Trish’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

This Morning Routine from the blogger behind Scent Hive (a must-read if you’re into natural perfume) has us ready to whip out our favorite springtime blush colors. Trish may be known for her nose, but she has an eye for all things green beauty. Name: Trish  Age: 46 City: Portland, OR Current Weather: Currently we are having erratic springtime weather, sunny one moment, rainy the next. Skin: My skin is mostly normal with some dryness and the occasional blemish. If I don’t drink enough water, or don’t use enough moisturizer, my normal skin can feel tight and gets irritated more easily. Hair: […]


Happy Friday Deal from Kahina!

For those of you who have been with us for a while, you know how much we love Kahina Giving Beauty. At the heart of this gorgeous collection is the finest ethically sourced organic argan oil we know of, but Kahina has become so much more since they first launched their signature argan oil. Kahina’s recent foray into perfume oils is the perfect example of this. Their beautiful smelling body oils Fez and Essaouira both inspired the creation of matching perfume oils, with the Essaouira Perfume Oil launching just in time for spring. Yes, that’s right—Kahina body oils are so on point that even the scents are […]


New From Kahina Giving Beauty

Kahina Giving Beauty (a house favorite around NMDL) was one of the first brands to bring a level of sophistication and luxury to green beauty, and over the years they’ve continued to innovate and add to their beautiful collection of botanical based products. Kahina recently launched two new products that you must know about—the Beldi Soap and the Essaouira Perfume Oil. Both are a total delight to the senses, and they bring something entirely new to the clean beauty landscape. Rooted in Moroccan bathing rituals, the Beldi Soap is a gel-like cleanser made from saponified olive oil and eucalyptus oil. Here’s what […]


Ali’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

  This is a woman after our own heart—she came to clean beauty through the oil cleansing method after none of her harsh “acne” products would work. We hear this story a lot, and we’re thrilled to hear another version of it that proves gentle botanicals can be a real life saver when nothing else helps. Name: Ali Age: 27 City: Boston, MA Current Weather: We are just getting out of a fairly mild winter and recently it’s been rainy and cool Skin: Sensitive and blemish prone Hair: Thick and long but gets oily fast Favorite Star From the Past: Lucy […]


Help! A Reader Has Acne Scars…

Acne is never fun, but to add insult to injury, we’re often left with dark marks and scars from the infection—even when we behave ourselves and resist fussing with it! So what’s the deal? Will these pesky marks ever heal? One of our readers recently wrote in asking about our favorite treatments for acne scar reduction. Here’s what she says… “I have a sensitive, acne/cystic acne prone skin, with redness, red scars and some indented scarring, and I was hesitating between Laurel Sun Damage Repair Serum and Yuli Cell Perfecto PM to help them fade. I have never tried Yuli’s products, […]


Happy Friday Deal From Prescribe Nutrition!

  We believe that healthy skin, hair and everything else in between depends just as much (ok, way more) on what you eat than the products you use in your routine. We know from first hand experience how certain foods can trigger acne or inflammation, but sometimes cleaning up your diet can feel way more overwhelming than cleaning up your skin care routine. Busy days and nights put us in that grab and go mentality or keep us hopped up on sugar, and boom—just like that we’re off track when we want to be mindful and purposeful about nutrition. Sound familiar? Then […]


Cocovit Coconut Oil and Orange + Basil Lip Balm

I get really excited about high quality single ingredient products. After all, my true entrée into natural skin care was a deep dive into single ingredients with super active profiles like rosehip seed oil (nature’s Retinol!) and tamanu. Coconut oil is such an obvious winner when it comes to single ingredients that pack a punch and do seemingly everything, but not all coconut oils are created equal. As with everything in our diet and skin care routine, the results you get depend entirely on the quality of the ingredient. Cocovit offers the most premium coconut oil I’ve ever tried, and […]


Send Us Your Morning Routine!

One of our favorite NMDL traditions is the weekly Morning Routines Exposed feature. We love hearing about how you care for yourself, what your favorite DIYs and holy grail products are, and how you go about your morning in preparation for the day ahead. Your personal rituals inspire us and — judging by the comments readers leave on those posts — they get you excited about the clean beauty lifestyle, too! If you’ve enjoyed the Morning Routines Exposed series but have yet to contribute your own, we want to hear from you!  Tell us how you roll out of bed and what your […]


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