Product Review: Skinnyskinny Soy Candles

This brand makes lots of good, and very clean, products.  Their cleanser and lip balm both made my honorable mention lists, and their Black Coffee Organic Body Scrub is amazing.  They also make excellent dry shampoos and nice body oils and butters.  But the stand-outs in their range, for me, are the candles.

Skinnyskinny has the candle thing down.  I admit I resisted at first, because of the $30 price tag, but these candles are totally worth it.  The ingredients are top notch and the performance is stellar.  Skinnyskinny uses eco-friendly packaging in the form of beautiful brown recycled glass, and if I ever finish one of these candles (45+ hours of burn time!) I’m going to repurpose these for holding pens, makeup brushes, etc.  They also sell convenient little travel tins for $13, with 12+ hours of burn time.  The candles are 100% soy wax, scented with organic essential oils.  The “scent throw” is excellent, enough to fill a room but not inundate your whole house.  Even when not lit, sitting near the candle I catch that occasional whisper of fragrance, and it makes me smile.

I’ve found that even some supposedly all natural candles can have a synthetic ickiness going on with the scent.  Not so with this brand.  The scents are pure and unique, from the simplicity of the single-note Cardamom to the more complex Vanilla and Lavender with Rosemary and Black Pepper.  I also adore Lavender and Rosemary, which strikes a wonderful, refreshing balance (I think rosemary can get a little bug-sprayish when not balanced).  I love to burn the Rose and Fennel while I’m writing, to stimulate creativity.  Yep, I’m in love.

What have you tried from Skinnyskinny?


Three Reasons I Love To Gift Aromatherapy

Santa, take note. As far as I’m concerned there is nothing better than giving (or getting) the gift of a truly beautiful, natural smell. I was thinking about this whole gifting thing, and how the holidays are a great time to help spread the clean beauty experience to the women we love. But aromatherapy—instead of say, face wash—is a particularly great place to start because you’re not telling people to replace anything in their current routine, you’re just adding a new element and helping expand their senses.

I mean, who here remembers the first time they fell for a natural smell over a synthetic one? I often go back to my early experience

At any rate, I’ve gifted my share of natural beauty products, and can say with confidence that—while a small vile of Hope Gillerman or Tata Harper or a Lotus Wei energy mist may not have the wow factor of a new iPad—these gifts have had the most longterm impact. And here’s how I know: Every time I have given one of these magical formulas, the receiver has continued to buy it themselves. (And in my case that often means Canadians who have to jump through hoops, beg me to send them re-ups, or pay all kinds of shipping to get their hands on this stuff.)

And if scented oils and mists feel too pricey or risky—natural scented candles like these and these, or room diffusers like these, or the more affordable and awesome Essence of Vali products are all wonderful too.

Here’s why I think aromatherapy is so perfect to give…

1. It’s thoughtful and personal.

You have to choose carefully when it comes to smells. So even if the person is not into naturals or aromatherapy, you need to have a sense of what kind of scents appeal to them. (Though if you’re totally stumped I’ve included a list of crowd-pleasers at the end of the post.)

2. It’s powerful.

This stuff works, and science concurs. Most everyone in your life is probably stressed out, and smells like jasmine, rose, and lavender are proven to help people calm down. Is anything better than that?

3. People don’t get it for themselves.

Some people prefer getting practical gifts, but I do think there’s something really nice about giving a gift you know will be enjoyed that someone would never think to get for themselves.

Now for the cheat sheet. According to one study these are the top 10 most universally beloved smells: 1. lime (fruit) 2. grapefruit (fruit) 3. bergamot (similar to an orange in scent) 4. orange (fruit) 5. peppermint 6. freesia (flower) 7. amyl acetate (a molecule that smells like apples and bananas) 8. cassia (similar to cinnamon) 9. mimosa (flowering tree) 10. fir (tree)

Are you gifting any wellness products or DIY concoctions this year? Is aromatherapy on the list?

P.S. In slightly unrelated gifting news… If you’re a mom, or gifting one, obviously clean kids’ products are a boon. But I wanted to engage in some shameless nepotism here, and point the mom set to my sister-in-law’s awesome illustrated poster site South and Summer. She’s created these very cool posters inspired by the toys of our childhood, and I just think they’d make a great gift for parents who like design and have a hard time finding cool kid’s decor. You’re welcome!

Flower grid image from the Lotus Wei site.

You know we love essential oils, yes? Yes. But if I could tell you how hard it is to find a simple, lovely, non-synthetic scented candle on a budget—with a smell that doesn’t make us gag—you’d be shocked.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen head over heels for candles like these ones from Ila or these ones from Red Flower or (maybe my favorite) these ones from EkoMiko—and it’s not that they’re not worth the price. These are wonderful gifts for someone you love, especially yourself. But since I like burning candles all day, every day, you can see how that would become a very expensive habit.

Enter Blissoma—a natural beauty company that offers extremely affordable clean products—which is great. Their creams are a little on the light side for my skin (I’m very excited to try their clay mask though), but the candles? Finally. Smart scent combinations like lavender and chamomile (Calm) or cedar with nutmeg and black pepper (Delight). And they sell for $8 a pop. Eight bucks! My only complaint—and really, can I complain at that price?—is that the scents aren’t as strong as I’d like. They don’t really fill a room the way we’re used to with (usually synthetic) scented candles, but that’s also a testament to how clean they are. To boot, they’re soy not beeswax, if you’re vegan. Win!

Do you like scented candles? Got a favorite brand?

Image via their site