5 Things To Know About Chlorophyll

Have you ever heard that parsley freshens breath? Better yet, have you ever experienced that? Parsley is rich in chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants and algae, and chlorophyll is a natural deodorizer. (Anyone remember Clorets Gum? Chlorophyll was part of the proprietary breath freshening formula.) It’s abundant in leafy greens, but you can also find chlorophyll and its semi-synthetic derivative chlorophyllin available as a liquid supplement. I first bought liquid chlorophyll to help address my dogs’ terrible breath odor. It works, if you’re wondering. Then I started adding liquid chlorophyll drops to my water—not for breath freshening per […]


Product Review: The Pele Mask by Mahalo

All too often detoxifying masks do little but absorb too much moisture from your skin. Clay based formulas in particular can lack imagination and sophistication, but that’s hardly the story with The Pele Mask from Mahalo. Bioactive and concentrated yet gentle and non-irritating, The Pele Mask really does what it claims—gives you a revitalized glow. Named for the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele, the mask features volcanic ash clay to draw toxins from the skin and clear the pores. When volcanic ash clay is mixed with water, it swells and acts like a porous sponge and absorbs toxins through electrical attraction, bringing fresh […]


A 5-Minute Soothing DIY After-Sun Tonic

We’ve hit it: Summer. And with the rising temps and outdoor-centric vacations, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the sun and its potentially dangerous rays. Whether you’ve been bike-riding outside sans sunscreen (guilty) or just had a few too many minutes by the pool, your skin needs a little extra care after sun exposure. While we can advocate getting about 20 minutes of unfiltered sunlight for that natural dose of vitamin D, we’ve got to be careful about what comes next. Obviously, too much sun can lead to irritated, red skin, sun spots and serious skin damage (remember that photo of the truck […]


Kathleen’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Do you wake up and start your self-care routine right away? Kathleen does, and it sounds pretty attainable even for the sleepiest of beauties. Here’s a fresh morning routine straight outta Brooklyn. Name: Kathleen Age: 33 City: Brooklyn Skin: Dry Hair: Short, straight and fine Favorite star from the past: Rell Sun The first thing I do when I wake up is use a tongue scraper and drink a class of warm water and lemon. I dry brush when I remember and do 20 squats while I wait for the shower to get warm. In the shower I either use […]


5 Ways To Practice Self-Care

Since August 2015, I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical, thanks to some complications from my celiac disease. Because my doctors requested that I stop working full-time for a year in order to heal, I’ve spent the last nine months trying to take better care of myself, destress and really choose my schedule, including self-care. I’m being very deliberate about what I do (and what I don’t do) and often, little rituals of self-care are the most important pieces to maintaining sanity. Some of them are daily rituals; others are things I make time for on a monthly basis. […]


Ann’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Young and oh so wise when it comes to skin care and self care, we know you’re going to love this routine from a reader who has been with us since the age 13! Name: Ann Age: 19 City: New Prague, MN Skin: Fair, acne-prone, finally in pretty good condition Hair: Dirty blond-light brown curly bob; very curly the first two post shampoo days, unraveling somewhat after. Generally good condition, with frizzy tendencies Favorite Star From the Past: None. I don’t have favorite stars or celebrities, so feel free to choose for me! (NMDL note: We chose Lauren Bacall) I revolutionized my beauty methods and products […]


Ingredient Spotlight: Red Raspberry Seed Oil

If I had to pick a favorite fruit, raspberries would be in my top three. In addition to their yum factor, this highly nutritious and antioxidant rich snack has something else incredible to offer—oil! Produced from the tiny seeds, raspberry seed oil is one of the most exciting botanical oils in natural skincare products for a variety of reasons, but I love it most for its natural sun protection. Red raspberry seed oil has the ability to provide broad-spectrum UV protection that is comparable to titanium dioxide and can fall within a range between 28-50 SPF according to this study. For […]


Lola Is Changing The Clean Tampon Game

Just about a year ago I was invited to a tampon party—yes, a tampon party. It was hosted by the lovely founders—jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman—of tampon startup, LOLA. The premise was simple: Get a bunch of women together, drink wine, eat cheese, talk periods. Not surprisingly, it was a total blast. Despite the fact that we were mostly perfect strangers, we laughed, we shared, we talked about applicators vs no applicators, we learned about the chemicals in our tampons, and we left with LOLA samples. Now, to be fair, natural tampons aren’t as easy to review as natural beauty […]


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