ANFGB is finally here! We’ll be at the W Los Angeles – Westwood tonight from 6-9pm with some of our favorite brands in green beauty. Please join us for an incredible evening of beauty, glamour and shopping with our favorite luxury natural brands, presented by La Bella Figura and sponsored by The Chalkboard MagazinePressed JuiceryBaby2Baby, and GoodeboxBut the event isn’t just about shopping with your favorite brand founders. Here are a few special treats that the event organizers have planned for you:

  • Mini Mani Nail Station—get a mani from Sheswai Laquer.
  • Organic Makeup Station—get a mini makeover and makeup application tutorial with celebrity makeup artist Megan Porschen 
  • Scent Bar—sample the best scents in green beauty from LURK, La Bella Figura, Strange Invisibles, and more.
  • Pressed Juicery Cocktails—sip on fresh-pressed juices from the local shop.
  • Product launches—get exclusive access to brand new products from La Bella Figura, Gressa Skin, May Lindstrom Skin, One Love Organics, and Kahina Giving Beauty.

We hope to see you there! We’ll be the nerdy fan girls petting all the pretty new launches and gabbing with like-minded green beauties.


Did you know that Marie Veronique Organics recently split into two companies? MVO’s Pacific line is now part of True Nature Botanicals, while the Everyday Essentials line remains with Marie Veronique Organics. Headed by the former CEO of Marie Veronique Organics, True Nature Botanicals will be at A Night For Green Beauty, tomorrow night in LA. We’re looking forward to trying TNB’s new solid perfumes in person!

Name: Hillary Peterson, CEO, True Nature Botanicals, formerly Marie Veronique Organics

Age: 52

City: Mill Valley, California

Current Weather: Hot or foggy — depending on the day!

Skin: Aging!:)

Hair: Thick and Dry

Favorite Star From the Past: Audrey Hepburn

I am married with three kids, a dog and a full time job so simplicity is key for me.  I start each day with a large glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of meyer lemon juice from our tree, to hydrate, to support my internal ph balance and to detox. Most mornings, I run for a half hour.  On the days that I wash my hair I apply a homemade pre wash hair oil before I run which gives the oil time to soak in and make a real difference post wash – my dry hair becomes silky.

After my run, I shower using a very gentle cleanser for my face, my favorite is Pacific Cleanser, and Rahua shampoo/conditioner for my hair. After my shower, I mist with Pacific Mist followed by Pacific Face Oil and Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage.  That’s it!  I then pick greens from my garden and make a super fresh green drink that generally keeps me fueled until lunch.  My favorite smoothie:

  • 1 chunk fresh ginger
  • 2 cups dino kale
  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • ¾ cup OJ
  • 1 ½ cup H2O
  • 3 ice cubes
  • 3 TBS hemp seeds *
  • 1 TBS coconut oil**

*  Loaded with protein.  3 TBS of hemp seeds equals approximately 16 g protein.

** Raises the body’s metabolism, and acts as an antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial agent.


I grab a whole milk cappuccino on my way to work and savor my favorite morning moment while I dive into my e-mails.  I have a friend who admitted that he sometimes thinks about how much he is going to enjoy his morning coffee before he goes to bed…that’s me!  When I feel like it, I also add in a delicious pastry from my friend’s bakery, Beth’s Community Kitchen, because I think that it is important to indulge and enjoy.

We were introduced to Indie Lee through A Night For Green Beauty, and so far we love what we’ve tried from this sleek and mod brand. We’re sharing the founder’s routine with you, which will give you a great idea of what to look for from the line plus a simple DIY.  We love these kind of shares!

Name: Indie Lee

Age: 42

City: South Salem, NY

Current Weather: Hot and humid (it’s not going to be a good hair day)

Skin: Pretty normal, especially since I’ve discovered the powers of squalane oil.

Hair: Long, light brown with highlights, and (finally!) healthy

Favorite Star from the Past: Ralph Waldo Emerson. His insight and inspirations make him a true star to me. One of my favorite quotes from him is “what you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” It’s how I try and live my life.

Starting the Day with Gratitude…

I begin each day with a moment of solace. I’ve always been an optimist, but since surviving brain surgery in 2009, I wake up every morning grateful for the day ahead and the ability to start fresh. The most important part of my routine is to first send out gratitude into the world. My best friend and I also send each other a “Good Morning Sunshine” text every morning. She usually beats me to the punch! It’s just a silly thing we started a few years ago, but it always puts me in a good mood.

In the Shower…

After reading emails and checking in virtually, I take a quick morning shower to cleanse both body and face. It’s usually an exercise for efficiency (I save relaxing showers and baths for nighttime). I start by lathering on the Indie Lee Lemongrass Citrus Body Wash with a natural loofah that I grow in my garden. The wash protects with antiseptic properties while the lemongrass acts as an antioxidant.

When I found out that I had a brain tumor that was most likely derived from the environment, I had a hard time understanding the diagnosis because I considered myself to be healthy. My doctor helped me realize that the skin is the largest organ and can absorb up to 60% of what I put on it. It was a huge wakeup call for me that my choices could have affected my own well-being. Now I am extra careful about the products I am putting on my skin…especially something like a body wash that I am lathering all over. Plus, this one leaves an amazing lemony aroma behind. Twice a week I’ll follow up and exfoliate with my Coconut Citrus Body Scrub. It was the first product I launched after going through chemotherapy…at the time I needed a gentle formula to help with dryness so I created my own. The sugary blend just feels and smells so good — and it’s great before shaving.

I don’t wash my hair everyday. On the days that I do I use Intelligent Nutrients Pure Lux Shampoo and Conditioner. I love that it’s free of phthalates and other harmful ingredients. It’s hard to find a good shampoo that is as effective as it is natural. I’m a huge fan of Horst Rechelbacher and had the extreme pleasure and honor of meeting and speaking with him on a number of occasions. He truly changed the course of the natural beauty movement. On days that I don’t shampoo, I’ll use a dry shampoo that I make at home.

For my face, I switch between our two cleansers — Indie Lee’s Brightening Cleanser or Indie Lee’s Rosehip Cleanser - depending on what I have in the shower, or what scent I’m in the mood for. I love to use my Clarisonic Mia with the Brightening Cleanser. The strawberry oil in the brightening cleanser is an excellent brightener and fruit acid exfoliant. Once a week, I’ll also leave it on my face for ten minutes as a mask before rinsing. Gotta love that…

After the Shower…

I have a bamboo/cotton robe that I love to slip into daily. I don’t know why, but a white, fluffy robe always feels like a necessary indulgence, so why not wear it every day in the comfort of my home? I’ll use one of my body oils to moisturize all over, starting at my legs and moving up my body. My favorite body oil right now is our Vanilla Citrus Moisturizing Oil. The scent pairs great with my body wash and the citrus is a natural bug repellent, which comes in handy during the summer when I’m spending time outdoors or in my greenhouse. After I moisturize my body, I run my hands through the ends of my wet hair (instead of wiping them off on a towel). The oil is great for controlling humid hair and hydrating split ends.

On my face, I use a squirt of my CoQ-10 Toner to pH balance and even skin tone. Then, I’ll mix a drop of our Squalane Facial Oil and Swiss Apple Facial Serum together in the palm of my hand and apply as my moisturizer. I’m proud to say I don’t have to wear foundation any longer, which is something I celebrate daily. Before I switched to natural, my skin was one hot mess. They call me “Benjamin Button” in the office because I seriously look like a different, younger person than I looked five years ago. I reverse aged -— I swear. It’s crazy.

I always curl my lashes before applying mascara (right now I am loving ILIA Nightfall). I’ll also add a touch of eyeliner. I’ve only found one eyeliner that lasts on the bottom inner rim and it’s Sephora’s Waterproof Eyeliner in Matte Brown. Then I add a touch of RMS lip2cheek on both lips and cheeks. It’s all about moderation for me. A lot of people are surprised that my makeup routine isn’t natural. I’m all about choosing a lifestyle that fits for you, but understanding the choices you are making.

The last thing I do, if I’m spending the day in the office, is dab on the Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm to work on those fine wrinkles and under eye circles while I’m at my desk. I originally grew my own calendula when I first started the company. This particular product came about because I accidentally grew too many of the edible flowers and needed another use for them. Ha! After much research, I learned how healing the oil is topically.

After that, bam, I’m ready for anything. Thanks for letting me share my morning story!

Have you tried anything from Indie Lee? Susannah loves the Clearing Mask. Tell us what you love!

AILA Cosmetics

When I first read No More Dirty Looks and was enlightened to all the toxic things in cosmetics, I immediately swore off of nail polish. I was abstaining from painting my nails for, like, ever, because any kind of polish was suffocating my natural nails, getting into my bloodstream and killing me softly with its colorful song.

This was not a decision I took lightly: Much like my long-standing obsession with lip balm, I was a nail-painting fanatic. I loved how relaxing it was to carefully, meticulously swipe color on my fingernails and toenails, and I did it as a weekly self-care ritual. So, vowing to keep my nails natural was no small feat. And I only lasted about two months before succumbing to the tantalizing stash of rainbow polishes hidden in my bathroom cabinet.

Since I couldn’t contain my nail polish fetish, I decided to go as clean as I could with it. I switched my whole nail polish collection over to three or five-free (meaning free of the five most toxic chemicals found in traditional polish) brands, choosing only classic colors (cause who has cash to re-buy all the trendy colors I only wore a few times?) to restock my kit with. Slowly, over time, I’ve purchased other colors here and there (like an emerald green for my wedding last summer, or a cobalt blue last winter), but I hadn’t found a great base coat or natural polish remover that I could really get behind.

Then I got introduced to AILA Cosmetics. Sound the alarm, people: We have a winner when it comes to natural base coats and polish removers, as well as color selection and staying power!

I started using this line about three weeks ago, and I kind of already want to buy the whole color wheel. Let me break it down for you: Not only is the entire line five-free, gluten-free and vegan, but it also contains ingredients that are actually GOOD for your nails and cuticles! It’s a mini-miracle akin to finding high-performing vegan cream concealers. AILA is formulated by physicians, with the desire to create healthy products for your nails in beautifully curated colors. Here’s what I tried and here’s why I’m in love:

  • Prime Base CoatThis bad boy is garlic-infused, which means it’s anti-fungal and nail-strengthening. The base coat might be my favorite part of the line currently—my nails have never felt stronger. It’s weird how just a few times of using it stopped any weakness my nails had as they grew, as well as curbed any peeling or cracking. If you buy one thing from AILA, buy this base coat.
  • PFFF UGGGHIf you follow me on Instagram, you already know this color is my spirit animal. It’s like a greige, olive-y, warm-toned stone, and if you could tattoo nail polish on your fingers permanently, this is the color I’d choose. Plus—THAT NAME. And really, all the names of all the colors in the line. Founders Dr. Cary and Sonny were inspired by real-life situations when they named their polish colors and here’s where PFFF UGGGH came from: “Pffff Ugghh is named after Aila (co-founder Cary’s daughter). Pffff Ugghh is what Aila says when she is expressing dissatisfaction or a perceived inequality. The Pfff Ugghh sound is made by first making a motorboat sound with the lips then deeply growling. Use it today to express your dismay (don’t worry we won’t judge), or maybe just do it because it’s fun to say hehe.” Amazing, right? All the other colors have just as cheeky a story—you should probably go read them all, now. (Go ahead; I’ll wait.)
  • Shine Top Coat: Until now, my natural polish top-coat testing had left me wanting. Anything that said it was supposed to extend the life of my mani failed miserably by day three. Not this bugger—he holds on for dear life, and my done nails last six to seven full days before chipping, peeling or otherwise coming off. Plus, it lives up to its “shiny” name: It brings a brilliant sheen to my nails, and can be reapplied to enhance the shine.
  • Coconut Nail and Cuticle TherapyThis was the product about which I was most skeptical. I mean, it’s just coconut oil—or so I thought. It’s the most soothing, creamy, hydrating coconut oil I’ve ever used. It eliminated a persistent dry spot on my toe in ONE USE, and it softened cuticles, helping get rid of hangnails and peeling dry skin. The proof is in the process by which they extract the oil from the coconut. While most processes leave coconut oils with between 46 and 49 percent lauric acid, the process AILA’s coconut oil goes through leaves 57 percent lauric acid, meaning its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties are higher. And that leaves you with a better, healthier nail bed from which to work.
  • 3-in-1 Nail Polish Remover with Argan OilOk, so I may have lied before: This could be my favorite product from the line (or it’s at least tied with the base coat). I have hate hate hated all the natural polish removers I’ve tried. Either they still smell horrible or they still contain toxic ingredients I don’t like or they just plain suck at removing my polish. The last one I had took me an entire episode of The Good Wife to remove. Gross. I don’t know how they did it, but AILA’s polish remover is practically better at removing polish than the toxic brands I’ve used. Plus, it has virtually NO SMELL: My husband doesn’t walk into the room and cough from the scent. It doesn’t leave an oily film after you remove it, and it doesn’t sting any accidental wounds you have on your fingers (I’m looking at you, slightly bloody hangnail). Last, but not least, it has argan oil, which actually moisturizes your hands. If you buy one thing from AILA, buy this polish remover (I know, I already said that about the base coat—you need them both).

Phew! That was a long review (but worth it, right?). I can’t say enough good things about AILA Cosmetics—I’m itching to try all the colors—and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you check it out. Have you tried it? Are there other natch brands that are your favorites?

Today we welcome Munemi, the founder of MUN and the superstar No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum, which she developed to counteract the affects of sun and aging (holy cow it works!). Munemi is also a makeup artist and uses her gorgeous oil on set. Maybe you’ve seen her work in the likes of Vogue, Elle, or Harper’s Bazaar. When we meet her at ANFGB, she’s getting a big hug from us!

Name: Munemi Imai
Age: 40
City: New York City
Current Weather: Summer. Hot and humid.
Skin: Very sensitive. Combination. Dry with oily nose
Hair: Pretty full. Currently no hair dyes. Color – black.
Favorite Star From the Past: Audrey Hepburn

I am a freelance makeup artist in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries. This allowed me to try out many beauty products over the course of my career. And I love and believe in juicing.

In The Shower…

I have a bit of problematic scalp that if I use just anything, I’d have to scratch my head like crazy later. So I am careful when I select my shampoo to make sure it is gentle enough. I’ve tried fair amount of shampoo in the past and currently I have two in my bathroom, John Master’s Organics Spearmint & Meadowsweet Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, which leaves my scalp very refreshing feeling, and Rahua Shampoo that is also very gentle for my scalp and do a good job. After rinsing off the shampoo, currently I am using John Master’s Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner and let it sit while I wash my body.

I use a loofah to wash my body. This is something I’ve always used since my childhood in Japan. I like that it’s natural, simple and gentle to skin.  I love all the kind of natural soaps. I often buy them during my travels when I find something nice. Also I like Ayurvedic natural soaps too. Currently, I am being very basic and using Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Lavender Castile Bar Soap. After rinsing off my body, I rinse lightly the hair conditioner. Once or twice a week, I use Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant to exfoliate my face, and about once a week a gommage from Morocco using an exfoliating glove for my body.

Outside the shower…

After I come out the shower and dry my skin with a towel, I use a testing formula of MUN face toner with an organic cotton pad to wipe all over my face then put MUN – No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum as a moisturizer. I brush my teeth with natural toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride in it. I’ve been using TheraNeem Organix Neem Toothpaste with Mint for sometime now.

Then I do skin brushing. I use a mitt from my aromatherapy teacher, Michael Scholes. I use a few drops of essential oils on the mitt. When I feel like focusing on detox then I like to use Juniper berry and Grapefruit mix, but during the summer time I’d be careful with Grapefruit due to photosensitivity. Other wise, mix of Lavender, Frankincense and Marjoram is fantastic for both calming mind and stimulating the cells. Most of my essential oils are from him as well. After that I put on a testing formula of body oil that I’ve been working on.


It’s summer time here and sun is strong, so if I am spending a good amount of time outside during a day, I use Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Suncreen & Primer before putting base makeup on. I am not a fan of the scent this one but it gives skin nice matte finish for the humid summer and good base before your foundation. If I know I am going straight into an inside studio all day then I skip this. I use RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-up 22 all over my face as a light foundation then “Un” Cover-up 44 under the cheekbones as light shading.  I don’t usually use face powder, as I like my skin with a healthy glow and shine, not matte. It’s more youthful looking.

I curl my eyelashes with shu uemula eyelash curler. This has been the best one for a long time. I recently started using Kjaer Weis Eye Shadows and on my upper lids, I mix Magnetic and Charmed, under-eye just Charmed using a small eye shadow brush.  Then I use Tarte Skinny Smolder EYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Onyx to line upper lash line and outer corner of lower lash line and fade it with a cotton swab.

For mascara, I recently started using W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara. It gives lashes a nice volume, length and separates the lashes well, but because I smile a lot, it smudges under my eyes and I could have panda eyes, so I still use this Japanese mascara Heat Jewel to coat this to prevent smudging. It’s a film type mascara to coat the lashes and comes off easily with lukewarm water.Then I fill out my eyebrow with Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Taupe.

I put Bite Beauty Lush lip tint in Black Currant on my lips to give a hint of color and hydration. It’s a nice berry natural looking shade. I reapply as needed throughout the day.

Thank you Munemi! Ok everyone, raise your hand if you’ve tried MUN No.1 Aknari and share your thoughts about it or Munemi’s beauty routine in the comments.