Christine’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Here’s a routine for all our sensitive-skinned readers. Christine has found a natural routine that relies on a good diet, gentle products, and of course some amazing natural makeup. Enjoy! Name:  Christine Age:  45 (seriously, where does the time go?) Hometown:  Minneapolis, MN Weather:  Cool, beautiful autumn weather. Skin:  Fair and super sensitive. Hair: Natural dark blonde, chin length, blunt cut and very, very, (very) fine. Star:... Read More

Jamie’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Meet Jamie! She’s a vegetarian of 20 years who loves hot yoga, hot showers, and hot tea. We’re feeling it, especially with the chilly mornings afoot. And hey, you’ve gotta love her icon of choice. After all, we are the dreamers of dreams. Name: Jamie Age: 34 City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Current weather: Cool morning, mostly cloudy as is mostly the case in Pittsburgh…there’s a hint of Fall in the air. Hair: Fine, wavy,... Read More

Caitie’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Meet Caitie, a natural beauty blogger who shares our passion for great clean products! Name: Caitie Age: 25 Hometown: Toronto, ON, Canada Current Weather: Moody—hot and humid one day, cool the next. Hair: Curly and very prone to frizz.  I’ve happily found products that keep it under control, but when I deviate, bad, pouffy things happen! Skin: Pretty normal.  I struggled with acne until about 21, but since then, my skin has been fairly... Read More