Happy Weekend! W3LL People’s Universalist Duo Is Back!

We’re pretty jazzed, y’all! Starting today on OpenSky we have the W3LL People Universalist Duo again! We also have a video up where Siobhan is talking about the line, and we have W3LL’s cofounder and in-house makeup artist and guru explaining how to apply it. We had it a few weeks ago as a deal and many of you seemed bummed you missed it—so we found another way to get it out there. Here’s the deal with these two colors: They’re perfect for summer because the colors are sheer enough to look like you don’t have any makeup on; they […]


Yikes—High Levels of Lead Found in Popular Purses

Excuse the small digression, but I thought this was a topic worth tabling. New research done by the Center for Environmental Health has found significant levels of lead in many mainstream handbags, most certainly available at a store near you. The Center for Environmental Health pulled purses from 100 top retailers to test—everyone from Target to Neiman Marcus and H&M—and found that out of 300 tested, 43 bags contained significant levels of lead. Some purses, like one from Tory Burch, contained as much as 580 times the amount of lead allowed in children’s toys, which we can only hope is […]


Please Help! A Reader Is Having a Hair Crisis!

This letter popped up in our inbox and our hearts melted. Our letter writer has cleaned up her whole routine but her hair continues to act like a temperamental teenager. She has tried, it would seem to us, just about everything. Not being curly myself, I’m at a loss. And she’s tried Alexandra’s plan to no avail. So without further ado, we turn the mic over to her, and then to you all. Please, guys, help her out. She writes: This request for assistance is prompted, somewhat, by the recent post on silicones. The former catholic in me feels the […]


My Five Beauty Obsessions: Christine Taylor

We love this series from Well + Good. Some of these are new to us? Which have you tried? From the piece. Christine Taylor is known for her work in comedies like “Dodgeball” and “The Brady Bunch Movie,” as well as for her marriage to actor Ben Stiller. So maybe it’s not surprising that she takes a light-hearted view of her beauty foibles. “I don’t know what I’m doing with makeup. When I have an event, a professional makeup artist helps me out. But I love discovering and trying great new products,” says Taylor. One thing she’s increasingly serious about? Natural […]


DIY Beauty: Lindsay’s Remineralizing Tooth Powder

Last week I fretted over all the terrible, toxic things in my toothpaste. Lo and behold, Lindsay has sent us a wonderful—and beautifully photographed, I might add—recipe to make our own clean toothpaste at home. I’ve gone in and out of using baking soda on my teeth, and really enjoy it (and notice a difference in my teeth) when I do. Is this something you’ve given a whirl? —Name: Lindsay —Current hometown: Seattle, WA —Product name that I made up: Remineralizing Tooth Powder —Ingredients list: 2 T. calcium carbonate, 2 T. baking soda, 1 T. myrrh powder, 1 T. sage, 1 t. raspberry […]


In Honor of the Summer Hair Challenge (Have You Sent Your Pic?!): An Acure Organics Encore on OpenSky

The days are winding down for you to send in your summer hair challenge pics! (Which officially ends Sunday, unless we decide to extend it—ahem.) We’re getting a bunch of applications, but we want more! And in honor of the challenge, OpenSky has decided to encore our Acure Organics deal. Boom. As you may recall, the rules for the challenge are as follows: Get your hair wet, either wash and condition, just condition (like me!) or do nothing (ya hippie!), then let your hair air dry and snap a pic. Send your lovely portrait to us at nomoredirtylooks (at) gmail (dot) […]


Confessing My Beauty Sins: Silicone, Silicone and More Silicone

This weekend, one of my oldest, dearest friends got married. She wore purple and looked like Princess Jasmine. It was amazing! Also, it was black-tie, which meant some serious primping was in order. Now, in preparation for said wedding, I found myself in humid Montreal at my parents’ house lacking certain key things: An appointment for a blowout, for one, undereye concealer, for two, as well as a hairdryer that actually dries hair and my Intelligent Nutrients Volumizing Spray—which is not itself a defrizzer, but plays one in the movie of my life. Of course, I’d like to say I […]


Katie’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Katie—a clean girl that has seriously experimented! From apple cider to baking soda hair wash to oil cleansing and more. See what’s worked for her, what hasn’t, and where she’s opted for products instead. Name: Katie Age: 32 Current weather: East Bay Spring; bright sunny days and cool, sometimes foggy evenings Hair: Shoulder length fine but lots of it, varying from slightly to crazy curly depending on humidity, prematurely streaked with gray (which I love!) Skin: Freckled and sensitive Favorite star or icon from the past: hmm… there’s a likeness to Katharine Ross In the shower… I tried the […]


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