Suzanne Hall's Makeup Monday
It’s that time again, lovelies: Makeup Monday! Today, we’re so excited to take a peek inside the makeup bag of Suzanne Hall, the editorial director for The Chalkboard Mag. TCM is not only one of the lovely brands bringing you A Night For Green Beauty on August 7, but it’s also one of our favorite wellness sites. Read on for a glimpse into the life of a true green beauty.

Name: Suzanne Hall

Where I currently live: Los Angeles

Relationship with makeup: I love makeup. Lipstick and gloss and eyeshadow are like toys, but truth be told the way I use it isn’t very playful. I’m definitely committed to my shimmering neutrals, but it doesn’t keep me from piling my vanity with vampy red and purple lipsticks. Despite all the brands and trends I love, I’m a little methodical.

We cover natural and non-toxic beauty of all kinds on The Chalkboard Mag and are always on the hunt for the best new natural and artisan products that truly deliver the results we’ve come to expect from the best in beauty. It’s an exciting time in natural beauty—I’m impressed on a daily basis by what some of these brands are creating. Gone are the days when those rough around the edges hippy products are the only non-toxic options. Natural beauty is now completely glossed out—and we love it!  Our readers love their clean and green products, but still want items that look gorgeous on the vanity and so do we. Here are a few of my personal favorite products out of the dozens of brands we see each month. Swipe a few of these up and let me know what you’re loving too…

In the bag: It’s possible that I am an envelope and clutch hoarder. My handbags are always filled with other smaller bags — often zippered pouches like these two from Claire Vivier and Beautycounter. Envelopes are perfect for quickly upsizing or downsizing what I carry on any given day and keeping the chaos at bay.

Equipment: Beauty tools are the easily the least toxic part of a green beauty regimen. An eyelash curler, natural bristle brush, blending tool… compared to all the creams and balms, these tools are easy to buy green and rarely contain the ingredients we work so hard to avoid. I rarely go without an eyelash curler, but use whichever brand I have on hand. Am I missing a great curler out there? Tell me if you have a great pick!

For the skin: The better my skin looks, the less makeup I wear. I prefer a bare-skinned look touched up with a little concealer and bronzer. To keep my skin looking and feeling healthy, I mix a little day cream with a great oil, like one of Odacite’s new Pure Elements Boosters. Best of both worlds. I also love a deeply nourishing oil at night like La Bella Figura’s Aria treatment or Nude’s oil to give my skin a head’s start overnight.

There are two natural foundations I find super-impressive. I swap them in and out of my routine as concealers. W3ll People’s Narcisst stick is like an old-fashioned pancake stick, but sheer and aloe-infused. It never, ever irritates my skin and it’s fun to use. I also love the French brand Studio 78 for their strange and uber-flattering Chameleon Foundation. RMS has their cult-level Living Luminizer which is also a fun upgrade for evening right on top of cheekbones.

Wink, wink: We’ve seen no less than a dozen new natural mascaras in the past year. It seems as though everyone is making one, which I’m excited about. But this is a rare area where I’ve yet to find an all-natural alternative that really blows me away. There are a couple of gold standard mascaras in the conventional luxury beauty world that I still rely on—but I look forward to finding that perfect all-natural wand. What do you use?

For everything else eye-related, I love Jane Iredale’s potted gel liner with angled brush, Studio 78 and W3ll people pencil eyeliners, and brow and eyeshadows from Josie Maran and Alima Pure.

Kiss, kiss: Lipstick. Although I swoon over a rainbow of colors on my vanity, truth be told, I almost always opt for a nude or sheer pink for both day and night. Jane Iredale makes a double-sided wand called Lip Fixation that stays for days and a high-shine gloss in Sugar Plum, both of which perform impressively for natural products. Beautycounter’s gold-cased lipsticks are pretty incredible with the genius of celeb makeup artist Christy Coleman infused in, ILIA’s colors and packaging are completely gorgeous, and Bite Beauty’s high-pigment lipsticks and lip crayons are the perfect picks for a bright red or orange lip. For moisture, Italian eco-brand Comfort Zone makes a minimalist sacred nature lip balm I love.

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One of the pleasures of my job is that I get to travel to Denver, Colorado from time to time. My recent visit coincided perfectly with one of the coolest events I’ve ever been a part of—a foraging and tea blending workshop hosted by R.L. Linden & Co. and Dram Apothecary. I’ve just barely scratched the surface here on NMDL when it comes to how much love I have for R.L Linden. The ladies behind R.L. Linden dreamed up the workshop with Shae Whitney, the woman behind Dram Apothecary, who hand makes bitters and syrups using organic and wild Colorado herbs. This herbal alchemy dream-team dubbed their endeavor Witch & Bitch, and they will be hosting seasonal foraging and tea blending workshops for the foreseeable future.

Witch & Bitch is described as a badass Girl Scouts for grown women. The event is held in the tiny mountain town of Silver Plume, Colorado—about an hour outside of Denver and 9200ft above sea level. The workshop takes place at Bread Bar, which is Dram Apothecary’s tasting room and one of the most charming of another era places you’ll ever visit. Believe me, it’s magical. The Witch & Bitch workshop began with a talk about herbs and wild crafting while guests sipped tea blends specially concocted for the day. Then our hostesses led the group on a plant walk and taught everyone how to identify the different types of plants growing all around us, how to forage responsibly, and how to put the plants to good use. Trust me, their herbal wisdom is on point. Among our findings were wild rose, shepherd’s purse, uva ursi, yarrow, chocolate mint, caraway, wild rhubarb, and more. Once you learn to see these plants, you notice them all around you.

A tea blending workshop followed the plant walk. We were given an empowering talk on the healing properties of herbal teas, including an introduction to the 20 or so individual ingredients that were available for us to sniff, touch, and taste such as skullcap, nettle, rose petals, and blessed thistle. Then it was time for hands-on tea blending. Each of us made our own blend from the different ingredients, using the newly imparted knowledge from Lynn’s talk to guide our choices. The day ended with a round of fresh cocktails blended with Dram bitters, delicious refreshments, and even better conversation with lovely women all around. I’ll be going out of my way to attend the next Witch & Bitch.

Can’t make it to Colorado? R.L. Linden + Verdant Beauty is hosting a tea blending workshop in Brooklyn on June 26th at the Brooklyn Winery! Check out the details and sign up before it sells out.

Lucky day! We’re sharing the founder of Province Apothecary’s morning routine! Province Apothecary is one of the brands participating in A Night For Green Beauty on August 7th in LA. If you’re in the area, you must come and meet Julie in person and experience her line for yourself. Her perfume oils are swoon—worthy and we’ve been loving the exfoliating scrub that was included in the ANFGB Deluxe Beauty Box. Julie’s routine reminds us a lot of her line—simple, pure, and gorgeous. Enjoy!

Name: Julie Clark

Age: 30

City: Toronto

Current Weather:  Spring and starting to get humid!

Skin: Fair, dry and sensitive

Hair: Dirty blonde + dry

Favourite Star From the Past: Artist Eva Hesse

I keep my mornings simple. After I get up, I scrape my tongue and put the water on to boil. I make fresh lemon water and have a few bites of fruit (today I had a grapefruit) and then I jump into the shower. My shower routine is pretty simple. I exfoliate my body every day with sugar and oil. Every three days I exfoliate my face with Province Apothecary’s Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator. Sometimes I add pureed pineapple to the exfoliator to make it a natural enzymatic exfoliating mask- I love putting food on my face! At the moment I’m experimenting with hand-blended hair products because I can’t find a natural shampoo that I like. My latest infusion has calendula, chamomile, and broccoli seed oil in it. Calendula and chamomile are great herbs for blond hair.

Once a week, before my shower, I do a Detoxifying + Clarifying Mask mixed with raw, local honey. I leave the mask on for 10 minutes and then I jump in the shower and wash everything off. Honey is my favourite mask base. Honey is a natural antioxidant and has antimicrobial properties. It has the ability to absorb impurities from your pores and retain your skin’s moisture. When I get out of the shower I apply PA’s Hydrating + Rejuvenating Serum to my décolleté, neck, and face and I slather my body with my latest body oil blend.  Right now I am using a blend of hemp oil, avocado oil, and pomegranate oil infused with the essential oils of geranium, cypress, cedar wood and vetiver. The floral and woodsy scent is motivating and grounding: a great way to start the morning.

After my shower, I make hot cocoa with maca and honey (I cut out all caffeine last summer) and make breakfast. My boyfriend and I have started making granola for our breakfasts. Our latest batch has ginger, sesame seeds, maple syrup, mulberries, and lots of seeds. Proper digestion and elimination is essential for healthy skin so I am trying to be very mindful of when I eat and how I eat. I have stopped multitasking while eating. Now I just eat and I have seen a huge difference in my digestion and how I feel!

I don’t own any make up so before I leave the house I just apply some SPF 15 Consonant Natural Matt Sunscreen and some perfume. Today I applied PA’s No.14. It is sweet and spicy and the cardamom helps you concentrate, which is perfect for a busy Friday at the studio!

Refreshing, right? What have you tried from Province Apothecary?

INIKA Mineral Eyeshadow in Lightening

My newfound need for beeswax-free (or vegan) cosmetics left a major hole in my makeup routine when I discovered that RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer was the beeswax-full culprit for tiny whiteheads on the inner corners of my eyes and below my eyebrows. It felt like I was going clean with my beauty routine all over again—I had to start a search for new, holy grail products, and man, does that take TIME.

Then I was introduced to INIKA Cosmetics (which you’ve already heard about here and here… and will be hearing more about in the future, trust me) and much of my bellyaching had to come to a halt. Not only does it boast my latest favorite mineral powder, INIKA has a mineral eyeshadow that is a vegan dupe for RMS’ Living Luminizer, a cult favorite.

Now, it’s not a cream formula, this eyeshadow, but that’s about the only beef I have with it. INIKA’s Mineral Eyeshadow in Lightening is a shimmery, iridescent white powder with all the eye-brightening power of Living Luminizer, but sans beeswax. It’s highly-pigmented, so you need only a teensy amount to make your eyes glow. I was a little worried at first, that it would be too intense for my light-toned skin, but it’s buildable. And that little pot is going to last me for-eva.

INIKA Swatch of Mineral Eyeshadow in Lightening

The color is quite silvery, which can also be said of the Living Luminizer, but it doesn’t appear metallic or gray on skin. I apply it with an eyeshadow brush to the inner corners of my eyes, below my brows and down my nose, and the effect is just a lovely glow, as if I’m candlelit. It stays on all day, sans smudging, and it blends really well with other eyeshadow colors, when I’m in the mood for a more done-up look. It’s kind of perfect for summer, as I’m striving for a more bronzy, glowy look.

I haven’t yet tried this, but I bet you could mix a bit of the powder with shea butter to make a paste that would mimic a cream highlighter. I just have had such success with it as a powder that I haven’t needed to DIY anything.

What do you think, friends? Could there be a light at the end of the Living Luminizer-less tunnel for those of us who need a vegan formula? Do you have other beeswax-free highlighters I need to get my hands on?


A Night For Green Beauty: Deluxe Beauty Box #1

Happy Monday, lovely readers! Have we got a treat for you, a little pick-me-up for Monday morning (or afternoon): The first of four Deluxe Beauty Boxes from A Night for Green Beauty + Goodebox go on sale today!

Yes, we’re talking about the amazing, incredible deal that is more than $300 worth of FULL-SIZED products donated by six different brands, all to benefit the charity Baby2Baby. There will be four versions (read: different products in each box, from all the 22 brands participating in #ANFGB) of the Limited Edition Deluxe Beauty Box, each of which will go on sale in the next four weeks. And when we say limited edition, we’re not kidding! Only 50 of each box will be available for purchase (200 total), so mark your Mondays for the next month in order to make sure you get in on this great deal!

What products might be in these boxes, you may be thinking? We have the inside scoop on what’s behind door number one (all of the below for only $110, p.s.)…

  1. LURK RSW005 Perfume Oil
  2. African Botanics Neroli Infused Marula Oil
  3. Kahina Giving Beauty Serum
  4. Province Apothecary Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator
  5. Odacite Acai Rose Facial Concentrate
  6. Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss

And that’s not all the exciting news, friends. #ANFGB is launching a brand new contest, starting today! If you purchase a Deluxe Beauty Box, Instagram the above Goodebox photo and use our hashtags #ANFGB and #GreenBeautyLA, you’ll automatically be entered to win another big surprise! So, what are you waiting for? Get your Deluxe Beauty Box now!