Have You Used Apple Cider Vinegar On Your Hair?

*We first published this in the early days of the site, and guess what? We still love ACV as much as ever. How about you? Every time someone new comes over, I wonder if they’ll be alarmed by the magnum of apple cider vinegar that sits next to my tub. The salad-dressing staple, most of us know, is amazing for use on our hair, in part because its pH is similar to that of most conditioners—making it an easy nontoxic way to get smooth strands without forking over the big bucks for a fancy conditioner. (Not that I don’t love […]

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Product Review: John Masters Detangler

Detanglers have always felt like one of those product groups that do not have a clear purpose—more like a money grab for companies out to convince people that they need multiple versions of the same thing. My assumption has generally been that a good conditioner is king when it comes to detangling, and that aggressive brushing or combing is a necessary evil of getting knots and tangles out. Turns out I was wrong. This past holiday, my family stocking got stuffed with a John Master’s citrus & neroli detangler. We’ve always been huge fans of the JM line here at […]

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Two Must-Have Winter Moisturizers for Hair and Face

When it comes to beauty products that makes it on my “buy again” list, the background story of the brand is sometimes as much of a factor as the scent, the way it works and its effectiveness. Zweena Body Care is one of those brands—founder Jayme Barrett met and fell in love with her now husband on a trip to Morocco, where she also discovered the power of argan oil (which you know NMDLers love). Together, they’ve worked with fair-trade Moroccan co-ops and Berber women to bring that argan oil to the United States. Cute, right? Inspired by this story and […]

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Terri’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

If this morning routine looks really professional, that’s because it’s written by another clean beauty expert! Terri is co-founder of Integrity Botanicals. We’re bringing you a special Friday Deal this week from Integrity Botanicals, so we thought you’d like to know a little bit about Terri and her sweet family. Name:Terri Hall Age: 34 City: The Woodlands (just outside of Houston), Texas Current Weather: Warm and humid; just starting to get a little chilly in the   morning. Skin: Fair, dry and sensitive; starting to show fine lines and sun damage. Hair: Blonde, naturally wavy, dry, long and fine but a lot of it! […]

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April’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

We love hearing from new moms! This routine comes from a reader in Canada who has this whole clean skincare thing down to an art. She has even managed to get her husband hooked on one of our favorite masks. Impressive! Name: April  Age: 27  City: Peterborough, ON, Canada Weather: It was cool and overcast over the last week, but summer has graced us with a comeback so I’m scrambling to pull back out some mild weather outfits to get me through these last blessed days of warmth. Looks like I get one more swim in the lake before winter. […]

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