Rose Water: The Skincare Ingredient You Can Eat

It’s no secret — I love rose. I love the way it smells, looks, and tastes — yes, tastes! I was first introduced to rose water in Lebanese and Indian cuisine, mostly in desserts like rice pudding and baklava. Then I started seeing it pop up on menus in more unusual places. A chance encounter with a lemon and rose water spritzer while in L.A. last summer got me excited enough to add it to my own pantry, and I’ve found endless ways to incorporate rose water into my diet since. Rose water is a byproduct of rose oil production. […]


Would You Try a Skin Cleanse? We Did.

In my work with NMDL, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a number of brand founders who are completely passionate about not only their product line, but also about promoting healthy living through ingredient education. I mean, that’s why we all decide to switch our beauty arsenals over to nontoxic products, right? Because someone enlightened us to the dangerous and sometimes scary ingredients that we didn’t know are in traditional cosmetics? Adina Grigore, founder of S.W. Basics, is one of those people. She’s made a beautiful skincare line that utilizes powerful, but simple combinations of ingredients while also educating the […]


3 Natural Perfumes That Inspire Self-Love

  Some of my most beloved natural perfumes are made by companies whose main raison d’être is skincare. At a glance it may seem like an afterthought or a whim, but in fact, natural perfume is a logical progression for some indie skincare lines. I’ve chatted with makers and founders behind the scenes who have expanded their skincare lines to include perfume or are preparing to do so (there are some exciting perfume launches on the way!). The common thread is this: most of these founders are formulating skincare products with essential oils, and they work to ensure that the essential […]


Anne’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Readers, you really do come up with the best ideas. Anne has a few DIY tricks in her routine that are so good! Go ahead, read on and get ready for the heart-warming ending. It’s a good one. Name: Anne Age: 41 City: Montclair NJ Weather: Winter grey with occasional (but rare right now) sunny days Hair: Medium straight chestnut with side swept bangs, and some residual red coloring Skin: Normal but has its own emerging age-map Favorite star from the past: Tina Fey in a more red hair phase If I had to describe my beauty routine, I’d say it’s frugal-meets-efficient, with little compromise on 100% […]


Product Review: John Masters Detangler

Detanglers have always felt like one of those product groups that do not have a clear purpose—more like a money grab for companies out to convince people that they need multiple versions of the same thing. My assumption has generally been that a good conditioner is king when it comes to detangling, and that aggressive brushing or combing is a necessary evil of getting knots and tangles out. Turns out I was wrong. This past holiday, my family stocking got stuffed with a John Master’s citrus & neroli detangler. We’ve always been huge fans of the JM line here at […]


[UPDATED WITH WINNER!] Notice Anything Different? (Also: We Have a Mega Site-Relaunch Giveaway!)

You know when you do something to change your looks and you half hope people will notice and say nice things to you, but you also half hope people won’t notice, lest they take you for someone who’s trying too hard? This isn’t like that. In fact, we hope you notice (and enjoy, and talk about, and share) all the changes you see here! And there are a lot of them. Regular readers may be familiar with our origin story, which is that Alexandra and I started this site because we’d written a book called No More Dirty Looks and everyone […]


Happy Friday Deal From Kahina Giving Beauty!

We’ve managed to squeak through most of the winter without the same kind of temperatures as last year (Polar Vortex anybody?), but despite that little reprieve one thing is certain — we couldn’t get through the winter without some of our fav’s from Kahina Giving Beauty. Thank goodness for this Friday Deal, because at least one of us is scraping the bottom of her Kahina Night Cream jar, and we’re sure you could use some new goodies, too! Kahina Giving Beauty is offering No More Dirty Looks readers 15% off site-wide! Just enter the code PUCKERUP at checkout to enjoy […]


Annalee’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love the mix of DIY and ready-made, easily accessible items in this routine. We’re dying to try the DIY cleansing grains, too! Enjoy this lovely routine! Name: Annalee Age: 21 City: Annapolis, MD Current Weather: Winter, freezing cold but the sun is out and the air is bracing and fresh! Skin: Extremely fair, combination, sensitive and prone to redness. Hair: Shoulder length – Naturally blonde, I color it dark brown. Favorite Star From the Past: How could it not be Audrey Hepburn? Funny Face is a particular favorite of mine. I’m young and in […]


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