Have any of you heard of this guy? His real name is Brian Manowitz—and according to the Washington Post he’s just a nice Jewish boy from Florida who somehow took a wrong turn on the road to becoming a neuroscientist. Instead he morphed into a no-meat-cooking-heavy-metal-makeup-wearing phenomenon. The first installment of his Vegan Black Metal Chef show on YouTube, where he instructs how to make paid thai, through song and snarls, already has well over a million views. From the Post interview:

He had tried making vegetarian cooking videos before, but they never really went anywhere — there was just too much other food-related stuff out there, clogging up the arteries of the Internet.

There was not, however, other stuff out there that involved custom-made rubber body armor and blast beat drumming.

It goes on:

Note the utter appropriateness of this combination. There is no group of people who are so intent on protecting their bodies from the influences of a herd-mentality society as vegans — except black metal fans. There is no group of people who are as indignantly self-righteous, as comically misunderstood or as regularly mocked as black metal fans — unless it is vegans.

Kinda true! While black metal makes my head hurt, if Mr. Vegan Black Metal Chef is getting more people to try meatless meals with this gimmick, we’re all for it. In case you need a reminder of why it’s so important for everyone to cut back on meat, read this great piece from GOOD: You Can’t Be an Environmentalist and Eat Factory-Farmed Meat.

As the world population grows, and developing nations get richer, meat consumption is poised to wreak even more havoc on the planet—it’s simply not sustainable. Have environmental concerns played a role in your meat consumption?