Holy Basil! The Stress Busting Power of Tulsi Tea

Have you ever looked up from your life and wondered at your own resilience? Do you associate certain self-care habits with your ability to thrive in this modern life? This past year was one of the most personally challenging I’ve yet experienced. Looking back, I’m astonished that the stress of it just sort of bounced right off of me, and I credit some of my seemingly innocuous daily habits with playing a big role in my resistance to stress... Read More

Gayatri’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

We love our products, but this routine is almost entirely free of them and somehow that feels… blissful and exquisite. We can thank the resourceful Gayatri and her grandmother’s Ayurvedic wisdom for this one! Name: Gayatri Age: 23 years City: New Delhi Weather: Delhi has two extremes – steaming summers and woeful winters. Currently, winter is rearing its chilly head. Skin: Stubborn and flighty. My skin changes with seasons. I’m Vata and my... Read More

Meatless Monday: My Easy Kitchari Recipe

Are you sometimes stumped for an easy vegetarian meal? Has your digestion been on the fritz? Do you ever crave a “cleanse” that doesn’t involve green juice or starvation of any kind? If you answered yes to any of these then you should probably meet Ayurveda’s answer to all ailments: the warm, tasty goodness that is Kitchari. Last night after some gentle Sunday slowga it occurred to me that I was craving a bowl of this stuff.... Read More

What’s Your Workout Dosha?

Loving this post from Well+Good (apparently we’re not the only ones on a major ayurvedic kick). Please tells us in the comments 1) what your dosha is (if you know it) and 2) what kind of exercise you do. Let’s see who’s balancing and who may be increasing like with like! We’ll start. Lots of things explain why you love insanely hot, slow Bikram sequences, while your best friend would rather be running the city streets on a... Read More

Five Reasons You May Want To Try A Tongue Scraper

File this under weird things I learned at the ashram (again), but I’m officially a tongue scrapring convert. What’s a tongue scraper, pray tell? While many of you may know—I didn’t—it’s a simple device used to remove the bacteria and buildup that likes to set up camp on the tongue. This film, which can go from clear to thick and white, yellow, or even greenish, can also speak volumes about our health. What’s the... Read More

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