Have You Used Apple Cider Vinegar On Your Hair?

*We first published this in the early days of the site, and guess what? We still love ACV as much as ever. How about you? Every time someone new comes over, I wonder if they’ll be alarmed by the magnum of apple cider vinegar that sits next to my tub. The salad-dressing staple, most of us know, is amazing for use on our hair, in part because its pH is similar to that of most conditioners—making it an easy nontoxic way to get smooth strands without forking over the big bucks for a fancy conditioner. (Not that I don’t love […]


Kelsey’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

This routine is full of practical advice, a few questions for the community and dreamy clean beauty products. Can’t beat that! Enjoy the lovely details and be sure to chime in below in the comments. Name: Kelsey Age: 22 City: Washington, DC Weather: Just turning to spring (finally!) Skin: Pale with pink undertones, combination, sensitive Hair: thick and wavy and medium brown Favorite Star from past: Joni Mitchell In the Shower… I’m not exactly what you would call a morning person (the transition into becoming one is a slowly dying New Year’s Resolution), so I usually shower at night to save time in the morning. Showering is […]


The Whys and Hows of the Bold Brow

Seems like it was a few years back when I noticed bold brows starting to trend, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see it continue.  Looks like this is going to hang on for a while, so I thought I’d kick in my two cents.  Prepare yourself for some bold brow advice from a gal who’s been sporting the look since toddlerhood.  Several months ago I decided to let my brows grow out even more, though I’ll admit this was based more on laziness than trend following.  I’ve got some serious brows, and I tired of tweezing every single day to keep things […]


GIVEAWAY: Citrine Natural Beauty Bar + KYPRIS are Giving Away 3 Beauty Elixirs!

In our humble opinion, Mondays get a bad rap, so we’re here to brighten your manic Monday with an incredible giveaway from Citrine Natural Beauty Bar and KYPRIS! We know many of you shop with Citrine, and we celebrated with this glam beauty retailer when they revamped their web site not long ago. Now with a blog component and a Get the Look section that brings you professional makeup tutorials, Citrine is easy to navigate and stocks all our favorite nontoxic beauty lines. If you happen to be in Phoenix, Arizona (lucky you!) be sure to pop into their brick and mortar store where […]


Happy Friday Deal From La Bella Figura

La Bella Figura is celebrating spring with a new brand logo, luxurious packaging, and upcoming new products. Guess what? You’re the first to see the new look, and we think it’s just as gorgeous as what you find inside the bottles. As a special treat to No More Dirty Looks readers, La Bella Figura is sharing an incredible Friday deal. Orders of $100 and over will receive a $25 gift certificate from La Bella Figura redeemable at their online site. NO CODE NEEDED! Your gift certificate will be emailed to you. You’ll also receive a travel size 5ml bottle of their ultimate […]


DIY Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner

We know we should do it. We know that doing it prevents breakouts. We know that not doing it can diminish the effects of our favorite skincare and makeup. But we know that doing it takes time—and can feel like a chore. What are we talking about? Why, cleaning our makeup brushes, of course!  I’m pretty good at routines and being disciplined. Both running your own small business AND desiring healthy, glowing skin require consistency, routines and meeting deadlines (ha). But something about cleaning my beloved makeup brushes just doesn’t ignite that routine-drive person in me. Maybe it’s because I […]


Lucia’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

There are more than a few elements to this routine that caught our eye. Lucia clearly knows what she wants out of a beauty routine and how to get it. Her hands-on DIY approach is inspiring! Name: Lucia Age: 24 City: Brooklyn Current Weather: Winter is hanging on for dear life Skin: normal, occasional hormonal flare-up Hair: long, straight, fine, color of buckwheat honey Favorite Star from the Past: Sophia Loren, the goddess I try to wake up early but my work schedule varies day to day so sometimes I’m in bed later than I’d like to be. First thing, I […]


Help! A Reader Needs Prom Worthy Makeup Suggestions!

One thing that thrills us to no end is that our NMDL community includes women of all ages. We believe the topics we discuss are relevant for every stage of life, but it’s particularly touching when you get a note from a young woman who started her journey into non-toxic makeup and skincare at the sweet age of 16. Wow, just wow. This reader, Kaitlin, is prepping for her first school dance and wants to look her best without compromising her health. Here’s what she says… I’m going to start by saying I found your book 2 years ago (when I […]


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