How Do Our Favorite Foundations Compare?

Over the years since No More Dirty Looks began, our options for clean and effective skincare and makeup have gotten better and better. The makeup category has traditionally been a tough area for people making the transition from conventional, toxin-laden products to those with pure and safe ingredients. However, in our view, non-toxic makeup is banging these days, and there is just no need for that old conventional stuff. It has become standard practice for clean makeup to include ingredients that actually nourish your skin and help repair damage—just like the powerful serums and treatments we love—all while helping us look […]

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Getting Cheeky with Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tints

When it comes to makeup, I’m more likely to go for the multi-tasker than the one hit wonder. Even if it isn’t already formulated for multipurpose use, you can bet I’ll try it in as many ways as I can think of. I get mileage out of my products. I was delighted when I heard that Tata Harper launched a two-in-one pot of color for lips and cheeks, and eager to see how it would wear and perform. This is a whole new game for Tata Harper, who reigns in the skincare department and makes next-level aromatherapy, too. As is […]

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3 Beeswax-Free Lip Colors for Spring

Even in Minnesota, spring feels like it has sprung. And with the annual New York and Paris Fashion Weeks drawing to a close, we’re hearing lots about what colors, patterns and styles are hot for the season. Although I could do without the face embellishments some runways boasted, I’m always intrigued by the lip colors that emerge. My love for color on my kisser is occasionally infuriating since some of the most on-trend brands contain beeswax (my skin’s mortal enemy), but thankfully my makeup bag is already stocked with a few must-have colors. Barely there makeup, bright pops of color […]

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5 Easy Ways to Green Your Makeup Bag

I recently taught a beauty workshop for a local (Minneapolis) company. I’ve done a few of these events before, but this time we focused on detoxing your makeup bag. I was overwhelmed and excited by the fabulous response and the conversations I had as attendees sampled makeup. I really couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to connect with. What the event made me realize was that I spend so much time with green beauty fanatics that I’d temporarily forgotten that there are still so many people who haven’t even heard about toxins in their cosmetics. In honor […]

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3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Natural Mascara

I’ve had my ups and downs with natural mascara (who hasn’t?), but over the last year or so natural mascara has really improved. I don’t get those pangs of longing for the old stuff anymore. A handful of them perform as well as conventional mascaras, and I’ve been impressed by mascaras from RMS Beauty, W3LL People, Antonym, and 100% Pure. Maybe you’ve found your holy grail mascara, maybe not. Whatever you’re using, you can extend the life and performance of your mascara by following these tips. 1. Consider ditching the eyelash curler. Yes, you read that correctly. Many women revere eyelash […]

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