Tracy’s Morning Skin & Hair Routine… Exposed!

  Meet Tracy, a NMDL reader with a fierce love for Marie Veronique (us too!) and hot epsom salt baths (ditto again). This routine is short but sweet, and her morning sounds so peaceful. French press coffee, baby and kitties, eggs and veggies — a lovely scene. Read on for a glimpse into this clean beauty’s morning… Name: Tracy City: Los Angeles Age: 35 Skin type: Fair and lightly freckled, normal/combination, clear but with super-annoying psoriasis on one eyelid. Hair type: Dark brown and curly. It was very thick and frizz-prone until I had a baby. Now thanks to post-baby […]


Meatless Monday: Rediscovering Popcorn

Popcorn, the snack that became ubiquitous in American households everywhere thanks to the quick and easy microwavable bags, is one of the most familiar and comforting tastes I know. Memories of stringing popcorn and fresh cranberries for our Christmas tree, popcorn fights during girlhood sleepovers, and of course popcorn at the movies — all very festive associations. At some point around college, I gave up on popcorn. The microwave versions lost their appeal and just tasted fake. I stopped buying popcorn at the movies because of health concerns and high prices, and my attempts to make it from scratch bombed […]


Happy Friday Deal from CAP Beauty!

Have you shopped with CAP Beauty? This natural beauty retailer has an incredible selection of brands that you don’t find everywhere, such as In Fiore, de Mamiel, Living Libations, and so much more. If you live in New York City you’re in luck because CAP Beauty is opening their flagship brick and mortar store in the West Village in January 2015. In addition to stocking the most luxurious natural lines available (over 50 brands!), they will offer a range of treatments including facials, acupuncture, massages, nutritional counseling and even baby massage — all utilizing the brands they carry. Every city deserves […]


Annabel’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Say hello to Annable, a reader (she blogs, too!) with fantastic taste in natural skincare and makeup. Like the rest of us, she has her share of skincare issues that she’s doing her best to treat naturally. If you have suggestions, help her out! Otherwise, enjoy the suggestions she has for you. Name: Annabel Age: 23 City: Preston, England Skin: Oh boy me and my skin are very much enemies, I cannot get a handle on that thing even though I treat it with such love! I suffer from milia and have never found anything to really, truly help them […]


5 Easy Ways To Avoid Getting Sick

Are you sitting in an office right now? When’s the last time you heard someone cough or sneeze—like 5 seconds ago? Exactly! It kinda bums me out that we live in a culture where folks feel so riddled with guilt that they are unwilling to take a day or two off when they’re feeling sick. Even millenials—who are always accused of being sooooo entitled (no offense to any of our readers, I’m not accusing!)—still don’t seem to feel entitled to sick days. Le sigh. So everyone keeps passing around variations on the same nasty little bugs in office buildings across America. […]


Happy Friday Deal from R.L. Linden & Co!

This Friday Deal has been in the works since the summertime and the wait has been long. Well worth it though, because in addition to bringing you an excellent deal, we have additional good news to share. R.L. Linden & Co. is releasing their seasonal Yuletide Box today along with their new perfume collection! Happy dance! Before we get into the new goodies, here’s what you need to know to get this Friday Deal… R.L. Linden & Co. is giving No More Dirty Looks readers 15% off plus free shipping in the US! Just use the code NMDL15! at checkout. The promotion […]


4 Ways to Cope With Holiday Stress

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Maybe it’s because I’m now married, and two people’s schedules make life more complicated. Maybe it’s because I consider my friends part of my family and I want to celebrate with them. Maybe it’s that I live in Minnesota and the cold plus the limited hours of daylight are weighing on me. Whatever it is, December already seems like an effort. With a different holiday event (or two) every week from now until New Year’s, I’m feeling the stress and tiredness of the season even though we’re just a few days into the last […]


Rebecca’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Green beauty has a way of making you feel very cared for, don’t you think? For example, skincare is Rebecca’s favorite part of her routine (and we can totally identify with that!). Honestly, though — skincare used to feel like a chore. We’re happy we’re not the only ones who take great delight in our clean routines. Name: Rebecca Age: 19 City: Monterey, California Skin: Light-medium, with yellow undertones. Combination, very acne-prone, and still recovering from a slew of breakouts from last summer. Hair: Naturally dark blonde and wavy, but I’ve been dying it chestnut for a couple of years now […]


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