What Salon Treatments Do You (Or Your Friends) Still Get?

Salons are magical places where women get to forget their woes, read trashy magazines, and come out feeling like movie stars. But as many of you know, for a clean girl, the beauty parlor is a place shrouded in dangerous mysteries, where products and treatments are pumped out of big unmarked bottles and toxins waft through the air. And where there is no legal requirement to reveal ingredients. As it so happens, S and I are currently doing a little... Read More

Brazilian Blowout Will Have to Bear Warnings About Formaldehyde. Are You Satisfied?

For those new to the site, one of our kind-of claims to fame is for being early to sound the alarm, if you will, on the dangers of the Brazilian Blowout. Our book opens with a scene of us sitting in a fancy West Hollywood salon, choking on the formaldehyde fumes of this now infamous hair treatment. It marked the beginning of our journey into clean beauty—without the BB, there would be no book and no site. Behind closed doors, we were later told... Read More

The FDA Finally Gives Brazilian Blowout an Ultimatum—Meanwhile, Another Reader Loses Her Hair

In case you missed this on Friday, the FDA has issued a warning letter to the makers of the Brazilian Blowout saying that the product is ‘adultered’ and ‘misbranded.’ No shizzle! Here’s a quote from Michael W. Roosevelt, the acting director of the Office of Compliance at the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (via MSNBC): “Brazilian Blowout is misbranded because its label and labeling (including... Read More

Five Ways to Make a Blowout Last For Days—the Natural Way

This one goes out to all my curly, frizzy, wavy, fro-y friends out there. I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now and, inspired by my buddy’s piece yesterday, I decided to get all listy on it. Obviously you guys know that what got us in trouble in the first place was a fated chem-filled Brazilian Blowout. And as such we like to encourage women to generally embrace what they were born with, rather than fight their looks... Read More

How to Avoid Formaldehyde In Beauty Products (Expecially Now That the Government Has Admitted It’s a Carcinogen)

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has added eight new substances to its carcinogen list, and guess what made the cut? Our old friend formaldehyde. This doesn’t mean the cosmetics industry has to (or will) stop using the substance in its products, though, so here’s a primer that we hope you’ll share widely, on how to avoid that ghastly, terrible, no good, very bad thing. As a reminder, formaldehyde is used in some... Read More

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