Reader Poll: What Was Your Favorite Clean Beauty Discovery of 2014?

Here we are, two full weeks into the 2015. Thinking back on 2014, I’d say it was the biggest year yet for clean beauty, and the industry just keeps growing. Even a few years ago, choices for clean personal care products and cosmetics still felt somewhat limited compared to the conventional side of aisle. That is simply not the case anymore, and with so much choice available it’s easy to miss some great products along the way. Here at... Read More

Target Now Carries S.W. Basics. Can You Believe It?

    This week, S.W. Basics announced that Target will be carrying their products online and in stores. Let me repeat that. One of America’s biggest and most beloved retailers has picked up an all-natural, indie darling, and they’re giving the general public real options in green beauty — not that greenwashed variety. This. Is. Huge. News. Between this announcement (which you can read on S.W. Basics blog) and GOOP’s declaration... Read More

Help! A Reader Wants the Scoop on French Products!

One of our readers has gone to Paris and wants to explore the clean beauty scene à la française. So help us out with this one because we know you’re worldly and well-informed, or maybe you are reading from Paris yourself and you know just where to send dear Paige. Here’s her request: “I love your website and really value it as a site for shared experiences as well as a guide to different products/approaches/concerns. Thank you! My... Read More

Let’s Talk About Shampoo and Hair Treatments

There’s kind of an unspoken theme among clean beauty enthusiasts: wash your hair as infrequently as possible. It’s almost like it’s a goal we aspire to, something that earns you bragging rights if you can actually manage to get your hair and scalp to a happy place while only washing every few days. Of course, I speak from the perspective of a woman with fine hair that gets oily if you look at it the wrong way. Some of you, like... Read More

How Do You Travel With Glass Containers?

We love that many of our clean beauty products are packaged in beautiful glass bottles. It adds a glamorous touch to our routines, but glass has its challenges—like breakage! A dear reader named Katy asked us about traveling with glass bottles, so we wanted to kick it to you all, naturally! Here’s what Katy has to say… As my clean product arsenal has increased, so has my collection of items glass containers.  How do you travel without... Read More

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