Ingrid’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Lucky Ingrid founded one of our favorite kind of businesses… a natural beauty boutique! We love indie shops like hers. Ever wondered what someone with the best products at her fingertips would choose to use? Look no further than this routine. Name: Ingrid Doucet Age: 45 City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Current Weather: Cold, Freezing, Chilly, Cold, etc. Make it stop! Skin: Good when it’s good but very sensitive and reactive. Hair: Fine and... Read More

Lucy’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

We often get questions from younger readers asking how to have a natural routine on a student budget. (We know some of the products we love cost a pretty penny!) Lucy shows us how it’s done. Name: Lucy Age: The ripe old age of 17 Hometown: A little town in Wales, UK Weather: Winter/autumn: cold, windy & rainy. Spring/summer: rainy & warm Hair: Mousy brown, dyed with henna to a delightful shade of orange. Normal/dry hair with a dry... Read More

Can’t Get Enough of Coconut Oil

For the winter, I’ve made the switch from my holy grail cleanser to oil cleansing.  By far, my favorite oil for that purpose is coconut.  I know some of you don’t use coconut oil on your face due to breakouts, but my face loves the stuff.  There’s an immediate “Ahhhhhhhh” when I put it on.  And it does a smashing job of cleansing. This year, I decided to add some healing EOs to my coconut oil cleanse experience.   I discovered a new... Read More

My New Use For Coconut Oil, Plus Kuumba Made Product Review

I’ve done yoga for many years, but just recently started taking a class again.  What does that have to do with coconut oil?  Some great cosmic convergence of yogic sages and plant spirit?  Nope.  Foot fungus. Last time I went to a public studio was prior to going very clean with my products.  Being barefoot, in spite of using my own mat, etc., I would end up with fungus between my toes quite often.  I had to use an antifungal spray before... Read More

Kayla’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Kayla—she’s always been a product enthusiast, only now she’s gone clean. Lucky for us, because she has a TON of great recs here including some makeup application tips. Enjoy! Name: Kayla Age: 25 Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA Current Weather: Sunny and cool. Hair: Long, wavy, thick — I was a chronic hair-dyer but its mostly my natural color now. Skin: I started getting acne in my early 20s, which was extremely frustrating... Read More

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