Would You Wash Your Hair With Water Only?

Sometimes people say the darnedest things… like when this reader’s hair stylist told her that washing her hair with water alone would cause it to fall out. Lisa turned to the NMDL community for a little help and understanding. Check it out… “I recently developed an allergy that has my skin and scalp super sensitive to what I eat and use for beauty products. At one point, my scalp became so flaky and itchy, I was at a loss for what to do. In desperation, I tried water only hair washing for a month to give my scalp a rest. Each morning […]


Maia’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

We love when we get Morning Routines from new green beauty converts. Maia has lots to share plus a few questions for you. Read on! Name: Maia Age:  30 City:  DC Current Weather:  Hot and sunny Skin:  I’m pregnant, which means it’s very dry, sensitive, and red in patches.  Usually it is normal, with occasional breakouts on my chin. Hair: Uber virgin—not only have I never dyed it, I have also never owned a blow dryer or iron of any kind.  I don’t use any hair products.  This isn’t something I planned on.  I’m just REALLY low maintenance.  I would […]


Caitlin’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Clearly, NMDL reader Caitlin is as taken with clean skin care as the rest of us. We envy her collection of cleansers, and we echo her sweet, final sentiment with regard to all the skincare geniuses who make our routines possible. Read on for inspiration and smiles. Name: Caitlin Age: 30 City: Blairstown, NJ Skin: Sensitive, reactive, breakout prone, still slightly scarred from years of acne, fair to medium complexion with a neutral undertone. Hair: Brunette and shoulder length. Straight if I don’t do anything. Favorite star from the past: Esther Williams My green beauty journey started when I was around twenty. […]


Skin Emergency: How To Deal With Inflammation

I have a couple of go-to products when my skin needs something super soothing. I used them individually for some time, until one day I had a skin emergency that compelled me to try them together. I was sitting at my computer, sipping tea and probably reading something on NMDL, when I felt a little itch and scratched my neck. A moment later the urge to scratch came back stronger, and quite suddenly all over my neck and face. I felt raised areas too. As a sensitive sort anyway, I knew this was big trouble. I looked in the mirror […]


A Night For Green Beauty, Chicago Style

   A Night For Green Beauty takes place this Thursday night from 6-10 pm in Chicago. This is the last event of its kind, so please join us if you can! Nicolle and I will be there, though this year we’ve passed our ambassador flower crowns on to the fine ladies behind several excellent green beauty blogs. The event is free and open to the public, and will feature 34 clean beauty brands, including some of our long-time favorites like Kahina and May Lindstrom as well as many newcomers like Bottega Organica and Axiology Beauty Speaking of newcomers, Florescent — my […]


Anna’s Morning Skin & Hair Routine… Exposed!

This fresh Morning Routine comes to us from a new mom in California. We love how child birth has inspired so many women to investigate what’s in their products and make a change for the better. Name: Anna Age: 29 City: Redwood City, Northern California Skin: Oily, but since having my son 16 months ago I am prone to more dry patches. Hair: Thick, long, and often oily at the roots. Favorite Star From the Past: She’s not from the distant past, but I think Juliette Binoche is just lovely. A makeup lover since my teenage years, I went green […]


Tata Harper’s New Honey Blossom Mask + Birthday Bash

  The Resurfacing Mask is one of my favorite Tata Harper products, so I always look forward to the limited edition versions. They often feature delicious, local and seasonal ingredients like apricot or plum that bring even more juicy goodness to the original formula. The new Limited Edition Honey Blossom Resurfacing Mask has just been released, and this is my favorite one to date. To say we love honey around NMDL would be an understatement. We worship honey for its humectant, antibacterial and healing properties. A little background on the Resurfacing Mask for the uninitiated… this is a gentle beta-hydroxy mask […]


Giveaway + Stark Skincare Sneak Peek!

Do you remember when we told you about Stark Foundry, the collaborative skincare lab that Stark Skincare launched to involve customers like me and you in product formulation? (So rad, right?) Stark is releasing the very first product from the Stark Foundry and it is a GEM. Dubbed the Everlasting Calm + Smooth Infusion for the triple dose of helichrysum (aka everlasting), Jess from Stark worked with six foundry collaborators (YOU) to refine this silky, soothing serum. The process for developing EV involved questionnaires, trials, skin journaling and workshopping until Stark hit the sweet spot. What they came up with […]


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