Nicolle’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Though I’ve been writing for NMDL for more than a year and a half, I have yet to submit my morning routine! It’s changed a lot in the last year, as I struggled with some health complications and skin reactions, but I’m happy to report that my current routine has my skin looking better than ever. Whoo! Name: Nicolle Age: 27 Current weather: Ha. It’s snowing, and the temperature is well below zero. City: Minneapolis, #Minnesnowta Hair:... Read More

Product Review: ARCONA’s Chamomile Balm

The very first reason I got interested in natural, non-toxic beauty was because my sensitive skin threw an angry, stressed-out fit at me for 1. applying products that were too harsh for my skin and 2. trying too many things at once. If there’s anything a sensitive-skinned gal should know, it’s that her skin flourishes when she sticks to a consistent skincare routine. Changing things up, whether that be products, environment, amount of... Read More

Elizabeth’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Burrrrr. Sounds cold up in Vermont. Warm up with this great routine from a lovely esthetician, Elizabeth. In addition to the Tata Harper products (Vermont love!), we’re intrigued by the other local items Elizabeth has found. Enjoy! Name: Elizabeth Age: 28 City: Montpelier, Vermont Current Weather: Winter is setting in… below 30 degrees every day, windy, 5 in. of snow on the ground already Skin: Combination, oily t-zone, dehydrated cheeks,... Read More

Jinna’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Say hello to Jinna! Her routine includes some incredible goodies, but she relies first and foremost on a clean diet for glowing skin. Enjoy! Name: Jinna Age: 31 City: Los Angeles, CA Current Weather: Sunny and dry, with a slight fall chill in the air Skin: Combination, though my skin has stayed clear and glowing since I cut out dairy and meat from my diet (with the exception of 2-3 “treat’ meals per week). Starting to notice crows feet... Read More

Ruby’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Meet Ruby! Her skincare and hair routine is clean, but her makeup routine is… not so clean. We love her honesty, and we can all identify with her transition to clean products. That said, Ruby has some recommendations for clean products we’ve never even heard of! Go Girl! Name: Ruby Age: 21 as of October Current weather: The cooler evenings of fall are approaching, along with what will soon be weeks of rainy winter in British Columbia! ... Read More

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