Help! A Reader Needs Your Sugar Waxing Tips

When it comes to waxing advice, S and I are pretty useless. We both tried waxing our legs as teens, but the truth is that Siobhan—being a real blondie—barely sprouts a visible leg hair, and I never really got why I should wait to let mine grow out for half the month only to submit to expensive torture. Of course, many ladies who stuck with it now report that they barely have any hair at all. Unfortunately, that kind of patience has never been my virtue. But onto our reader! She’s sick of going to the salon to pay for […]


My MM: Michele’s Meatless Monday Menu (Are You In The Breakfast Club?)

Meet Michele, a grad student and blogger from Long Island (cute blog name!). I’ve been inspired by everyone’s breakfast choices in this series, especially all the old school (overnight!) oats recipes like Michele’s. Confession: I’ve been something of a breakfast skipper for a lot of my life, but like many unhealthy things that just don’t feel right to me any more, eating a healthy breakfast has become critical to feeling good. But I often run out of ideas! What do you eat for breakfast? Or are you a skipper? (Tsk. Tsk.) Hometown: Long Island, New York My dietary leanings: As clean […]


Happy Friday Deal from W3ll People!

Go on, get glossy. It’s Friday after all! Got anything special planned for the weekend? We’re thinking yoga, magazines, and a few catch-up phone calls with friends. But to kick it off we have a very special deal from our pals at W3ll People… When you order either (or both) of their Paganist Lip Glosses, in shimmery gold or perfect pink, you’ll get a 20% discount off these products. But this is extra special because it’s going to last a month. That’s right, a whole entire month. Code is: NMDL. We’ve been having a bit of a love affair with […]


Product Reviews: Sprout Skincare (Yes, the Whole Line)

“OMG. Did you get the Sprout?” A few weeks ago I sent that text message to Alexandra. It was one of those moments, not unlike when we first discovered Stark or Pai or many of the other lesser-known lines we’ve talked about here, where you utterly geek out about a line of…beauty products. Just on sight alone. Lucky for me, the products delivered, too. But more about the pretty factor. Sprout is made here in Brooklyn, which you can sort of tell just by looking at it. (Well, that or Portland. It totally could have been made in Portland.) I […]


Do You Do Breathing Exercises?

First things first, I too was raised by wolves. I’ll tell you all about it sometime soon, but among the many cool-but-strange things my mother did when I was a kid was practice breath of fire. For those of you not steeped in yoga culture, breath of fire is a sequence of quick, guttural (because you used your abdomen) exhales through the nose. It sounds like a dog panting in the middle of summer, kinda fast and furious. But it’s actually very controlled. (Note to mothers: For a small child it can appear a little bit scary. You might want […]


Henna Demystified – Part 2

Surprise! We were going to hold on part 2 until next week, but so many of you were eager to hear Rebecca’s usage tips that it just seemed cruel. Here’s how she does it… Yesterday, I covered some general information about henna.  Today I’m sharing my recipe and some techniques that work well for me. For more info, check out Henna For Hair.  If you start with a kit, like one of these, it comes with dyes, instructions, a funnel-shaped plastic bag for applying the henna, and gloves (definitely use gloves!).  Each kit covers collar length hair. These days I’m using 2:1 […]


Henna Demystified – Part 1

The last dirty product I ditched was hair dye.  I loved the fun of coloring, but more than that I am very emotional about covering my grey.  One day I hope to rock an edgy silver bob, but that’s a decade or two off still. If you are one of those who embrace your natural aging process—and your grays—more power to you.  But if, like me, you want to cover them and stay clean, henna is a great way to do it. It’s also a fun way to play with color, and easy too. Almost everything I know about henna […]


My MM: Tiffany’s Meatless Monday Menu

This is one of those my MMs that totally has my mouth a’watering. We’ve gotten some incredible menus, but—and maybe it’s because Tiffany has kids to cook for as well (um, lucky ones)—I’m particularly digging all the variety in these meals! Name: Tiffany Hometown: Cincinnati My Dietary Leanings: Heavily plant based…fish maybe once per week.  Always organic (if possible) and primarily whole, unprocessed foods My favorite vegetable: How do I chose just one!? I have never met a veg I didn’t like…as a child it was always broccoli! This morning I ate… A green smoothie consisting of: spinach, cucumber, celery, […]


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