Botox Might Impair Your Ability to Read Other People’s Feelings, Too

Whoa whoa whoa. We already told you about how Botox might be blunting people’s emotions because our facial expressions are a big part of how we experience our feelings (which anyone who has ugly-baby-cried can tell you). But now we are learning that maybe it’s making you less of an empath too. New research is showing that Botox can impair your ability to read other people’s feelings. Yikes. From the L.A. Times: Women who received... Read More

Botox At the Dentist’s Office?

You betcha. Thanks to Pat Kiernan, the charming (Canadian) NY1 anchor whose twitter feed I now stalk, I learned of this new trend as I was sipping my second cup of tea this morning. Dentists are getting in on the Botox market. Why? Because they are experts of the “musculature and anatomy of the face” and, says one dentist, “no other doctor can give an injection better than a qualified and experienced dentist.” Now, that very... Read More

Botox Keeps Drunk Driver Out of Jail

Take note Lindsay! File this under things you can’t make up: MSNBC is reporting that a Canadian woman stopped by police for drunk driving was unable to take the breathalyzer test because her mouth was, well, immobile. Apparently, recent Botox injections meant she couldn’t pucker up. From the article: Last week, a Vancouver judge tossed out the charge when Moore provided a letter from a doctor in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, who had performed... Read More

Botox’s Anti-Emo Side Effects

File under “when Onion headlines become a reality,” a new study has come out showing that Botox injections might actually dampen people’s emotions. In the journal Emotions, Barnard researchers write that people with Botox “exhibited an overall significant decrease in the strength of emotional experience” after being shown videos that tugged at their heartstrings. That facial expressions—furrowed brow, heavy-lidded... Read More