Product Reviews: Marie Veronique Organics

Every once and a while, I fall in love with a new line. This happens infrequently, because I’m very particular about what I’ll put on my face. But of the four things I have tried, I absolutely adore all of them. One in particular. The line is Called Marie Veronique Organics, and I’ll admit that the little French school girl in me fell for the name.* Once I tried the products, though, I fell for what was inside, too. They have a new line out called Pacific that I am getting ready to try. Stay tuned for that. But for […]


What I’m Wearing To Work Out In This Winter

I’m not as deeply into eco fashion as I am sustainable, healthy food and products.  But, although it is a bit of a departure, it seems like a logical topic to explore on this blog.  I need to wear something while I live an active, healthy life, and I need those clothes to be functional and well made.  I’m more likely to buy from a company if they also have core values around sustainability and ethical operations.  I have become enamored with some companies that have everything I’m looking for.  Over several years, I’ve developed a lovely little collection from […]


Nearly Half of New Year’s Resolutions Stick—Are You Making Any?

We made it you guys! Another year, another election, a non-mageddon, and a whole lot of clean beauty. :) Don’t know about you, but we’re feeling pretty excited about what 2013 holds—and not because we’re wearing rose-colored glasses. This life stuff continues to be hard, but we’re of the mind that the more you work through your crap, with each passing year, the more rewarding the challenges become. Anyways, on my very long drive back from Utah, where I spent the Christmas holiday, I listened to a lengthy (and kind of boring) interview about New Year’s resolutions. It turns out […]


Natalie’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine…. Exposed!

Hey everyone! We’re kind of at half-mast right now—doing the whole family and fire thing, and especially enjoying time with our adorable nieces and nephews. But since everyone has a little time on their hands, we thought it’d be fun to post this great morning routine from Natalie. Natalie, thanks for sharing! Name: Natalie Age: 23 Current weather: Winter in Philadelphia! It’s been up and down and I hope it stays consistently cooler… Hair: Shoulder length, layered, wavy, and brown with highlights in the summer. Thick and a bit course, sebbheaoriec dermatitis on certain spots of my scalp. If I […]


A Meatless Monday Idea: Experiments With Tahini

I’ve done a full day’s MM menu before, so I won’t repeat.  I stick by my standard amazing smoothies and juices, because that’s what I love and I believe you should eat healthy foods you love to eat.  Oh, and prep time – I have zero patience with prep so I’m sharing something that literally takes minutes (it’s all chopping and stirring). Lately, I’ve rediscovered tahini, and I’m loving it.  I find it very satisfying and easy to digest.  I use Gopal’s Raw Organic Sesame Tahini, which is literally just ground sesame seeds, nothing else.  I imagine I could grind […]


Do You Use Any Cool Wellness Apps?

And I’m not talking about the glorified calorie counters out there! I’ve used one of those so-called nutritional apps before, thinking it would be fun to see exactly how “healthy” I was.  It wasn’t. All it did was make me feel obsessive about food, nutrient numbers that don’t matter, calories, and hours logged at the gym. No thanks! But I do think that there are apps out there actually helping people create better habits, whether they’re reminding you to drink water, floss, meditate, or call your mother. In fact, some people have suggested that we create a NMDL app for […]


Let’s Talk Eye Makeup

I’ve never really liked eye shadow. It’s always made me think of either young girls trying to look older, or older women just trying to do too much. Because of this admittedly unfair Tammy-Faye-Baker bias, it’s the one product category I’ve never played with. Until now. Call it the holidays, or boredom, or the fact that lately I only want to dress in black and white, but I’ve been feeling that familiar ache to change up, and amp up, my makeup look. So a few weeks ago I took a trip to my friend Jean’s store, Evolue—it had been ages […]


Product Review: Greenbody Greenplanet

When I went clean, it was a real challenge for me to find hair products that are vegan, gluten free and unscented, so I was very happy to hear about this sweet little company in a morning routine a while back.  I really, really love their products. As their website says, “Never again will you sacrifice fabulous hair days for a desire to live a ‘greener’ lifestyle.”  I have to say I agree! Greenbody Greenplanet: They have two lines of shampoos and conditioners, and both come in scented and unscented versions.  Revitalizing is for dry/distressed hair, and Energy is meant […]


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