Brighten Your Eyes With Bronzer Instead of Concealer

You know how you get stuck on a daily makeup look? It’s just enough to look polished for work, school, or whatever and you can practically do it in your sleep, right? Yeah, me too. However simple or lavish your makeup routine, there’s an easy thing you can do to bring out your eyes and appear more polished and awake than you may actually feel. Can’t ask for much more than that. Maybe you wear concealer or foundation under your eyes, maybe you... Read More

My Super-Simple, It’s-Almost-Summer Makeup Face

I’m about to write a pretty girly how-to makeup post. It would almost warrant a YouTube video—if it weren’t simple enough for a monkey! Two completely random events conspired last week for me to come up with a whole new makeup look (just when I thought I’d tried it all). 1) A 100-degree heat wave hit Los Angeles for two days putting the entire city in a sweat. And 2) I ran out of my favorite dirty mascara. And so, the look that... Read More

It’s Spring Makeover Time! Here Are Two Products I’m Loving

Next week marks for the first day of spring, but last night the new season was alive and well in a suddenly balmy Los Angeles. Those who don’t live here tend to think that we’re all running around in tank tops in February—but it is so not so. These last few days however, have given us a taste of what’s to come—which means I’ve been thinking about spring makeovers. It’s completely Pavlovian for me. The temperature... Read More

What Are We All To Do Without Sunless Tanner? [UPDATED]

Last week we told you about the latest reports on DHA, the ingredient in sunless tanners that we have championed in the past (it’s natural! it’s a sugar!). Now the new science is saying that it may cause DNA damage. As always, more research is needed for anything conclusive, but we can no longer recommend that you use this stuff in good conscience. I don’t know about you, but in recent summers I’ve loved using a little self-tanner... Read More

The Powers of a New Summer Dress—What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

There’s been a whole lot of confessing going on on the site lately—and I must say, I’m finding it both cathartic to share, and comforting to hear from everyone and remember just how alike we all are in our struggles. So here’s another one for the circle of trust: I’ve been in a total beauty funk lately! Don’t get me wrong, my skin’s been behaving (thank you Tammy Fender), and my hair is happy, but I just haven’t... Read More