Cutting Back On Hair Washing: A Reader Needs Our Help!

If you read the book, or have been on this blog for a while, you might already know that I almost never wash my hair with shampoo. My hair is super dry and curly, and experimenting with the (unfortunately named) “no poo” technique has done wonders for its health. Do I ever wash it? Well my husband happens to like my hair huge and fluffy (and fuzzy), bless his soul,  but I like when the curls are a little more weighed down and defined—as... Read More

What’s Your Biggest Source of Stress?

Because we’re getting ready to start tackling stress here in earnest—as Alexandra mentioned yesterday—we’d like to know: What stresses you out most? This will help us brainstorm ways to talk about this. If, for instance, your biggest source of stress is your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your job, or your finances, that’ll help us focus on what kind of practical stress-busters we might explore. Because the stress series is not... Read More

What’s in Your Natural Beauty Travel Kit?

Well, would you looky here: Siobhan is revealing her secrets on another site! That’s OK though, because it’s WellandGood, and we love them. While their post is geared at the NYC ladies, we all need to figure out how to pack our fave natch products, right? So here’s the post: Labor Day Weekend is summer’s last call, when hoards of New Yorkers traditionally decamp for the beach. Some hop a Jitney for the Hamptons or a ferry to... Read More

10 Ways to Make a Bad Skin Day Better (Or, Acne Psychology 101)

Breakouts suck. There’s no two ways about it. If you get pimples, you’ve probably at some point felt ugly, shy, embarrassed, dirty, or like you want to put a paper bag over your head and cry. So you read acne advice from “experts” and it makes you want to scream because it’s always the same, none of it works, the products are expensive, and they’re loaded with toxic chemicals. But this list isn’t about how... Read More

Tips On How to Eat Vegan for Our Vegan-For-A-Week Challenge

So you want to do our vegan challenge, but you’re not sure how? Well, there are some great resources out there (and lots of mouth-watering recipes). We have a big crush on Kim Barnouin of Skinny Bitch, and her website Healthy Bitch Daily is an awesome place to visit if you’re looking for vegan inspiration. Just yesterday, HBD posted about how to do vegan on a budget, and they have an entire section devoted to their favorite recipes. YUM.... Read More

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