Rachel’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Rachel and her eclectic routine that mixes DIY with off-the-shelf, and a lot of clean with a little dirty. She also blogs about clean beauty! Woot. (PS you guys, it’s supposed to be stars from the distant past, but these Canadian twins are pretty adorable so we’re letting it slide… :) Name: Rachel Age: 31 Hometown: St. Paul, MN Weather: Winter. It’s mostly been below zero, but we’ve had a few warmer days. Mother Nature can’t make up her mind! Hair: Shoulder length, henna-ed, limp and fine Skin: Mostly clear, thanks to an 8-month round of low-dose Accutane I […]


Product Review: Meet Red Apple Lipstick, My New Love

I’m so excited about this brand I hardly know where to start.  I’ve got lip issues, and wrote about my travails and subsequent salvation here.  I still love those brands, but the combination of performance, balmy texture, gorgeous colors, smash-bang website, and super deals has me hooked on Red Apple.  They hit all my important points, in terms of product performance as well as being vegan and gluten free.  The Red Apple website outdoes most cosmetics companies.  It gives detailed, accurate verbal descriptions of the colors, mentions which skin tones can wear a shade best, includes customer reviews, and – […]


My MM: Ania’s Meatless Monday (OK, It Was Sunday) Menu

Happy Monday! We have a meatless menu from Ania, a Polish gal living and loving in Germany. Loving that her boyfriend shares in the cooking, and also loving her new vegan life. Enjoy! We included her email below ’cause it made us smile. :) [Dear Both, you asked and here it comes, that’s actually a Sunday menu but I really can’t remember what I ate last Monday, hope you don’t mind streching it a bit. Let’s say it’s a Monday menu for those who can go for a walk in the forest instead of running a marathon down some office corridors… […]


Product Review: The May Lindstrom Line (And Why I Now Wash My Face With Dirt) [UPDATED]

Here’s the rub with natural face care lines: They can feel a bit samesame after a while. A non-foaming cleanser, an amazing oil, and maybe a lovely hydrosal toner or spray… Don’t get me wrong, we love this formula—less is more, and it’s precisely this simple well-executed combination of pure ingredients that made us first fall for the likes of Kahina, Stark, and Evan Healy. But once you have your faves, it’s hard to justify trying 20 other brands that offer something similar. That’s why this May Lindstrom line jumped out at me on first use. My intro to the […]


Finding A Men’s Cologne: A Reader Needs Our Help!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Let’s show a little love to the boys today and help this reader out. Have any of you found a clean men’s cologne? Or made one yourself? From our inbox… Hi ladies, I’m having an extremely difficult time finding a good cologne for my husband! He used to wear Polo Blue, and while it smelled wonderful I won’t let him wear it anymore. I was buying him the Herban Cowboy one from Whole Foods for a bit, but I read somewhere that it might not be any better for him. I got him a sample of […]


Alicia’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Alicia, a young mom who keeps her routine clean and simple! We love it. Name: Alicia Age: 29 Hometown: Houston, Texas Current Weather: Cool one day, hot the next – humid Hair: Just past the shoulders, wavy, fine Skin: Fair, Combination Favorite Actress: ‪Ava Gardner Working mother, and almost 30! Before I had my daughter I had no idea that there were clean products out there because I didn’t know my products were dirty! After reading No More Dirty Looks, I really started to change things up for my 6 year old daughter as well as myself.  (I’ve even […]


The Whys and Hows of Dry Brushing (At Last!)

Many a Morning Routine has mentioned it, and several readers have been left wondering: “What is this dry brushing thing all about?” So here goes. There are many sources of information on dry brushing out there, like Spirit Beauty Lounge’s blog, Indigo+Canary, and the one that got me started – Evan Healy’s blog.  I’ve seen many claims about the benefits of dry brushing, from exfoliation to detox to reduction of cellulite.  There are also some “official” ways it ought to be done, including techniques, how long to brush, etc.  My aim here is to cover my personal reasons for doing […]


My MM: Maddie’s Meatless Monday Menu

Holy moly Maddie, this is one heck of a clean meatless menu. We’re curious to know how the no-gluten-or-sugar eating (and no caffeine) is feeling? We love a lot about the Body Ecology Diet—but have a hard time sticking to something so restrictive. For those who have followed similar plans, was this level of disciplined eating sustainable longterm? In other news, we are low on meatless menus! If you want this sometimes-controversial series to continue, please email yours to nomoredirtylooks@gmail.com with “My MM” in the subject. Name: Maddie Home: Brooklyn, NY Dietary Leanings: Right now, I am (trying to be) […]


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