Quick question: When was the last time USPS delivered you something other than credit card bills and catalogs you never signed up for? We thought so. Which is why we want to introduce you to (or remind you about) our special little boxes from Quarterly: delightful surprises in the mail, chosen for you, by us.

Simply: Quarterly is a subscription service not unlike a magazine, except that instead of getting words and pictures printed on paper, you get awesome stuff.

And just like a magazine, you don’t know in advance exactly what’s going to be in each issue, but you subscribe because you like the people who put it together and/or you think you’re going to enjoy what you receive. That’s how the No More Dirty Looks Quarterly boxes work: 4 times a year (for $50/quarter), you get a box of goodies (and no, it’s not a pile of those tiny sample packets companies give away free) along with a letter from us explaining what’s so great about the products and why we chose them.

Above you can see what was in our last box: shampoo and conditioner from the insanely amazing Rahua (plus samples), a beautiful hair brush, our favorite dry shampoo of all time. What’s in NDL010? We’re not telling, but…

You can enter below for a chance to win a box for free because we’re doing a giveaway!

The details: From now until midnight on Thursday, April 10 (like when the clock changes over from the 9th to the 10th), you can enter to win your very own NMDL10 NMDL09 box from Quarterly Co.! Enter below with your Facebook account or email address. You’ve got a few options for how to enter, but the more that you complete, the more chances you’ll have to win. We’ll select one winner after the contest ends and we’ll notify you here on the blog so check back here on Thursday to see if you’re our lucky winner! (No purchase necessary, obvs.)

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Maybe it was the picklebacks my boyfriend made me drink last night at the Super Bowl party,* or the fact that my horoscope told me it was a good time for a detox,** but I woke up today contemplating cleanses.

Truth be told, I’m not a fan. I’m of the (well-researched) mind that our bodies, properly treated, do a very good job ridding themselves of “toxins,” and that good nutrition means eating three squares and snacking—not starving yourself with expensive juices, raw foods, or packets of mysterious powder.

It’s not to say I don’t like expensive juice and raw food, and back when Alexandra and I lived together in our little bachelorette pad in Montreal, we would occasionally do juice cleanses with our two other roommates. The four of us would loll about reading magazines and talking about how hungry we were, and when the three days were up, we’d feast on vegetarian food. I did it because they were doing it, but I’ve not done one since, and that was more than 10 years ago.

Forgetting for a second that some cleanses are downright dangerous, am I missing something here?

It’s not that I don’t get the impulse. Like finally donating that pile of jeans you don’t wear or deleting exes from your phone, the urge to purge can be a healthy one. It’s a way of saying to yourself I’m done with that, it’s time to start fresh. I’m not really in that headspace right now, but since we’ve been talking a lot about what it takes for us to feel our best, I’m going to start my version of a cleanse: Committing to doing the things that make me feel my best—and actively avoiding the crap that doesn’t.

Because let’s get cheesy for a second: It’s not just about feeling your best, but also acting your best out there in the world. For me to do my best work, to be kind and patient with myself and others, to write blog posts that don’t suck and be present and happy in my day to day life, I need to take care of number one. Probably, I’m thinking, so do you.

So here’s my cleanse idea: A plant-based diet with a little fish (but definitely not this one), lemon water, lots of sleep, consistent meditation (tips, as always, are here), dark chocolate, as well as three whole pieces of fruit, daily—but also I’m going to do things that I find fun—because that’s a big part of it, too. I’m going to do this for a week, maybe two, and see what happens.

See what I did there? I came up with a cleanse where I get to eat a lot and have a ball. What about you? Do you do cleanses?
Do you like them? Tell, tell.

* If you have never had one and you do drink alcohol, do yourself a favor and get on that. Also, he didn’t really make me.

** Obviously this is the real reason.

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What Do You Love About Your Looks Right Now?

So here’s what we’re going to do:

We want all of you who comment and the many more of you who lurk (we see you! we love you!) to come out of hiding and name one thing you love about your looks right now, today, this second. Go!

I did this with people I barely even know last week, and then again last night at dinner with our friends Anna and Erika. Groan, groan, groan, I know. It’s super corny! But it also feels nice.

People seem to spend an awful lot of time saying they need to lose weight, or their skin sucks, or how they wish they had curly/straight/blonde/brown/black/red hair, how their smile lines are deepening—you name it. We all do it, and that’s fine. But part of the message of our book, and our message here, is that chasing the beauty dragon makes you feel bad, and we want to find ways to feel good, and embracing your natural beauty is part of that and…

Oh never mind the reason. Just do it! Tell us something you love about you! (We’ll do it too, in the comments.)

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Weekend Question: What Wouldn’t You Change?

We are certifiably obsessed with astrology, and this week something very important happened in the land of planets: Venus went direct.

Not surprisingly, Venus is the planet that rules aesthetics. When it’s in retrograde, as it has been so stubbornly for the last while, astrologers caution not to do cosmetic procedures or spend big money on anything related to your appearance.

The other thing Venus retrograde can do? Just generally make you feel crappy about the way you look. We were both totally feeling this. Were you?

But now that Venus is in forward swing, we can all rejoice. To celebrate this shift we’re asking you this:

What do you like about yourself physically? So often women are asked what they would change—we’d like to know what you’d keep.

Have a great weekend and yes, go get that pair of jeans.

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Hello! I’m Virginia of Beauty Schooled, a blog where I investigate the price of pretty. I’m so excited that Alexandra and Siobhan asked me to guest post, because I am obsessed with their book to the point that I carry it in my purse when I go to the store to stock up on conditioner and face wash (that’s not weird, right?) and also, they are totally awesome people.

A little while ago, I bullied these ladies into guest posting on my blog, and we started talking about how cleaning up your beauty routine can lead to you also feeling maybe a little bit free from all those “you MUST look like [insert-whomever-in-Hollywood-here]” beauty standards that we all hold ourselves to, often to a pretty major degree.

And it was a little bit of a light bulb moment for me.

Keep reading.