Obsessed: de Mamiel Altitude Oil

  I have this thing with essential oil blends. I want them all. I want to smell every single iteration and combination of botanical aromatics out there. It’s an obsession, a passion—and for good reason. Aromatherapy does more to shift my mood, mindset and physical wellbeing than almost anything I know, and it does it in a few heartbeats. Not many treatments can boast such instantaneous results. There’s a reason that aromatherapy affects... Read More

Happy Friday Deal from Lotus Wei!

Happy very exciting Friday, everyone! It’s Lotus Wei’s day, and they have some new goodies. Longtime readers of the site—and certainly anyone who knows me personally—knows I’m a flower essence junkie. I have mists on my desk at the office. I carry perfume and elixirs in my handbag at all times. Next to the bed there’s always a spray and an oil. I’ve often said that the world would be a better place if we all took... Read More

Happy Friday Deal from Essence of Vali! Extended Another Week!

  Happy May Day! To celebrate this traditional spring holiday, we have a Friday Deal from our longtime favorite Essence of Vali. If you’re newer to the site you may not know about this amazing aromatherapy brand. We first discovered it when researching the book, and we’ve been using it religiously ever since—not least of all to help us sleep. It’s been mentioned in more Morning Routines than we can count, and now’s your chance... Read More

3 Essential Oils for Enhancing Meditation

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since we began our Meditation Challenge (tomorrow is the last day!). We hope you’ve been following along and enjoying this challenge. We’ve highlighted some tips an effort to help you build a practice that feels attainable and rewarding. For me personally, using essential oils in my practice has made getting into the habit of meditating daily much easier. Hope Gillerman, our Meditation Challenge sponsor, had some wonderful... Read More

Hope Gillerman’s Tips for Better Sitting and Breathing During Meditation

  We asked Hope Gillerman, founder of H. Gillerman Organics, to partner with us for the NMDL Meditation Challenge because of her powerful work with essential oils. Funny story — as we gathered around her table at A Night For Green Beauty last August, Hope let us smell a new blend she’d been working on. When Alexandra smelled it she said, “Whoa — that blend smells like meditation.” Then Hope showed her the label on the bottle… it... Read More

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