Leila’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

  Does it take a lot of effort for you to get out of bed each day? Leila is living proof that you can still have a killer morning routine, even if you battle with the alarm clock. Enjoy! Name: Leila Age: 24 City: Bristol, England/Brooklyn, New York Current Weather: Fall-ish and rainy. Exactly what you’d imagine English weather to be! Skin: Ranges from dry to very dry, acne-prone Hair: Long, fine but thick, very dark, and wavy-curly – my family calls it “Turkish hair” Favorite Star From the Past: Anna Karina I am not a morning person. Waking up is a form of […]


Obsessed: de Mamiel Altitude Oil

  I have this thing with essential oil blends. I want them all. I want to smell every single iteration and combination of botanical aromatics out there. It’s an obsession, a passion—and for good reason. Aromatherapy does more to shift my mood, mindset and physical wellbeing than almost anything I know, and it does it in a few heartbeats. Not many treatments can boast such instantaneous results. There’s a reason that aromatherapy affects us so quickly, and it ain’t hocus pocus. When inhaled, essential oil molecules are absorbed into the blood stream via the lungs, and by the olfactory nerves […]


Elizabeth’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Homemade Vitamin C and Rosewater Toner? Yes please! This and more in Elizabeth’s yummy, DIY-filled routine. Enjoy! Name: Elizabeth Age: 32 Location: Washington, DC Current Weather: Autumnal and getting chillier Skin: Combination/oily, with some acne and sensitivity Hair: Thick, dark, straight, oily Favorite Star from the Past: Pola Negri I have a vintage beauty aesthetic, which I’ve documented on my blog Tea Leaves and Tweed, and take a lot of my beauty routines from history. I’ve worked at simplifying my beauty routine in addition to switching to clean products. I make a lot of my products myself, starting with face […]


Meet The Founder: Morgans

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older, or that I now live in the startup capital of the world, but I seem to know a lot of cool entrepreneurs these days. I even tried to be one myself for a minute. Bad idea for a girl who hates opening mail and never learned to balance a budget. Live and learn! I do love a good business idea though, especially when it has an education angle and the potential to effect positive change on people’s behaviors. Today’s “Meet the Founder” post is special for a few reasons. First, Morgan (of […]


Send Us Your Morning Routine!

One of our favorite NMDL traditions is the weekly Morning Routines Exposed feature. We love hearing about how you care for yourself, what your favorite DIYs and holy grail products are, and how you go about your morning in preparation for the day ahead. Your personal rituals inspire us and — judging by the comments readers leave on those posts — they get you excited about the clean beauty lifestyle, too! If you’ve enjoyed the Morning Routines Exposed series but have yet to contribute your own, we want to hear from you!  Tell us how you roll out of bed and what your […]


Winter Is Coming, And KYPRIS Has You Covered

As the cold weather approaches, I like to get my winter gear out and make sure I’m prepared. I want to be certain I have a cozy coat that will work on any day or night, one that layers well and makes me feel fabulous. Not too heavy, not too light, just right. That’s what KYPRIS makes for your face –perfect versatile layering pieces (super clean and well-sourced, too). I’ve posted about my KYPRIS favorites here before, but a few products have been reformulated. Now that I’ve been using the new formulas a few months, it’s  time for an update! […]


Happy Friday Deal from CV Skinlabs!

We’re heading deeper into fall, and inching closer to winter, so we’re bringing you a Friday Deal from  CV Skinlabs just in time to stock up on some products. Trust us, you won’t want to be without CV Skinlabs once the temperature really drops. Maybe you ripped through all of your Rescue + Relief Spray fighting summertime rashes or sunburns. Maybe you just need an ultra moisturizing, lightweight body lotion (hello Body Repair Lotion) or a serious balm to protect and soothe this winter (yes please Restorative Skin Balm!). Whatever is going on with your skin, CV Skinlabs has something for everyone. We cannot get enough of […]


Help! This Dermatologist’s Prescription Isn’t Safe For Nursing Moms!

Sarah, a NMDL reader, has turned to us for advice. We personally don’t have a ton of experience with perioral dermatitis, but we know many of you in our community have faced this beast of a skin condition head-on. Surprise, surprise—the dermatologist’s solution includes prescription medication that comes with some safety concerns. Here’s the issue according to Sarah… “My cousin has been struggling with a rash on her face for years, and it is getting much much worse. She is trying different diets, including a candida diet and she is generally healthy, but the rash continues to worsen. A dermatologist […]


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