Product Review: Kahina Giving Beauty Brightening Serum

When I was in the 5th grade, my then best friend and I wrote a poem together about our freckles. We both had them, we both hated them, so we did what any normal school kids would do: We got together after school and wrote a rhyme about trying to scrub them out with some soap and a washcloth. (Spoiler alert: Didn’t work.) People who say freckles are cute are usually in the enviable position of not having them. That said, now that I’m a grown up and I know better than to fight what nature gave me, I’ve kind […]


Erica’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

A simple routine with some wonderfully specific makeup tips. Thanks Erica! What here have you tried? Name: Erica Age: 32 Current weather: hot and humid Hair: brown bob that has tendencies to wave and frizz Skin: fair and sometimes breaks out on my cheeks and chin Favorite star or icon from the past: Jean Seberg In the shower…After hitting the alarm several times, I hop in the shower after drinking my cold brew coffee with almond coconut milk. I use the Acure shampoo in moroccan argan oil on my hair. I don’t follow with conditioner. I soap up everything with […]


DIY Muscle/Detox Oil

For many years I used arnica gel for muscle soreness, and it worked fine but I wasn’t completely satisfied.  The one I used was pretty clean, I think, but I thought essential oils might be a better (and cleaner) solution. Plus, the gel is so cold going on and that first moment of application made me cringe. I’ve been working on this EO recipe for a while, and now have a blend I’m pleased with in both performance and scent.  It’s a multi-tasker too, which I certainly value. Vetiver, 20 drops – immediate relief, chronic conditions Sandalwood, 20 drops – […]


6 Tips For Practicing Abhyanga, Aka Ayurvedic Self Massage

Oh man, you guys are going to have to tell me if you get sick of hearing about Ayurveda, k? After the weeklong retreat I just went on, I have little else on the brain. I learned lots of interesting bits and bobs about this ancient practice of truly preventitive healthcare—and ever the envangelist, I probably won’t shut up about it for some time still. Siobhan and I have both been talking abhyanga lately, the practice of self massage with body-balancing oils. The wonderful Claudia Welch considers it a key prescription for hormone (and life) balance. But we—and some of […]


My MM: Lola’s Meatless Monday Menu

Meet the lovely Lola, a Brooklynite with a taste for good sustainable, whole foods. Yes, there’s some tuna in this almost-meatless menu… but we didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater! Name: Lola Hometown: Brooklyn My dietary leanings: almost 100% whole, non-processed foods. Veggie and fruit-heavy with lots of fish, occasional meat and (very good) cheese. My favorite vegetable: kale (I am SUCH a cliche!) This morning I ate… Coffee with hemp milk (my fave non-dairy milk: tastes awesome and has a load of omegas) and a very large green juice. This time it had kale, collard greens, parsley, celery, baby […]


Do You Have A Morning Ritual?

I’m not a morning person so much as just a lover of mornings—especially the hours from 6 to 8am. This is the time when nobody calls; nobody emails; nobody assumes you’re up. Sometimes, I sleep through these magic hours, but most days I pull myself from slumber and cobble together some version of a morning ritual. On a good day I might manage to sit in meditation as the light is coming up, do some sun salutations or super gentle yoga postures before getting down to business. On a great day though, I’ll enjoy coffee over horoscopes after that practice, […]


What Kind of Water Filter Do You Use?

I’m about to make a sort of serious confession: My water filter broke about six months ago (or  has it been a year?) and I have yet to replace it. Hopefully some among you will say “No big deal” but the truth is, it is and we all know it. Tap water beats out bottled every time in my book, and it’s what I drink all day every day unless I’m at an airport. At work, we have some fancy water filter in the kitchen. When I get to the office in the morning, I fill up a pitcher and […]


10 (Or So) Surprising Ways to Use Honey

Regular readers should know that we’re total suckers for the sweet stuff. I put it raw organic honey in my salad dressings, on my face, on cuts to speed healing, and I take a spoonful of it every time my throat hurts. It’s also great on spots (we have a great reader recipe here) and Alexandra likes to use it to wash her face. (Check out her DIY Honey Face Wash recipe if you haven’t already. It’s so simple and so good! Even better, pure propolis: Nothing kills a cold like propolis. I swear. So we’re at, what, 6 already? […]


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