5 Products I Can’t Get Enough Of

When it comes to clean beauty, there’s so much to chose from these days. Wading through the options can be a little overwhelming. We hope our reviews and the great discussions in the comment section help make skin care decisions more manageable. Beauty lovers like us may enjoy talking nonstop about botanical skin saviors, but sometimes you just need something to fill a gap or solve a problem. (What’s up suddenly flaky skin? Oh hey there, hormonal acne!) Recently, many of you voted for a Friday Deal with one of our favorite retailers, Integrity Botanicals, and we’re delivering on that tomorrow—just in […]


DIY Herbal Breath Spray

Fresh breath is addictive, especially when the path there involves the taste of real mint. I grew up watching these gum commercials that would try to make you imagine the cool sensation of their minty gum through the television. I chewed those gums on the regular. Now I believe—much like I do with fragrance—that authentic natural flavor is better in quality and experience. Once I began using breath spray made with real peppermint oil and little else, it became hard to consider old school gum very effective anymore. An herbal breath spray made with real distilled mint is such an intense mouth […]


Meredith’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Meet Meredith, a green beauty lover who we suspect could tell us a ton about which products are worth it (uh, she has a spreadsheet guys!!). Even still, she’s looking for a few recommendation from you. Enjoy this fun routine! Name: Meredith Age: 34 City: Santa Clara, CA Current Weather: Glorious! It’s been in the lower 70s and sunny Skin: Fair and normal; in my 20s, it leaned towards oily, but got drier in my 30s Hair: Dark blonde, wavy, fine (but a lot of it) and oily; the less I do or apply to it, the better Favorite Star […]


5 Things Honey Can Do For Your Skin

  Have we talked about honey lately? As one of my top 5 favorite ingredients for skin, it’s one of those rare birds with seemingly endless applications. Honey is one of the most gentle things you can put on your face, yet it’s potent as all get-out. From young, oily and acne-ridden complexions to the dry, maturing types—honey has something for everyone, and you can use it with confidence on the most delicate or troubled skin. 5 Things Honey Can Do For Your Skin 1.  Honey brightens and tones. It’s rich in enzymes that provide mild exfoliation and clear the pores, giving you smooth skin […]


What’s Your Dream Friday Deal?

We love treating you to our special Friday Deals. How do you feel about them? We’d love your feedback… Collaborating with our favorite clean beauty brands and retailers to bring you exclusive discounts and promotions gives  you the chance to try new products and restock on favorites, and it gives us a chance to gush about the things we love. (What can we say—when you love something you want to share it!) We do our best to stay on top of the new new and to share products that are making a true difference in our lives, but we know you have your […]


Soft Skin Starts With a Good Scrub

Whether it’s dry brushing, throwing on some Clean Dirt, or mixing up my own salt scrub, I crave that brisk stimulating feeling you get during a good scrub and the silky smooth skin that emerges after clearing away rough patches of dead skin cells. I’m one to exfoliate in some fashion every single day. My skin can handle it, and it just feels so good. Recently, I’ve made a few new friends in the name of good exfoliation, and I’ve just gotta share. Don’t know about you, but the number of times I’ve tried a new scrub only to be disappointed by the […]


Amber’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

This routine is epic, especially for a woman so new to clean beauty. We know you’ll love reading what Amber has tried and discovered, so grab a cup of tea and enjoy! Name: Amber Age: 33 City: Springdale, AR Current Weather: A very bipolar “winter” with 30s in the morning and 70s in the afternoon…..so basically doesn’t feel like winter at all. Skin: Fair (pale??), normal to dry. It used to be combination to oily before I switched to clean products / hit 30 / had a baby (she is now 2) so not sure if one or all three contributed to this change […]


Help! A Reader Needs Wedding Makeup Advice!

Wedding season is around the corner. We know because we just got our first 2016 request for help on the topic from one of our readers, Caroline. Here’s what she says… I have been reading your blog for years and have valued and benefited from its advice and input! I am getting married soon and am looking for recommendations about longer lasting natural makeup—especially for primers, concealers, and eye shadows—that will also photography nicely. Do you have any suggestions? – Caroline You might recall what Nicolle wore for her wedding day—classic—but there have been so many new product releases since then, […]


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