Help! A Reader has Smelly Feet!

We received an email from a reader who has a familiar problem… smelly feet! It’s that time of year when we all start going sock-less, and as temps rise sweaty feet give way to some ripe smells. We’ve certainly thrown out a pair of our favorite flats in the past that just couldn’t be salvaged thanks to their funkadelic smell, but this seems to be a persistent issue for our reader. Here’s what she says… Dear NMDL, Truth be told, this email is difficult to write, as the topic is something I’m embarrassed to admit: I have smelly feet. Now, […]


Audrey’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

This thoughtful routine features some tried and true classics, plus a few surprises. The common denominator? Audrey looks for products with great scents. We admit to letting our nose be the guide more often than not, too. Name: Audrey Age: 23 City: Los Angeles Current Weather: Very hot and dry. This winter it only rained a few times. Skin: Oily t-zone, occasional breakout. Hair: Fine and limp, naturally curly/wavy, very fizzy and puffy. Favorite Star From the Past: Audrey Hepburn is a common one on here, but we have the same first name! She also was an exceptionally beautiful person […]


Most Women Still Feel Ugly Without Makeup—Do You?

*We first asked this question a few years ago, and we’re curious how things have evolved—especially given the no-makeup look that seems to be all the rage on runways recently. Here’s the throwback post for this week… chime in! It’s been well over a year ago now since we held the No-Makeup Challenge, and got these inspiring results from readers who dared to go barefaced in public and snap a pic for us. The point of the challenge was never to get down on makeup—we’re both huge fans of the transformative power of lipsticks, eye liners, concealers and blushes—but to call […]


Happy Friday Deal from Essence of Vali! Extended Another Week!

  Happy May Day! To celebrate this traditional spring holiday, we have a Friday Deal from our longtime favorite Essence of Vali. If you’re newer to the site you may not know about this amazing aromatherapy brand. We first discovered it when researching the book, and we’ve been using it religiously ever since—not least of all to help us sleep. It’s been mentioned in more Morning Routines than we can count, and now’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about. Essence of Vali is giving No More Dirty Looks readers 20% off your purchase when you use the […]


Siobhan & Alexandra’s Top 5 Products Right Now

We did a fun round-up of our current favs for the Detox Market newsletter this week and couldn’t resist sharing with you, too. It’s always fun to talk shop. Here’s what we’re into right now. Kjaer Weis Eyeshadows. Cloud Nine isn’t too white, isn’t too matte and isn’t too shimmery. It just wakes up even the most tired eyes in an I-woke-up-like-this way. We also love Pretty Purple, which makes blue eyes pop without making you look like you popped out of a Debbie Gibson music video. Lina Hanson Satori Perfume oil. A few years ago, we found our dream scent in […]


Christina’s Morning Skin & Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Christina, a shea-loving green-juice drinking beauty who has a penchant for DIY and takes her routine day-by-day depending on how her skin is behaving. We can relate! Name: Christina Ossorio Age: 26 City: Bronx, NY Current Weather: chilly and windy Skin: Combination! It hates me in the summer — super oily and in the winter it is confused — oily some parts and dry in others. Every now and then it behaves. Easily breakout prone if I over exfoliate or if it doesn’t like an ingredient. So also sensitive and scars easily. Olive/tan complexion. Hair: Thick, Curly and Dry […]


DIY Skin Brightening Toner

The options for toners in the clean beauty market keep growing, with more sophisticated formulas popping up all the time. Toners with probiotics, hyaluronic acid, fancy mushrooms, rare hydrosols and herbal extracts… the list goes on. I love the innovation happening with natural actives in clean beauty. These tend to deliver great results, but sometimes you can do just as well with a little DIY action, and toner is a great place to experiment. Recently I’ve had this love affair going with rose water. It is incredibly soothing and it gently tones and revitalizes skin. Rose water is naturally full […]


My Current Meatless Obsession: Sunflower Seeds

Remember our meatless food obsession series? Sunflower seeds never get old, so we brought this one back from the archives. Dietary leanings: I’m an 80-20 omnivore, the 80 being plant-based. Ingredient: Sunflower seeds, gift of the beautiful sunflower! Known health benefits: Chock-full of vitamin E, the body’s primary fat-soluble antioxidant, these tasty little seeds are extremely anti-inflammatory. Vitamin E moves through the body neutralizing free radicals, which bodes well for health and beauty. They also contain nerve-and-muscle-calming magnesium and cholesterol-lowering phytosterols. In Ayurveda they’re thought to be balancing for all the doshas. Plus they taste really good. My favorite way to […]


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