3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Natural Mascara

I’ve had my ups and downs with natural mascara (who hasn’t?), but over the last year or so natural mascara has really improved. I don’t get those pangs of longing for the old stuff anymore. A handful of them perform as well as conventional mascaras, and I’ve been impressed by mascaras from RMS Beauty, W3LL People, Antonym, and 100% Pure. Maybe you’ve found your holy grail mascara, maybe not. Whatever you’re using, you can extend the life... Read More

What’s In My Makeup Bag: Erica’s Makeup Monday

Ready for some new makeup recommendations? Check out this sweet little number from Erica in Portland. She has her own blog, too! Name: Erica W. Age: 31 Where I Live: Portland, Oregon Relationship to Make-Up: Although I grew up with a fabulously made-up mother and her extensive make-up collection, I’ve kept it pretty simple most of my life—the biggest exception being an unfortunate year or two in middle school where I wore dark brown lipstick... Read More

Jinna’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Say hello to Jinna! Her routine includes some incredible goodies, but she relies first and foremost on a clean diet for glowing skin. Enjoy! Name: Jinna Age: 31 City: Los Angeles, CA Current Weather: Sunny and dry, with a slight fall chill in the air Skin: Combination, though my skin has stayed clear and glowing since I cut out dairy and meat from my diet (with the exception of 2-3 “treat’ meals per week). Starting to notice crows feet... Read More

What’s in My Makeup Bag: Nicolle’s Makeup Monday

It’s Makeup Monday time again! This week, I reveal my lip color obsession to the world. Opening up my makeup bag feels a little like walking down a runway in my swim suit—what will people think of me? Thankfully, this loving community is the perfect place to spill the powder. Oh, and let me clarify: This is just my everyday makeup bag. I didn’t dig into special occasion shadows and liners. Name: Nicolle Mackinnon (I just got married,... Read More

Cécille’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Say hello to Cécille! We love the thoughtfulness behind her routine, as well as her strategy for shaving her legs. So smart! Name: Cécille Age: 33 Location: Seattle, Wa Current Weather: Mid-70’s, 49% humidity and not a cloud in this beautiful sunny sky. Hair: Raven/black, slightly wavy, thick and lots of it.  It’s layered with the longest layer about six inches past my shoulders with some copper and bronze highlights – some natural, some... Read More

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