Ann’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Young and oh so wise when it comes to skin care and self care, we know you’re going to love this routine from a reader who has been with us since the age 13! Name: Ann Age: 19 City: New Prague, MN Skin: Fair, acne-prone, finally in pretty good condition Hair: Dirty blond-light brown curly bob; very curly the first two post shampoo days, unraveling somewhat after. Generally good condition, with frizzy tendencies Favorite Star From the Past: None. I don’t have favorite stars or celebrities, so feel free to choose for me! (NMDL note: We chose Lauren Bacall) I revolutionized my beauty methods and products […]


Ingredient Spotlight: Red Raspberry Seed Oil

If I had to pick a favorite fruit, raspberries would be in my top three. In addition to their yum factor, this highly nutritious and antioxidant rich snack has something else incredible to offer—oil! Produced from the tiny seeds, raspberry seed oil is one of the most exciting botanical oils in natural skincare products for a variety of reasons, but I love it most for its natural sun protection. Red raspberry seed oil has the ability to provide broad-spectrum UV protection that is comparable to titanium dioxide and can fall within a range between 28-50 SPF according to this study. For […]


Lola Is Changing The Clean Tampon Game

Just about a year ago I was invited to a tampon party—yes, a tampon party. It was hosted by the lovely founders—jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman—of tampon startup, LOLA. The premise was simple: Get a bunch of women together, drink wine, eat cheese, talk periods. Not surprisingly, it was a total blast. Despite the fact that we were mostly perfect strangers, we laughed, we shared, we talked about applicators vs no applicators, we learned about the chemicals in our tampons, and we left with LOLA samples. Now, to be fair, natural tampons aren’t as easy to review as natural beauty […]


Aubrey’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

We love this routine for the range of gorgeous clean products and the reminder that our green beauty retailers are super generous with helpful advice, which is all too precious when your skin is acting up. Name: Aubrey Age: 25 Skin: Fair, acne prone, sensitive, and a bit oily. Pregnancy and breastfeeding make my skin quite temperamental. Hair: Long, straight, and fine – but lots of it. Favorite Star From the Past: Not from the past, but Catriona Balfe. She plays my favorite literary character in the TV series adaption and just brings her to life. Becoming mama to two […]


Product Review: Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Sticks

  For many people, deodorant is the gateway to clean, nontoxic products. They hear the scary facts and go looking for an aluminum-free deodorant—something more “natural” perhaps—before even realizing that toxins and unsavory chemicals lurk in products as seemingly innocuous as shampoo or lipstick. Sigh. Deodorant is personal and for many of us, it’s imperative. It’s something we rely on day in and day out in order to remain part of polite society. No wonder there’s cause for concern when you find out what’s really in those conventional sticks you’ve been using since you hit puberty. Here’s the trouble, though—deodorant […]


Marci’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Sometimes it takes something drastic like the sudden onset of perioral dermatitis to come to grips with what’s actually in our products, but on the bright side that can lead to healthy changes that are super satisfying. Read Marci’s routine to find out more about her journey with PD and how she’s managing it.  Name: Marci Age: 38 City: Austin, TX Hair: Lots of fine, wavy, brunette hair that’s been bleached by the sun on the ends Favorite Star From the Past: Jane Birkin – what style! and hair!! I started going green with my beauty routine when I suddenly […]


Lauren’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

  Ever get the feeling like you’ve met your skincare twin when reading these routines? We could literally trade places with Lauren and be riiiighhht at home in her beauty routine. Plus, you’re going to love her approach to self-care. We just know it. Age:  34 City:  DMV (As Washingtonians like to call our region) Current Weather:  Unpredictable Skin: Relatively normal/sensitive.  I took Accutane in my late teens so I don’t experience adult acne (knock on wood).  I tend to have an oily T-zone and I’m prone to blackheads on my nose.  In general, I have pretty happy skin. Hair:  […]


Red My Lips (And Yours) With Mahalo

I know you. You like pretty lipstick, and you don’t like rape culture.  RedMyLips.org combats sexual violence and victim-blaming with red lipstick, and one of my newest and greatest green beauty loves, Mahalo Skin Care, brings non-toxic beauty to the battle with this gorg plumping lip color.  It’s refillable, vegan, and comes with a vegan brush.  I like to line my lips with the brush and then tap on more color with a finger.   The color and texture are beautiful, and the scent is very light.  This highly pigmented product will suit a variety of skin tones, and is intense in […]


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