Alex’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Alex, a young teacher trying to make a clean routine work on her teacher’s salary. Sounds like she’s doing awesome. Thanks for this super candid and awesome routine! Name: Alex Age: 26 Profession: Teacher (Fourth grade…an awesome age but not easy!) Weather: Hot, humid Central Florida. We do experience a nice cold front or two in the winter. Hair: Long, fairly thick, wavy…straight…wavy, depends on the day! Oh, and... Read More

Efe’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Efe and her awesome and detailed morning routine! You had me at DIY flaxseed gel, Efe—a formula we wrote about in the book that I’ve always been meaning to try. Can you post your recipe in the comments? Also, any tips for hyperpigmentation? To the rest of you, we still have some awesome routines in our coffers, but we want moremoremore! If you’ve been meaning to send yours, get on it. xx Name: Efe Age: 21 Hometown: New Jersey Current... Read More

Andreína’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine … Exposed!

Good morning everyone! Meet Andreína and her Alaffia…she is a huge fan of this brand! She also has some great tips–check out her DIY mask recipe. She’s a recent transplant to California, and is certainly making the coast even more lovely with her presence. Read on! Name: Andreína (but most people call me Andre) Age: 29 Current weather: Port Hueneme, CA tends to have awesome breeze and chilly nights. It has not gotten... Read More

Stephanie’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine…Exposed!

Happy Monday, everyone! Meet Stephanie and her sweet-as-honey routine. She swears by Manuka for her skin. She also has been getting a lot of mileage out of spiritbeautylounge sample items. Annnd..she makes her own (edible!) DIY brozer. Read on! Name: Stephanie Age: 23 Current Weather: In the 70s-80s and humid-ish. I just moved home from the North so I am loving the warmer weather despite the humidity. Hair: Long, brown, and sort of curly/wavy.... Read More

Aubrey’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine… Exposed!

Happy Monday, everyone! Meet Aubrey and her nifty routine. To help deal with the hard water on an Air Force base, she uses a cool lemon-juice wash for her hair. A lemony scent plus sandalwood soap… Judging from her routine, I have a feeling she smells amazing. Read on… Name: Aubrey Age: 25 Current weather: Heavy, cool, just barely humid…and dusty. Not a normal combination, but it’s spring in Post-Flood Minot, North Dakota... Read More

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