Weekend Update: Three Reasons We Love LA!

Sure, it might be a smoggy and silly city at times, but this weekend I’m breaking with form to give my hometown some love. Here’s why… 1. The Santa Ana winds. They’ve been a’ blowing, and they’re warm and wonderful. Joan Didion made them infamous in her beautiful (and ominous) essay, but I think they’re just great. From that piece: “On nights like that,” Raymond Chandler once wrote about the Santa Ana, “every booze party ends in a fight. Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands’ necks. Anything can happen.” That was the kind […]


What’s Your Workout Dosha?

Loving this post from Well+Good (apparently we’re not the only ones on a major ayurvedic kick). Please tells us in the comments 1) what your dosha is (if you know it) and 2) what kind of exercise you do. Let’s see who’s balancing and who may be increasing like with like! We’ll start. Lots of things explain why you love insanely hot, slow Bikram sequences, while your best friend would rather be running the city streets on a 40-degree day. But from an Ayurvedic perspective, the workout you’re most drawn to may be the one your body needs the least. […]


Sallie’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Oils and orange blossom, abhjenga, Stark, RMS and Pai? Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens! Sallie’s morning routine features more than a few of our favorite things. Name: Sallie Age: 27 Current Weather: I live on the Texas Gulf Coast where it is always ALWAYS humid. Growing up on the east coast, I thought I knew what humidity was… but… I didn’t. That being said we’ve been experiencing some fine late autumn days – usually sunny and in the mid to high 80’s. Hair: Light brown with some natural blonde highlights from the sun, fine but there’s a lot […]


Five Reasons You May Want To Try A Tongue Scraper

File this under weird things I learned at the ashram (again), but I’m officially a tongue scrapring convert. What’s a tongue scraper, pray tell? While many of you may know—I didn’t—it’s a simple device used to remove the bacteria and buildup that likes to set up camp on the tongue. This film, which can go from clear to thick and white, yellow, or even greenish, can also speak volumes about our health. What’s the first thing a doctor, eastern or western, usually asks to see? Exactly. But when I told Durga, my ayurvedic consultant that I didn’t need to scrape […]


My MM: Hannah’s Meatless Monday

This is not your typical MM menu, and we’re kinda loving it. Because Hannah hails from Alaska—and not  NY or LA, where kale is practically sold at convenience stores—this is not a vegan-friendly, so-crunchy-it’s-probably-raw menu. Hey, we love those too! But our mouths are watering at the sound of locally baked cinnamon bagels, the neighbor’s eggs, and last fall’s fresh-picked blueberries, frozen in their state of perfection. And don’t even get us started on that pie. Name: Hannah Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska My dietary leanings: I’m a picky pescetarian (meaning I only eat wild caught, Alaskan fish – I’m from a fishing […]


Which Meditation Style Is Right For You?

The timing for this post couldn’t be better. We’ve both been talking about, and trying to practice, regular meditation (though sometimes we blow it!). Siobhan posted 11 tips here and today the peeps at Well+Good are suggesting different styles for different types of people and issues. What’s your practice look like? We’ll share ours in the comments. Is this you: You really want to meditate and be less reactive in stressful situations, but you can’t sit still and empty your mind? Us, too! It could be that you (we) just haven’t found the right meditation style, says davidji, apprentice to […]


6 Mostly Scientific Ways to Fight a Cold Naturally (Plus: What Do You Do?)

Happy cold and flu season! Here’s something I think about every day: When it comes to my health, I’m really pretty lucky. I almost never get sick. I’ve never broken a bone. For years I was convinced that as a little girl, I’d dislocated my shoulder playing Ring Around the Rosie, but that one didn’t make it through fact checking (my mom). Turns out I just did the fall-down part too early and my shoulder got yanked. It hurt, and we went to the hospital, but I was fine.* Fine. I know how rare this is. I work at a major […]


What Books Are On Your Nightstand?

Random question time! Except not really. Like many of our daily routines, what you read takes a toll on how you feel, what you think about and— in the case of bedtime reading—how you sleep, maybe even what you dream. Because getting sound and sufficient sleep is one of our top recommendations for looking and feeling your best, it seems a subject well worth thinking about. Ever since we wrote the book, my reading material has skewed largely non-fiction. Give me a book about health (Andrew Weil! Ayurveda!), about brain studies (The Power of Habit), about what motivates people (Drive), […]


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