My MM: Hallie’s Meatless Monday Menu

Milkshakes for breakfast and pizza for dinner? This is an MM menu to get excited about. Thanks for sharing Hallie! Name: Hallie My Dietary Leanings: Omnivore. I just love food, and cooking, so I find it hard to limit myself to just plant-based food items. Although I love myself a good vegan/vegetarian meal! My favorite vegetable: Tomatoes! They’re a vegetable in my book… Breakfast: We had some leftover orange/mango/cantaloupe juice that we had made with the juicer this weekend, so as a treat I made a smoothie with that and some vanilla whey protein powder. It was like a 50/50 milkshake for […]


Happy Friday Deal From NuboNau! (Featuring PAI!)

After un petit hiatus, we have a Friday Deal to make up for lost time. Not only are the superstars at NuboNau offering a killer offer on PAI, a brand we lovelovelove. They are also telling NMDL readers first about their big End of Summer Sale—which means you guys get first dibs. Here’s what’s shaking: Order $40 worth of PAI products and get their cleanser—in it’s new 50ml travel size, valued at $24—for FREE with your purchase. As per, use the NMDL code, automatically collect loyalty points to put towards future purchases, AND get a luxey little sample set of […]


Are You Coming to Our Fashion’s Night Out Twitter Party?

Please come to our party on the internet! Heh. It starts at 8pm EST and finishes at 9pm EST.  The hashtag is #GreenBeautyonFNO. We will lead the festivities with some fun questions and insight, brands will offer you discounts and deals, and you’re the ones who will make it fun. We’ll answer your questions, chat up a storm, and when it’s all over, we’ll collapse into a glass of wine and giggle. Twitter parties are so crazy! But crazy in a good way. Plus, many brands have come up with supers-special deals they’ll be telling you about. There are more […]


Sarah’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Sarah—she’s super pale, like her favorite star, but suffers from the sensitive skin that often accompanies a porcelain complexion. Among her woes: looking too young for her age. Hmmm, Sarah, we’re not crying for ya there! But we do want to know your tricks… Name: Sarah Age: 28 (with the misfortune [truly!] of looking 18 [I say misfortune because until people hear that I am 28, there is an unfortunate tendency to lecture me as if I have never experienced the "real world."] Current Weather: The best summer ever!  I just moved to the East Bay and it gets […]


The Nail Polish Debate Continued—Maybe Concluded? [UPDATED]

Unless someone is getting married, you probably won’t see me with nail polish on. It’s not really because nail polish contains toxic chemicals, though it does, or that it’s near impossible to find natural brands that either 1) work the way we’ve become accustomed to, or 2) aren’t still filled with suspect chemicals despite clean claims. It’s mostly because I rather get a massage than a mani, when it comes to pampering, and I’m just a bit of a wildling (Game of Thrones, anyone?) with regards to maintenance. Whether I’m using the so-called naturals, or mainstream three-frees (like OPI and […]


Product Review: Vered Muscle Soothing Massage and Body Oil

Here’s a question: What makes you feel amazing in your own skin? Ideally your answer is something like…. “My partner who thinks I’m awesome no matter how ridiculous I am at times.” Or maybe it’s “My sense of my own natural beauty, radiating from within.” (But seriously, if you’re going with number 2 and that’s your default feeling, maybe you can explain us your secret over wine and macarons some time?) For me, it depends on the day. One of the cool and completely frustrating things about being a woman is that these things can vary depending on your mood, […]


Summer Hair Challenge: The Results Are (Finally!) In!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s the Summer Hair Challenge results! You can see why it took us a second to go through your 100+ gorgeous—like seriously, why are you all so pretty?—faces. But posting these pics is one of our favorite rituals. For new readers, this is our third annual challenge. Don’t fret, you’ll get your chance next year! As promised we have a winner. This lucky girl is going to get a basket loaded with amazing clean haircare courtesy of NuboNau. And the winner is… 47! Nancy from Arizona congratulations! Now, without further ado, have a look at our […]


DIY Beauty: Tosha’s So Fresh Deodorant Recipe

This is a totally selfish post. LA has been hot as heck, and I’m basically out of all working deodorants. I’ve been testing a few I have around the house, but none are actually doing the trick. In short, I smell. Tosha, who lives by my in-laws in beautiful Midway (I’ll be there this weekend!) and whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, also has her own line called Essentially Basic. So the girl’s been cooking up recipes in her kitchen for ages and is a total pro. Enjoy! —Name: Tosha Arnout —Current hometown: Midway, UT —Product name that I […]


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