Eight Things You Think You Need, But Don’t

We have a new post up on our GOOD series, and this one can be filed under: How to stop buying stuff you don’t need. Truth is, that our bodies are smart, and long before the advent of $200 eye creams—or even basic shaving cream—we were all doing just fine. Of course, some of the products we use have appeal beyond their utility: They smell good, they feel good, they make us look good. Others—and especially some of the ones sold to us as... Read More

Ruh-roh: Parabens Back in the Hot Seat?

As recently as last year, paraben paranoia was getting a little wild, leading lots of fake-natural companies to swap it out of their formulas. It seems to have died down a little—replaced by worry over BPA and phthalates—but I think we can expect that to heat up again, thanks to a new CDC study that says they found methylparaben and propylparaben in 99.1% and 92.7%, respectively, of the 2,500 urine samples they studied. Ew! But hold on. Why is... Read More