Quarterly Giveaway! Get Us In the Mail! [UPDATED with the winner!]

Quick question: When was the last time USPS delivered you something other than credit card bills and catalogs you never signed up for? We thought so. Which is why we want to introduce you to (or remind you about) our special little boxes from Quarterly: delightful surprises in the mail, chosen for you, by us. Simply: Quarterly is a subscription service not unlike a magazine, except that instead of getting words and pictures printed on paper, you... Read More

Meatless Monday Inspiration: Have You Ever Done a Cleanse?

Maybe it was the picklebacks my boyfriend made me drink last night at the Super Bowl party,* or the fact that my horoscope told me it was a good time for a detox,** but I woke up today contemplating cleanses. Truth be told, I’m not a fan. I’m of the (well-researched) mind that our bodies, properly treated, do a very good job ridding themselves of “toxins,” and that good nutrition means eating three squares and snacking—not... Read More

What Do You Love About Your Looks Right Now?

So here’s what we’re going to do: We want all of you who comment and the many more of you who lurk (we see you! we love you!) to come out of hiding and name one thing you love about your looks right now, today, this second. Go! I did this with people I barely even know last week, and then again last night at dinner with our friends Anna and Erika. Groan, groan, groan, I know. It’s super corny! But it also feels nice. People seem... Read More

Weekend Question: What Wouldn’t You Change?

We are certifiably obsessed with astrology, and this week something very important happened in the land of planets: Venus went direct. Not surprisingly, Venus is the planet that rules aesthetics. When it’s in retrograde, as it has been so stubbornly for the last while, astrologers caution not to do cosmetic procedures or spend big money on anything related to your appearance. The other thing Venus retrograde can do? Just generally make you... Read More

Natural Beauty and Body Image: How’s Yours?

Hello! I’m Virginia of Beauty Schooled, a blog where I investigate the price of pretty. I’m so excited that Alexandra and Siobhan asked me to guest post, because I am obsessed with their book to the point that I carry it in my purse when I go to the store to stock up on conditioner and face wash (that’s not weird, right?) and also, they are totally awesome people. A little while ago, I bullied these ladies into guest posting on... Read More

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