Do You Have A Clean Beauty Elevator Pitch?

From day to day much of my community (namely, you lovelies) reinforces what I know and love about clean beauty and reminds me why choosing a toxin-free path when it comes to skincare and cosmetics is so liberating and rewarding. For starters there’s the glowing skin I get from plant-based, nutrient-dense products, the relief that comes with knowing I’m not harming my body or the environment in the name of vanity and the joy I get from supporting small businesses run by strong, inspiring women. Some of this comes from growing up, but I credit the clean beauty movement for helping me […]


Meatless Monday: Almond Stuffed Dates

Lately I’ve been snacking on Medjool dates. Perfectly sweet and soft with an almost melt in your mouth quality, the Medjool dates I’ve been buying are on the large side so two or three in the afternoon or post dinner satisfy my sweet tooth. On my last trip to the market, I bought a smaller variety of dates called Deglet Noor out of curiosity. For a brief moment, I was bummed after tasting a Deglet Noor because it was more chewy and drier in texture than the Medjool. Then I remembered all of the things you can do with dates […]


Soft Skin Starts With a Good Scrub

Whether it’s dry brushing, throwing on some Clean Dirt, or mixing up my own salt scrub, I crave that brisk stimulating feeling you get during a good scrub and the silky smooth skin that emerges after clearing away rough patches of dead skin cells. I’m one to exfoliate in some fashion every single day. My skin can handle it, and it just feels so good. Recently, I’ve made a few new friends in the name of good exfoliation, and I’ve just gotta share. Don’t know about you, but the number of times I’ve tried a new scrub only to be disappointed by the […]


How to Heal a Popped Blemish—Overnight

In the world of beauty, it’s considered extremely taboo to squeeze, pinch, pick or pop a zit. Estheticians tell you it scars your face. Dermatologists remind you that it spreads bacteria. Your mom scolds you that it’ll only cause a big, bloody mess. And yet, when I have a pus-filled bump on my face, not picking it is about as likely as me ever becoming an Olympic gymnast (my third-grade dream). I have certainly learned my lesson (those estheticians, derms and moms are right) and I know that the less I pick my face, the fewer blemishes I’ll get and the […]


Ashley’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

If you love essential oils, you’ll relate to this fun morning routine. Like many of you who share with us, this reader has her own little space on the internet, too! Name: Ashley Age: 34 City: Denver Weather: Sunny and dare I say spring-like?! Skin: sensitive, combination Hair: brown, fine Favorite Star from past: Diane Keaton My mornings always begin with meditation. I quietly sneak out of my bedroom leaving my husband and two fur babies sleeping and make my way to my meditation cushion. I either use a guided meditation from Tara Brach (if you haven’t heard of her […]


How Do You Get Rid of Milia?

Have you ever had milia? Those little white bumps that appear around the eyes but sometimes around the nose and mouth, too? Also called a milk spot or an oil seed, milia are tiny keratin-filled cysts that occur commonly in newborns but also in adults. These little white bumps contain dead skin cells that get trapped under the surface of the skin when there aren’t big enough pores to properly express the trapped matter. They are barely noticeable unless they are on your own face. Mostly a cosmetic annoyance, milia are notoriously difficult to get rid of. One of our readers, […]


Happy Friday Deal From Citrine Natural Beauty Bar!

Surprise, surprise! Citrine Natural Beauty Bar got a fresh new look. Must be something in the air… this revamp is significant, too! The new site is gorgeous plus easy to navigate and browse. To celebrate their new design, Citrine has a Friday Deal just for you, dear NMDL readers. Check it out… Citrine Natural Beauty Bar is offering 15% off orders over $100 when you use the code NMDL15. Want to go big? Citrine is offering 20% off orders over $200 when you use the code NMDL20. Offer is valid worldwide through Tuesday, March 10. Not sure if you recall, […]


Do You Have a Favorite Eyebrow Pencil?

Eyebrows. You may not think about them often, but they are likely one of your key features. Imagine yourself with totally different eyebrows — big and bushy or faint and thin — it would change your look entirely! A little eyebrow enhancement goes a long way toward making your eyes pop and your look feel put-together, but it certainly ain’t easy to find the right color match or consistency. We received a question on the subject from a reader named Kay. Time to crowd-source this simple but hard to answer request… “I have been looking for a good clean eyebrow […]


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