Happy Friday Deal from R.L. Linden & Co!

This Friday Deal has been in the works since the summertime and the wait has been long. Well worth it though, because in addition to bringing you an excellent deal, we have additional good news to share. R.L. Linden & Co. is releasing their seasonal Yuletide Box today along with their new perfume collection! Happy dance! Before we get into the new goodies, here’s what you need to know to get this Friday Deal…

R.L. Linden & Co. is giving No More Dirty Looks readers 15% off plus free shipping in the US! Just use the code NMDL15! at checkout. The promotion lasts until the end of this Monday 12/8.

The ladies behind R.L. Linden & Co. have a gift for creating scent. You can pretty much wear the Close To Me Deodorant as a perfume, and the Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist offers as much for the senses as it does for the skin. As for the real perfumes, Ironwood #1 already has a NMDL following. Rebecca wrote about it in her Palo Santo post. We also got a sneak peak of Ritual #2 in the gorgeous R.L. Linden Autumn Box. Now there are 7 perfumes available. Each one is a tribute to a Denver-based artisan business — kindred spirits, if you will. R.L. Linden has even created a gift set of all 7 perfumes that includes directions for a Sensory Tour of Denver. How cool is that? Say hello to the new perfume collection:

  • Ironwood #1 – A hypnotic and woody sacred anointing oil with notes of copal resin, frankincense tears and palo santo sticks; inspired by Ironwood Collection.
  • Ritual #2 – A sexy and warm gourmand scent with notes of cacao nibs, bitter almond shells, spiced cardamom and aged cognac; inspired by Ritual Chocolate.
  • Dram #3 – A native woodland scent with notes of fresh juniper berries, foraged rose hips, wild sage bitters and evergreen needles; inspired by Dram Apothecary.
  • Beet & Yarrow #4 – A Victorian floral scent with notes of sweet violets, tuberose, fresh cut stems, broken twigs and muddled green leaves; inspired by Beet & Yarrow.
  • R.L. Linden & Co #5 – A feminine, sweet rose scent with notes of antique roses, pink peppercorns, vanilla bourbon and pink grapefruit peels; inspired by the aromas created when we blend at the R.L.Linden & Co studio.
  • Winter Session #6 – A rich and dignified scent with notes of cold pressed coffee, tanned leather, pipe tobacco and cedar pencils; inspired by Winter Session.
  • Western Daughters #7 – A lush grassy scent with notes of freshly mown hay, cottonwood tree buds, sun-warmed prairie wildflowers and sweetgrass; inspired by Western Daughters.

Also not to be missed — the Limited Edition Seasonal Yuletide Box ($48). It’s here just in time for Yuletide, and hop on it because these seasonal boxes tend to sell out quickly. The Yuletide Box includes these special edition products all handmade by R.L. Linden: Lavender + Frankincense Moisture Milk, Yuletide Incense, Healing Mulling Spices, and Sick & Tired (of being sick and tired) Soothing Sinus Salve. Doesn’t that sound perfect for this time of year?

P.S. If you’re not in the US, you can still get this promotion and shipping charges will be half the normal rate. Woot!


4 Ways to Cope With Holiday Stress

4 Ways to Cope with Holiday Stress

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Maybe it’s because I’m now married, and two people’s schedules make life more complicated. Maybe it’s because I consider my friends part of my family and I want to celebrate with them. Maybe it’s that I live in Minnesota and the cold plus the limited hours of daylight are weighing on me.

Whatever it is, December already seems like an effort. With a different holiday event (or two) every week from now until New Year’s, I’m feeling the stress and tiredness of the season even though we’re just a few days into the last month of the year.

Regardless of the reason, the truth is that I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through all the expectations, the busyness and the sweets that accompany this month. And because of that realization, I’m going to fight back. I’m too young to dread waking up every day and I’m too fortunate not to be celebratory this time of year (or any time of year, for that matter). I’m taking matters into my own hands with four seemingly obvious routines (but it’s always good to have a reminder, right?):

  1. Sleep. I’ve been drained for the last few months. Like, more tired than I’ve ever been in my life and it’s been hard to pinpoint why. I’ve probably been working and worrying a little too much, but I’ve also been getting up earlier—and not adjusting my bedtime appropriately. My husband sent me this article yesterday and it kind of hit me upside the head. Getting up earlier is only successful when we adjust our whole awake-asleep routines to fill the gap. And because we know sleep is super important (stress management, digestion, weight, headaches, our ability to make sound choices—they’re all impacted by sleep, or lack thereof), I’m making it a priority this month. Even if that means my evenings consist of dinner and a mere half hour of reading before I hit the hay.
  2. Essential oils. I think we here at NMDL tout the benefits of EOs pretty frequently, but it’s only been in the last nine months that I’ve really experienced their potency. EOs have the best chance of doing their jobs when you inhale them, and I used to find that kind of annoying. Like I’m supposed to carry them around with me and awkwardly sniff them while working at a coffee shop? Yes, yes I am. And it works. Thanks to Susannah’s recommendation, I’ve been carrying a little bottle of my own EO blend (lavender + eucalyptus have been my favorite recently—uplifting, focusing and stress-relieving) with me wherever I go. I feel a little like a crack addict, trying to covertly inhale my concoction in public, and much like when I wear my hair in a topknot, my husband knows I’m stressed when my little bottle comes out, but who cares?
  3. Avoid sugar. Because of some complications with celiac disease, I’m currently on a no-sugar-including-fruit-and-alcohol diet. And it’s reeeeaaaalllllly hard this time of year. Or when I’m feeling overwhelmed. So then I sneak a piece of dark chocolate… and wake up with a headache and small-eye syndrome (does anyone else get this? It’s not puffy eyes, it’s just the intense feeling that my eyes have shrunk and I’m convinced that the whole world can tell I suddenly have beady, rat eyes. No? Just me and my sister?). So, even though this feels like the season to indulge, I’m doing my best to restrain, replacing those sugar cravings with lemon water and peppermint essential oil. I know I’ll feel more awake, more balanced and more able to tackle the world of holiday parties when I do.
  4. Indulge in self-care. Another thing I think we do well here at NMDL is self-care. Well, we do a good job of talking about self-care and its necessity. Usually, when stress levels are high and schedules are busy, the first thing to go from my life is taking care of myself. This month, instead of cutting those precious moments of relaxation out of day, I’m deliberately putting more time into my self-care routine, even if that’s just taking an extra 10 minutes to do a face mask in the morning before work. But usually it’s doing a face mask while taking a bath (after doing a long round of dry brushing and self-massage) and watching Gilmore Girls.

That’s it. Those are the four things I’m declaring to do to keep myself sane this year. What do you do to cope with holiday stressors?


Meryl Streep

Green beauty has a way of making you feel very cared for, don’t you think? For example, skincare is Rebecca’s favorite part of her routine (and we can totally identify with that!). Honestly, though — skincare used to feel like a chore. We’re happy we’re not the only ones who take great delight in our clean routines.

Name: Rebecca

Age: 19

City: Monterey, California

Skin: Light-medium, with yellow undertones. Combination, very acne-prone, and still recovering from a slew of breakouts from last summer.

Hair: Naturally dark blonde and wavy, but I’ve been dying it chestnut for a couple of years now thanks to Morrocco Method Henna.

Favorite star from the past: She isn’t from the past, but I have to pick Meryl Streep. I just watched August: Osage County recently, and my god she is an amazing actress. I know we already knew that, but it’s true. She carries herself so well, and is one of the few stars left that have built a career based on talent, not just looks.

First thing each morning, I put my contacts in (I am blind as a bat), do some stretches, then drink a glass of water with apple cider vinegar. For breakfast, I typically have a green or berry smoothie with tons of superfoods blended in, and I try to stick to a Paleo diet most days. After breakfast, I brush my teeth with Desert Essence Toothpaste in Wintergreen. Tastes perfectly minty, and so much better than the sweetened, chemical-laden stuff from the drugstore.

Before I shower, I dry body brush with the GingerChi Meridian Body Dry Brush. In the shower, I’ll shampoo with Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo (which lathers SO well for being so natural), and condition with either John Masters Organics Rosemary & Peppermint Detangler, or their Citrus & Neroli Detangler, which both smell amazing. I try to only wash my hair every three days, and I definitely recommend that for anyone. Many people say that their hair just gets greasy too fast, but I swear, once you go a couple times waiting between washes, it will balance out and stay clean much longer. I recently started using the Acure Organics Exfoliating Mint Body Wash too, and it’s super refreshing. After my shower, I just let my hair air dry and then straighten it. The one thing I haven’t found yet is a great all-natural heat protectant (or leave-in conditioner with the same effect), so if anyone has suggestions, I will love you.

Skincare is my favorite step. In the mornings when I haven’t been wearing makeup, I’ll steam my face with a hot washcloth, then use a combination of raw honey and Acure Organics Brightening Scrub to wash it. If I’ve been wearing makeup, I massage a mix of castor oil and jojoba oil into my skin for awhile, then gently scrub it away using the Acure Organics Cleansing Gel on a Konjac Sponge. I cannot believe how soft and clean my skin feels after this. Then, I’ll tone with some Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel and George’s Aloe Spray on a cotton pad. Lastly, I spot-treat with Desert Essence Lavender Tea Tree Oil, and use a combination of Origins Make A Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment and Antipodes Avocado Pear Night Cream for some moisture. When my skin is especially angry, I have a few facemasks on rotation. My favorites are Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask when my skin is dry and irritated, REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask when it’s clogged, and my own mask I mix using the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, MSM, ACV, and yoghurt. I am always looking for new products that will heal my acne-prone skin without clogging my pores, as they clog super easily and my skin is quite sensitive. Even organic plant-based oils can give me lots of little under-the-skin bumps.

After my skincare has absorbed, I’ll apply some makeup. I absolutely hate wearing face makeup (aka foundation) and never really did until my skin flipped out last summer, so I try to get by with as little as possible. I use RMS Beauty Un-cover Up in the shade 33 under my eyes and I apply it like a foundation in problem areas. It’s slightly darker than my skin but it’s more yellow-toned than 22, so I let it melt into my skin and it looks fine. For my eyes, I’ll quickly swipe some bareMinerals Concealer over my eyelids to even them out and brighten the area, then lightly smudge a plum-y brown bareMinerals Eyeshadow along my top and bottom lash line to lengthen my eyes and thicken the look of my lashes.

I luckily have pretty long eyelashes but they stick straight out, so I’ll put about two swipes of Maybelline The Rocket Mascara on each eye, then comb that through with a dried out Maybelline One by One Mascara wand. It sounds strange, but this gives them the most natural and fluttery look, without looking wet or clumped at all. I know Maybelline is nowhere near natural, but I hardly use any and just love the wands. I have my eye on the W3LL People Expressionist Mascara, though. Lastly, I spritz the Caudalie Beauty Elixir all over my face, which gives it a fresh and dewy feel. I’m way too lazy to experiment and switch up my makeup look each day, so I stick to this routine pretty much every day.

Lastly, I just wear a clear lip balm most of the time because I haven’t ventured into the world of natural lipsticks much yet and I can’t stand dry lips. I’ll put on some Burt’s Bees Lip Balm or my EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint, then I’m done! I really want to try out the ILIA Beauty Lip Conditioners, and R.L. Linden & Co.’s La Balmba Rose Healing Balm sounds so lovely. Let me know if you’ve tried them!

Share your suggestions for a  hair styling product that helps prevent heat damage or your favorite lipsticks in the comments! And hey, Rebecca, you’re in luck… we have a special Friday Deal with R.L. Linden & Co. this week, so you can check out La Balmba Rose Healing Balm for yourself!


No More Dirty Looks readers have gained quite the rep for giving good advice. Yes, you! We get emails asking us to crowd source skincare situations because you always have helpful suggestions, or at least a sympathetic “been there” attitude that makes dealing with troubling issues less isolating and unnerving. We’re thankful to be surrounded by caring, thoughtful people who share their insights and personal experiences. We’d love to tap your brains again to help this reader out. Here’s what she writes…

My doctor told me that I have dyshidrotic eczema, which has manifested itself as a dry and itchy rash on the backs of my hands. I was told to get religious about moisturizing and to use one of the following lotions: Cerave, Aquaphor, Eucerin, or Cetaphil. 

I would really hate to go back to one of these dirty lotions, but I am at a loss as to how to find a clean product that will be equally moisturizing to address this extreme dryness situation. I have already tried aloe (straight from my house plant) and argan and coconut oils, but they are not enough.

We would really hate for this reader to have to go back to any of those petroleum-based options, too! What have you found that works for the dry, itchy rash that accompanies eczema? Would something like shea butter help?


Happy Cyber Monday Deal from Tatcha!

Have you explored Tatcha? The skincare line is based on beauty secrets and traditions of the geisha, whose less-is-more skincare philosophy made a big impression on Tatcha’s founder. Tatcha is quite accessible and free of the badies — parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, DEA or TEA — to start with. Precious natural ingredients like camellia, rice bran, licorice root, red algae, and green tea are the focus here. Tatcha ingredient lists will be too busy for some of the natural minimalists or purists among you, but this is a great line for people who crave the benefits of natural ingredients all done up in high-end, extra glossy packaging fit for Barneys New York. That’s Tatcha.

Today we’re sharing Tatcha’s Friends and Family Sale with you. Call it a Cyber Monday treat from us to you, because hey — we’re on the Internet, after all. We’ve been following Tatcha for some time. In addition to the reviewing the Tatcha Camellia Beauty Oil, Siobhan has also reviewed the Tatcha Blotting Papers (magic!) and included them in the summer NMDL Quarterly Box for fresh skin. New Tatcha favorites include the Deep Brightening Serum and the Camellia Cleansing Oil. The Cleansing Oil rinses off with water alone — great for times when you want a quick, non-drying cleanse in the shower or when you just want to take off your makeup as quickly as possible and climb into bed.

So here’s the deal…

Tatcha is offering 20% off anything on their site until next Monday, December 8. Just use the promotion code FF2014 to get 20% off your purchase.

If you are shopping for gifts, be sure to note their beautiful array of holiday gift sets. You’ll find a wide range of luxe treats at different price points. Mmmm, love the purple. Tatcha loves stories, traditions, and treasures, so in addition to sharing skincare rituals they’ve curated a small selection of limited edition gifts created by Japanese artisans. The gold leaf Obon Tray from Kanazawa is calling our names.