Help! A Reader Needs Coconut Oil Free Shampoo + Conditioner!

You know this as well as we do—coconut oil is ubiquitous in clean beauty. I mean, it’s one of the keystone ingredients of this movement, so when you have an intolerance to it—as our reader Kristen does—things get very, very tricky. Let’s hear Kirsten out and see if we can collectively give her some help. Here’s what she says… “I have tried to make the move to clean beauty. But I’ve discovered I am intolerant to coconut—I can’t eat it or put it on my skin—and EVERYTHING contains coconut. Can you suggest shampoo and conditioner that don’t contain coconut? And […]


Joanna’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

  This Morning Routine is more like a journey. Joanna has been through the ringer with skin woes, and she’s getting to a good place thanks to changes in her diet and products. If you’ve made frequent trips to the dermatologist in your life, her story may sound familiar. Read on!  Name: Joanna Age: 26 City: Boston Current Weather: Fall. Starting to get cooler, drier air Hair: Mostly dry and thick but gets oily after one day not washing. I shower at night so the past few weeks I’ve been trying to wash my hair every other night instead of every […]


How To Make Liquid Eyeliner from Mineral Eyeshadow

Have you given up on eyeliner? Maybe drawing a fine line on one of the most delicate spots on your body has proved to be too much effort except for special occasions? I know, me too. I love a creamy pigmented eyeliner pencil, but the downside to a nice buttery formula is that it’s tough to get the point fine enough to create a look that doesn’t scream “Hey I’m wearing eyeliner!” across the room. I wind up with a thick, uneven application most often. The worst is when you go to all that trouble and then look in the […]


Renata’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

This morning routine is chock full of treats, plus—we’re so impressed that Renata was able to heal her own case of dermatitis after doctors weren’t able to help. What a testament to wholesome, natural ingredients! Name: Renata Age: wrong side of 30’s City: Dublin, Ireland Current Weather: Cold, rainy and miserable Skin: Fair and sensitive Hair: dark, virgin and long Favorite Star From the Past: Marilyn Monroe of course I am not a morning person—that is a fact. I would rather spend extra half an hour drinking coffee in the morning than showering, meaning I do it at night. Also […]


Healthy Fats For Healthy Skin

January is back—that time when good intentions for the New Year are at the forefront of our minds. Eat less sugar and processed foods, get more exercise, drink more water—you know the drill. While I want all of those things for myself, it’s something I’m typically working on year round, so I decided to think about my 2016 health goals a little differently during this ceremonious time. Avocados were pretty sexy in 2015 (how much avocado toast did you eat?) and I’m going to carry them with me into the New Year as part of my larger healthy fats initiative. […]


How to Take a Hot Shower Without Destroying Your Skin

Raise your hand if you love a hot shower. There’s just something so relaxing about standing under hot, steaming water, right? Stress just melts away. Sadly, so do the natural oils that protect your skin. Years ago I was at a dermatologist’s office and overheard the doctor bid goodbye to an elderly patient with these words, “…and no more hot showers, Mr. So-and-so.” What? How could a doctor prescribe such a cruel thing? The message has always stuck with me, but honestly it’s had little impact on my shower practices. When I go too far with the shower temp, usually during […]


Happy Friday Deal from Prescribe Nutrition!

So, tell us—did you set 2016 resolutions for yourself? Do any of your dreams and goals include becoming a wee bit healthier? Perhaps you intend to be more mindful about what you eat? We certainly do our best to treat our diet like we do our skincare and make clean choices, but sometimes life gets the best of us, like when there are hot waffle fries in front of you at the airport. We know we’re not alone. If this sounds familiar, be sure to look into our first Friday Deal of the 2016 with the nutrition experts at Prescribe […]


Product Review: Prescribe 20 from Prescribe Nutrition

Being entirely gluten free, mostly dairy free and mostly sugar free (including alcohol and fruit) usually makes me feel pretty confident in my eating healthy capabilities. Eliminating those food categories practically eliminates my entire ability to make unhealthy choices… right? Maybe. Sometimes. While I have necessary dietary restrictions due to allergies, an auto-immune disease and sensitivities, what I don’t always have is the energy or willpower to continually create new, exciting, healthy meals. I get routinely stuck in a rut and end up eating burrito bowls and tortilla chips every day. And then I get down on myself for being required to […]


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