Happy Friday Deal From NuboNau (Site-Wide Discount!!!!)

Holy moly, you guys. Has NuboNau ever done one of these?? Today, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, and in celebration of their Instyle Magazine “Best of the Web” Award (much deserved, congrats!), these guys are offering a deep discount across their entire site. As you probably know, NuboNau carries just about all of our favorite luxe clean beauty brands. They also have stunning packaging, in case you want to get a head start here on your gift buying—or is that just a normal start? The important things to know… This deal is only running until Monday, so no […]


Do You Turn The Other Cheek?

The other day something happened that, in the past, would have made me really upset. Mad, sad, resentful, annoyed, something. But for some reason, I didn’t really react, and not because I was trying to be stoic. The normal vein pulsing, stomach-dropping feelings just didn’t present themselves. I’m kind of waiting to see if the other shoe drops, wondering if this sense of equanimity towards the matter could really last. And do I even want it to? There are different schools of thought on this. You can practice ahimsa and compassion—see the other person’s suffering, avoid hurting them more at […]


My Multi-Sensory Beauty Must-Haves

With all the talk of aromatherapy and candles here lately, I thought it time to cover my multi-sensory must-haves. I call them that because they are part of a multi-sensory experience of clean beauty.  Natural beauty isn’t just about our bodies, but what we have around us. It makes me feel beautiful to have pretty, nice smelling/sounding/tasting things around me—and it’s important to me that these things fit with my clean living attitude. Here are are some of the key items in my daily life… Terra Cotta Pendant Diffuser from Mountain Rose Herbs: Our emotional brains respond very strongly to […]


Blind Items From My Bedroom: A Sneak Peek At Product Reviews To Come

I’m scared to ask, frankly, but I can’t help myself: What products are you guys looking for advice on? I ask because I have lots of fun new things taking up space on the cabinet where I keep such things, and I can’t decide where to start. So, open question: What beauty problem is stumping you? What are you almost out of and looking to replace with something better? Be as specific as you can! This is where we get inspired. Now, some blind-item options, should you need a boost: These are products we are loving. We’ll tell you about […]


My MM: Amy’s Meatless Monday Menu

Short but sweet and delicious! Thanks Amy. Love peanut sauce: Anyone have a favorite recipe? Name: Amy Hometown: Boulder, CO My dietary leanings: Mostly vegan + occasional sushi binges and some minor leniency when eating out My favorite vegetable: Kale This morning I ate… A smoothie made with a frozen banana, 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, and fresh juice consisting of kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and green apple Then for lunch it was… A whole wheat tortilla wrap with baked crispy tempeh strips, baked zucchini strips, a smear of homemade hummus, spinach, carrot, and daikon. For a snack I had a piece […]


6 Aromatherapy Blends I Can’t Live Without

“Does anyone actually use aromatherapy every day?!” I was asked this very reasonable question the other day at work. My answer: “Have you ever been in my office?” I get it, though. Even for those of us who embrace integrative medicine, use organic beauty products and regularly get stuck with tiny needles, aromatherapy can seem a little frou-frou: an indulgence, a touch cosmetic. For a long time, that’s how I felt. Sure, I always had some cheap lavender by the bed. An old friend called it my “sleep juice” because I’d developed a habit of dabbing a little on the […]


Happy Friday Deal From Us And Kahina Giving Beauty!

Kahina lovers rejoice! Today on Open Sky, we have a deal on a luxey Kahina spa set. If you are  new to the site (welcome!) then you should know that Kahina makes some of our favorite argan oil based products. These are extremely high quality and ethically sourced, with part of profits going back to the community of Berber women in Morocco who extract the argan oil. We love them sooo much—and apparently so does Oprah too, who picked this set as a favorite. (Go Kahina!!!) Here’s the deal: Get Kahina’s argan oil, eye cream, and antioxidant mask—valued at $145—for […]


Product Review: TAPA (Kaendl) Candles

There are many products I’m wanting to review right now, but I will start with my most visceral obsession: Tapa Candles. I realize candles aren’t a beauty product per se, but when they’re scented and amazing and make you feel calm and cozy after a stressful day—and especially these days, with all the noise, the politics, to say nothing of the scary weather (my heart goes out to you, East Coasters)—I believe they’ll do as much for your face as an amazing eye cream or oil. Here’s the snag: It’s surprisingly hard to find natural scented candles that don’t smell […]


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