For the past few months I’ve been living a nomadic life—and it’s probably not going to change anytime soon. Every Monday before the crack of dawn, I get in a car and go down a dark (and miraculously empty) 101 freeway headed for LAX.

I land in San Francisco for my first meeting and for the next four days I live in that other California reality, so different from the one I have in LA. I work late, I go out to dinners, and I—gasp—walk places.

Come Thursday night, it’s back to the bigger city where I hole up at my cabin in the woods, drink tea, watch great TV shows, and eat home cooked meals. LA is officially my country getaway.

There are some crappy things about this arrangement: traveling is taxing; my carbon footprint is massive (though somewhat offset by the fact that I now barely drive); and I’m too late or lazy to request the patdowns at the airport anymore (which feels like a lot of low-level radiation in my life).

But generally I love this odd little routine. There’s just something about getting on a plane and going somewhere that makes life feel a little more something—a little less ho-hum.

It’s also forced me to be really healthy. You just cannot get on a plane twice a week and not get sick if you’re not taking proper care of yourself—at least I can’t.

But one thing has seriously suffered: my hair care routine! I always travel carry-on so the past months have been a weird patchwork of travel-sized products from both health food stores and hotel rooms.

But all that is about to change. I now have a semi-permanent place to rest my head in SF and an area to leave some toiletries to take care of that head.

 In other words, I have my credit card out and am ready to double-down on some new hair products. But what should I buy?

Is there something new out there I haven’t tried yet? What are you using? As some of you know I have very curly hair that I barely ever wash (but more on that another time)—so it’s a bit of a special case.


Here are my 4 favorite brands of hair care past… Should they be my future?


  1. Intelligent Nutrients/Harmonics: Earlier this year, the NMDL crew was saddened to learn about the death of Horst Rechelbacher, founder of this incredible brand. But his legacy lives on in these super-clean products. I’m personally a huge fan of this Harmonics Conditioner as well as the IN Leave In Conditioner and our long-beloved Volumizing Spray.
  2. Acure: We love Acure here chez Dirty Looks. It’s affordable, widely available at Whole Foods, and just a darn great product. I especially love their gentle shampoo—perfect for a girl who only washes her hair every few months and doesn’t want to strip all the natural oils she’s been building! This conditioner is lovely too.
  3. Rare Elements: The Rare Elements Conditioner has been a longtime favorite of mine. The smell, the texture, the way it makes my hair look… But all this magic comes at a price. That’s why I like to mix it in with other products (like Acure), and use it more as a finishing touch. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way. I also just tried this newer Styling Mist and, holy moly, is is it divine. It has the same incredible geranium-ylang-ylang smell as the conditioner and it made my hair feel super soft to the touch but not weird or greasy at all.
  4.  Andalou Naturals: This line is GREAT for curly hair and its totally affordable. It also smells like an orange grove in a good way. The awesome conditioner is totally clean, however if memory serves the very awesome styling cream has a no-no silicon ingredient. Grrr. You know, the kind that kills frizz and holds a curl perfectly?


Your turn! What should I add to this best-of list? Are there other lines you’re loving? (I’m especially on the hunt for styling products.)

Happy Monday! We’re taking a moment for this super important announcement because we don’t want you to miss out…

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Here’s what’s included in the second Deluxe Beauty Box:

1. May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon

2. Sheswai Nail Lacquer

3. Zoe Organics Cream

4. One Love Organics Skin Savior

5. Gressa Rejuvenating Mist

6. Josh Rosebrook Firm Hold Hairspray

7. Alima Pure Natural Mascara

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Enjoy this gorgeous routine from a beautiful new mom!

Name: Julia

Age: 41

Hometown: Currently in Dallas, TX, originally from Switzerland and came to TX by way of CA and CO.

Current Weather: Partly cloudy, mid 80’s.  Soon it will be unbearably hot.  Us Swiss people are not made for the extreme heat.  During the summer I frequently fight the urge to pack a bag and fly to Seattle.

Hair: Blonde, fine, looks like limp spaghetti when it is long, hence I have been loving my pixie cut for a few years.

Skin: Fair, combination and hormonally confused.  I’m still nursing my 20 month old son and while it’s great for him and I love the bonding, it has been quite a difficult journey for my skin.  It’s starting to calm down as the hormones (finally) balance out but I struggle with breakouts on my chin and jawline and the random one in-between my eyebrows (weirdest place ever).

Favorite star from the past:  Grace Kelly

First Thing… 

After I wake up I go grab the baby and nurse him.  After that I heat up some water for my lactation tea, drink some hot water with lemon and eat breakfast.  

In the shower…

I usually shower or bathe in the late afternoon (usually with baby, I don’t even know what long, relaxing solo baths are like anymore), since I need to get that heat-induced grime off of me.  The baby seems to sleep better when he is bathed/showered at night.  I have terrible seasonal allergies and washing up before bed helps to reduce the allergens on the bedding and in my hair.  In the shower or bath I use the Oh So Soap from Osmia Organics on both baby and myself.  It’s safe for babies and that’s good enough for me too.  I wash my hair with Acure’s Mint Shampoo.  It’s great for the scalp, has a nice and subtle scent and leaves my short hair in an untangled condition.  I usually don’t need conditioner. 

Out of the Shower…

I love Stark’s Meadowfoam Body oil.  I like that it does not have an overwhelming scent, moisturizes well yet absorbs quickly.  I apply some of the Meow Meow Tweet deodorant and brush my teeth with an SLS free toothpaste.

I wash my face with Josh Rosebrook’s Moisturizing Cleanser.  It just glides over the skin really well, without any pulling, does not strip the skin and smells great.  Then I use whatever face spritz I have around (currently either the Blissoma’s Adaptive Energy Tonique or Devita’s Rosewater).  I follow that with the Meow Meow Tweet Face Oil.  This is a new favorite of mine.  I like using face oils but this hormonally compromised skin of mine is fickle and the climate here is sometimes too hot for some of the other oils I have tried.  This one has stellar ingredients for blemish prone skin and absorbs like a dream even in higher humidity.  I finish up with a quick swipe of the Vered Botanicals Eye Treatment Oil and a layer of the Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF.  This is a new discovery for me and a recent release and I love that it includes hemp oil and neem extract, two great ingredients for hormonal and blemish prone skin. 

Finishing Touches…

I frequently have a little human that follows me into the bath when I prepare for the day, so ease and speed of application are key for me.  I use the Jane Iredale Active Light Undereye Concealer and the Afterglow Mineral Foundation.  I pop a bit of blush (usually one of the RMS Beauty Lip to Cheek tints) onto my cheeks and add a bit of mascara if I have time.  I’m currently trying the W3LL People mascara and it’s been performing well.  No clumping or flaking so far.  I finish up by mixing a couple of drops of Kahina Giving Beauty’s Argan oil with the BurnOut Ocean Tested SPF (mixing in a bit of oil makes it spread so much better) and apply it to my décolleté, neck and hands.  Usually the little human also gets a bit of this smeared on his face if we plan on spending time outside. 

I don’t wear a lot of perfume since my husband seems to be allergic to many of the scents I have enjoyed in the past and I don’t want to overwhelm the baby.  However, I do carry a little rollerball bottle from Zents in the scent Oolong in my purse.  It’s tiny, rolls on super-easy and I love the scent.

There are times when my skin gets dry (mostly on my cheeks) and could use some extra attention.  I seem to be quite obsessed with products in rollerball bottles.  I carry the Osea Skin Undaria Argan Oil with me in my purse.  It rolls on easily and gives a great burst of hydration and a subtle glow.  I just tap in my with fingers.  Good for the lips, too.

Palo Santo Tree (the oil comes from fallen branches or dead trees)

Despite my sensitive skin and nose, or maybe because of them, I am a lover of essential oils.  I’ve been playing around with my own blends for years, so I can’t believe that I didn’t know about Palo Santo until recently.  Also known as Holy Wood, it has quite a unique scent.  It’s somewhat comparable to a high quality frankincense, with the addition of an ever-so-soft woody edge.  Palo Santo is considered purifying, calming, and physically grounding, yet spiritually uplifting.  It’s good for meditation, creativity, and anything that requires sustained concentration.

I’ve been trying out ways to bring this wonderful scent into my life.  Here’s what I love…

R.L. Linden & Co. Ironwood Signature Perfume Oil:  Susannah has been loving this company for its skincare and tea.  I love a roll-on perfume oil!  I can’t tolerate alcohol-based scents at all, so I’m always happy to see companies making fragrance in this form.  On the website it’s characterized as a warm, unisex scent with woody, balsam, vanilla and anise notes.  It’s sweeter out of the bottle than what I’d normally choose for a fragrance, but it develops into a scent I really enjoy after several minutes on the skin.   ($38/.33 oz, $3 sample)

Rahua Hair Wax:  This vegan, gluten free, creamy styling wax is very lightly scented with Palo Santo.  The scent is so light that it will layer well with any of your other scented products and not create conflict.  The texture is much softer than I was expecting for something called a wax, and very easy to work with on wet or dry hair.  A teensy bit will give control, and more can be used for sculpting.  I use it to give a little hold and a modern matte finish to my messy, chin-length curls.  NuboNau is up and running again (yay!), and you can find Rahua there any day, but I think Fridays are particularly good shopping days, don’t you?  ($32/3 oz)

DIY sugar scrub:  A sugar scrub is such an easy DIY, even non-DIYers will enjoy this.  I choose my container, fill with sugar, add several drops of my EOs, cover with oil, and mix.  My favorite sugar is coconut palm, as it has a really nice scrubby texture and its own molasses-like scent.  I use these mainly for hand scrubs, so you may want a finer sugar if you will use it on more delicate skin.  My oil of choice is meadowfoam, but anything you like will do.  I just mixed a batch I absolutely love, with Palo Santo and Moroccan Blue Chamomile EOs.

Have you met Palo Santo yet?  How have you used it?

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