing, or see my abridged list below. There seem to be some meaningful stats,... Read More

Do You Drink Caffeine?

This morning marks the beginning of my caffeine detox. Now, I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with caffeine. In fact studies have shown that it may actually come with certain health perks like increased metabolism and reduced risk of diabetes, among others. So why am I cutting caffeine out this week? Well, sometimes writers get lucky, and next week I am going to visit and write about a super luxurious but rather strict retreat... Read More