La Bella Figura Mini-Reviews (And The Last Few Hours For A Deal!)

La Bella Figura has been in my top fave green beauty brands since I discovered their pure Barbary Fig Seed Oil a few years ago. I’ve continued to love their skin care (Aria!), and, more recently, their makeup.  A few months ago, they updated their logo to an amazing symbol of global beauty, and the new packaging is so chic and fresh.  Check out the mini-reviews below and… You can still get in on the Friday Deal (click for details), until... Read More

It’s Spring Makeover Time! Here Are Two Products I’m Loving

Next week marks for the first day of spring, but last night the new season was alive and well in a suddenly balmy Los Angeles. Those who don’t live here tend to think that we’re all running around in tank tops in February—but it is so not so. These last few days however, have given us a taste of what’s to come—which means I’ve been thinking about spring makeovers. It’s completely Pavlovian for me. The temperature... Read More

Product Reviews: W3LL People Multi-Use Color Sticks, Eyeliner, and Eye Shadow

Guys! I have four new favorite makeup items! I’m going to review them all at once, since they’re all from W3LL People. 1. Universalist 1 and 2 as a duo pot—or as separate sticks. I have the sticks, and I love them. Now, the internet has a serious makeup-color-showing problem (which is why we need more brick and mortars, please, especially in New York), so I’m going to politely ask you to ignore the colors you see on your screen... Read More

What Are We All To Do Without Sunless Tanner? [UPDATED]

Last week we told you about the latest reports on DHA, the ingredient in sunless tanners that we have championed in the past (it’s natural! it’s a sugar!). Now the new science is saying that it may cause DNA damage. As always, more research is needed for anything conclusive, but we can no longer recommend that you use this stuff in good conscience. I don’t know about you, but in recent summers I’ve loved using a little self-tanner... Read More

What Is Your Silliest Vanity?

Every girl, and many a man, have at least one. A silly vanity. A thing that you must do, either for yourself, or before you leave your house, see your boyfriend, get on Skype. The thing that friends and loved ones may sometimes tease you about. Mine is blush. As clean-faced as I’ve gotten through this process, blush has emerged as the one product I do not like being seen without. I’m loath to admit that I even sometimes dab a little on... Read More

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